Alok Gadkar
Executive Creative Director & General Manager at The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TitleStub Sugar
Campaign Stub Sugar
Advertiser Aster Clinics
Brand Diabetes checks-up
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Philosophy Healthcare communication in the UAE has launched extensive communication campaigns about the harmful effects of tobacco. But sugar continues to lurk as an unseen risk, the repercussions of which are only associated with weight gain.
In collaboration with 55 cafes across Dubai, the standard sugar sachets were replaced with 5000 new ones that were designed to look like cigarettes. Every time customers reached for one, they were hit with a simple but powerful message – “Sugar is the new tobacco. Cut down on both. #StubSugar” Specially designed packs with a handful of these sachets were also sent to sent to media houses, bloggers and influential personalities to amplify the movement. The clever use of the touch points and the customized packages sent across the city are what make this initiative relevant for Direct.
Tea and coffee are an integral part of every professional's daily routine in Dubai. An average of 4 cups of either beverage are consumed every day. The WHO considers 5 spoons of sugar as being the safe daily consumption limit. Consumption in the UAE is three times as much.
Every year, around 17 million people succumb to tobacco-related diseases worldwide. Whereas sugar-related diseases kill around 38 million. The average daily sugar consumption in the UAE is 25 spoons per person. Which is 15 spoons more than what is considered safe by the World Health Organization. Yet tobacco is widely accepted as the leading health risk across the country.
We needed a thought-provoking visual metaphor. One that was simple enough to seamlessly fit into the consumer's everyday routine, and powerful enough to make them reconsider the deadly habit of consuming harmful levels of sugar. So, we created our own sugar sachets. Although they were filled with regular sugar, the packaging was designed to make them look like cigarettes. We collaborated with 55 cafes across Dubai and replaced the standard sugar sachets with ours. Every time customers reached for one, they were hit with a powerful message - "Sugar is the new tobacco. Cut down on both. #StubSugar” A total of 5000 sugar sachets were created and distributed to cafes, bloggers, RJ's and other influential individuals. Most sachets remained unopened. Proving that UAE was ready to take control of their health and stub sugar.
Dubai's working professionals consume 4 cups of coffee or tea on an average every day. Tearing up sugar sachets to sweeten their beverages is an integral part of their daily routine. This touch point was our opportunity to make an impact. We needed an innovative solution that seamlessly fit into the customer’s daily routine and delivered a message that provoked them to rethink the deadly habit. Our aim was not to get customers to cut sugar out completely but to make them aware of the consequences of excessive sugar consumption.
In collaboration with 55 cafes across Dubai, standard sugar sachets were replaced with the ones we designed to look like cigarettes, with a thought-provoking message aimed at motivating them to reconsider their habituated beverage consumption behaviour. The message - "Sugar is the new tobacco. Cut down on both. #StubSugar" Phase 2: Special packs were sent to bloggers, RJ's, journalists and other influential individuals to make their fans reconsider the deadly habit as well. Phase 3: Those who posted about the sachets with #StubSugar were targetted on social media and given the incentive to head to their nearest Aster Clinic for a free diabetes check-up. Phase 4: This phase was added due to the overwhelming response the initiative received. Special mobile check-up booths were set up at malls across the city to cope with the increasing free check-up requests.
Result - 50,000,000 earned impressions - 39% increase in diabetes check-up inquiries - Additional mobile check-up centres were set up in malls to cope with the check-up requests - Out of the 5000 sachets distributed, most remained unopened.
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