Chafic Haddad
Chief Operating Officer (COO) at J. Walter Thompson Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TitleFlawlessness print
Campaign Flawlessness
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Women's Press
Story A young woman slowly removes makeup from her face. What seems like a guide for women on how to remove makeup gradually turns into a more sinister message. Her removal techniques reveal scars of domestic violence. The call to action is a direct response to Moroccan state-owned 2M TV’s segment showing women how to cover their abuse marks with makeup. ENTI.MA’s response to the outrageous 2M TV segment is portrayed in the same light as most makeup tutorials. In follows the same timeline as the original 2M segment, but in reverse. 
Philosophy Our audience is Moroccans – women and men, including public figures, influencers, people at large: anyone and everyone who could put pressure on the government, and influence behaviors and perceptions. Traditional media was out of the question, so a more authentic channel had to be used. The content had to be relevant, easily accessible and inclusive. ENTI.MA’s response had to create the same hype as the video it was highlighting. The video that showed women how to take makeup off and therefore not cover the signs of abuse was posted by ENTI.MA, and by using similar search phrases and key words, it was easily picked up by both women around the world as well as the journalists that reported 2M’s segment. Because of the content and the placement, the video gained exposure faster and more naturally.Our call to action was simple: Don’t cover up the abuse. 
Problem 6 in 10 women in Morocco are victims of domestic violence. Some years ago, due to pressure from other countries, a law was almost passed that gave women much-needed rights. But because of the Arab Springs and other factors, this law hasn’t even been formalized, let alone been seen by parliament. In November of last year, state-owned TV Channel, 2M aired a segment that showed women how to cover their scars of abuse with makeup. Our objective was to act quickly in advertising the fact that domestic violence is not normal, and should not be covered up.Describe the creative idea. 
Result Just 24 hours after the ENTI.MA video was shown, it reached 3,000,000 views. It was shared 6,000,000 on social media. The international press – those who had reported the previous 2M debacle – also reported on the ENTI.MA video. The video was also shown on international news channels across the globe. Miss New York 2015 (a Moroccan) has made herself an advocate for the cause. Moroccan women now have a platform from which to be heard, spurred on by women all around the world commenting on the video. Most recently, an 8-year-old draft law protecting women’s rights in the country has now been passed and is currently being finalized in parliament. 
Media Type Social Media
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