Mphela Mamabolo
Art director at Free
Bryanston, South Africa
TitleThe Trade
Campaign The Trade
Advertiser Child Welfare
Brand Child Welfare Alberton
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Human Rights
Tagline Don't fund the trade
Story A little street girl approaches a stationary car.
POV of a person handing a child beggar a R10 note.
The little girl smiles from ear to ear while she does a little ballet kneel.
She is holding her younger brother by the hand.
Owner’s house: the little girl hands over the days earnings to a teenage boy. He reaches into her pockets to double check if she is hiding anything. He points a finger at her, as a warning that if she holds anything back; there will be consequences. He violently grabs her by the arm and throws her and her little brother into a dark room full of children and he closes the door shut.
GIRL: I would like to thank you on behalf of my owner, who takes care of my brother and me...
The girl is playing a hand slapping game with her brother. The owner bursts into the room and whips her with a sjambok.
GIRL: He doesn’t like it when we play
Cut to: The little girl and her brother enter into panel a van; the moment they are inside, a man shuts the doors.
GIRL: also on behalf of my kidnapper...
The kidnapper is standing in front of the panel van, he takes the little girl and her brother outside and he reveals them to the owner. The owner hands him a roll of money.
GIRL who sold us to our owner...
A buttoned up powerful man is sitting in the backseat of a fancy car, through the window the Kidnapper hands him a big envelope.
GIRL: and lastly on behalf of the Kingpin...
We pull out of the window, backwards from the kingpin’s car to reveal the little girl receiving the money as she’s is just one car ahead of him.
GIRL: who always keeps his eye on business.
We pull out of the window, backwards from the kingpin’s car to reveal the little girl receiving the money as she’s is just one car ahead of him.
GIRL: They would all like to thank you for your generosity. DON’T FUND THE TRADE!
GIRL: If you want to make a difference, Contact Child Welfare Alberton 
Philosophy Describe the life of a traded victim
Problem Every day we see young, homeless kids begging on the streets. We feel the need to give them some of our spare change just to lessen the guilt. This isn’t always the best option, due to the fact that many of these kids are trafficked by crime syndicates. The money we give them goes to benefit the leaders of these crime syndicates and not the children themselves, which many South Africans are unaware of.
Result Our TV ad shows the likely process of trafficking in an intriguing manner. At the end we highlight the fact that ordinary people’s charity actually feeds these syndicates and gives them a reason for being. The solution is simple, contact the organisation to find out where your money can be better spent for good. 
Media Type Television
Executive Creative Director
Art Director

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