Dan Pearlman
CEO/Managing Partner at bob wolf partners/TPG
Marina Del Rey, United States

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Why Agency Search Consultants Are Like Casting Directors

05 August 2015
Metaphors are powerful literary devices used to communicate complex ideas. Agency search consultants often have difficulty explaining the myriad of roles and responsibilities required by the position....

Planning some disruption, or just need a brand refresh?

03 September 2013
You may not be Elon Musk (Tesla) disrupting the auto industry, or Jeff Bezos (Amazon and now Washington Post) seeking to disrupt the newspaper business. The former probably views himself in the techno...

Why retailers may know more about your family than you do

06 June 2013
Is big brother watching you? This is a true story: A man walks into a Target store and asks to see the manager. The manager asks if he can help and the man produces an advertisement that his daughter ...

Cause marketing comes back from the dead

03 June 2013
More than 20 years ago, the glimmer of cause marketing made its debut with a patriotic call by the Statue of Liberty renovation folks. Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler, was its spokesperson. The ca...