Zaid Al-Zaidy
Founder, CEO at The Beyond Collective
London, United Kingdom

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This is the Age of the Audience (Campaign Magazine)

July 2016
The history of advertising is the history of culture and society. Since World War II, we've seen four distinct eras of communication, each the child of its age. The age of function, the age of emotion and the age of ideology have brought us to where we are today. We are now in the age of the audience - where, for the first time, the people we are trying to reach are in the driving seat. We'd better know how to be welcome passengers

The Diversity prize is a great one, but are you ready for it? (Campaign Magazine)

29 January 2015
A response to the Diversity challenges set out by the IPA

SXSW: the new industrial revolution & digital frontier (Marketing Magazine)

March 2011
Two 'Disruptive' technology trends that marketers should note.

Three ideas for reinventing print media (The Guardian MediaNetwork)

March 2008
How to make print media a modern media.