Robert Bannochie

Robert Bannochie

ceo at Leapfrog
Cairo, Egypt

About me

<p>Robert Bannochie Biography:Graduated Kingston Poly (UK) 1976Moving Picture Company (UK) 1976-1980 (Editor)Videolab (South Africa) 1980-1982 (Director/Editor)One Pass Film & Video (USA) 1982-1984 (Editor/Director)Molinare (UK) 1984-1988 (Director/Senior Editor)B&W Films (UK) 1988-1990(Director)Tarek Nour Communications (Egypt) 1990-1998Group Creative Director T.N.A, M.C.R, DDB & DirectAdvertising Agencies.Owner: Frame Post Production (Egypt) 2003-2009Managing Partner: HITV Television ChannelCeo of Leapfrog (2005), A2Z Production (1998) & Fresh PR (2009) registered in Cairo Egypt. Ceo of A2Z Leapfrog Dubai (2011). Ceo MCC (2015) Saudi Arabia. He has the executive leadership responsibility for the vision, strategic direction, creative and performance of all Group companies. As CEO, Rob oversees cross-company operations, and strategy implementation, helping to grow the business and ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction and shareholder value. Over 25 years experience working and living in Egypt and the region.</p>
<p>AWARDS<br />1981-CLIO Checkers Supermarket (South Africa)<br />NYFF GOLD (BEST FOREIGN RETAIL)<br />NYFF SILVER) (BEST FORIEGN POST)<br />Syfrets Investment Co (South Africa)<br />NYFF BRONZE (BEST FORIEGN POST)<br />(NYFF=NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL)<br />1983-NYFF SILVER Milk Marketing Board Northern<br />California<br />1985-CC SILVER Smarties (BEST USE OF VIDEO TAPE)<br />CC BRONZE Smarties (BEST COMPUTER<br />GRAPHICS)<br />(CC=CREATIVE CIRCLE UK)<br />MFF GOLD Smarties (ANIMATION)<br />(MFF=MONTE CARLO FILM FESTIVAL)<br />1986-CC GOLD Access (BEST COMPUTER GRAPHICS)<br />CC SILVER Access (DIRECTION)<br />CC BRONZE Access (BEST USE OF VIDEO TAPE)<br />D&AD Ghosts in the Machine<br />(D&AD=DESIGNERS & ART DIRECTORS<br />ASSOCIATION)<br />1987-CC GOLD Smarties (BEST COMPUTER<br />GRAPHICS)<br />CC SILVER Smarties (BEST USE OF VIDEOTAPE)<br />CC BRONZE Smarties (DIRECTION)<br />NYFF BRONZE Smarties<br />MFF SILVER Smarties (ANIMATION)<br />1988-CC GOLD Honeywell Bull (DIRECTION)<br />CC SILVER Honeywell Bull (BEST COMPUTER<br />GRAPHICS)<br />CC BRONZE Honeywell Bull (BEST USE OF<br />VIDEOTAPE)<br />D&AD GOLD Honeywell Bull<br />1989-IAA BRONZE (Gulf Oil)<br />1995-ERTU GOLD (Philco Airconditioners)<br />1997-ERTU SILVER (Juhayna Dairy Products)<br />1998-IAA GOLD (EFG Hermes)<br />1999-IAA GOLD (Mena Real Estate)<br />IAA BRONZE (Talat Mostapha Real Estate)<br />2001-ERTU Ministry of Water (Saudi Arabia)<br />Best Public Service Campaign<br />2002-IAA GOLD Italiano Pasta</p>
<p>DOCUMENTARY WORK<br />Talat Mostapha Group(Egypt)<br />Mena Touristic & Real Estate Group(Egypt)<br />Xerox(Egypt)<br />Gulf Oil(Saudi Arabia)<br />Hay El Ashgar Real Estate (Egypt)<br />Saudi Distribution Company(Saudi Arabia)<br />Baghat Group(Egypt)<br />Xceed (Egypt)<br />NTRA (Egypt)<br />Olympic Electronics(Egypt)<br />Orascom Construction (Egypt)<br />Egyptian Water Authortiy(Egypt)<br />Fortune 1(Sales Tool, Egypt)<br />Mansour Group(Egypt)<br />Al Othaim Group (Saudi Arabia)<br />Alessa Group(Saudi Arabia)<br />Unionaire (Egypt)<br />JSI (USA)<br />Ericcson (Egypt)<br />Mantrac (Middle East & Africa)<br />Naggar Group(Egypt)<br />Al Rajhi Group (Saudi Arabia)<br />LuxSat (Gulf)<br />Obeikan Group Documentary (Saudi Arabia)<br />Saudi storage Program (Saudi Arabia)<br />Ministry of Electricity (Saudi Arabia)<br />Alcatel Lucent (Middle East)<br />Vodafone (Egypt)<br />Mobinil (Egypt)</p>
<p>Program Credits(Director & Concept)<br />Bedoun Kalam (Egyptian TV)<br />Gezerit al Arkam (Egyptian TV)<br />$1,000,000 Kensal Ahlam(Abu Dhabi TV)<br />Harem El Ahlam(Egyptian TV)<br />$2,500,000 Kensal Ahlam(Abu Dhabi TV)<br />The World of the Arabian Horse(Egyptian TV)<br />Crafft Way(Abu Dhabi TV)<br />Cinema Crafft(Abu Dhabi TV)<br />3x3 (Egyptian TV)<br />Melody Jukebox (Melody TV)<br />$3,000,000 “Millions Competition”(Future TV)<br />Beit El EZZ ( Egyptian TV)</p>
<p>Feature Film Credits Include<br />Spies Like Us- 1985- SFX Optical work Editor<br />Shining 1979– Worldwide Commercials release Editor<br />Gahiem Taht el Mier 2 1988- UK under water 2nd unit Director shark fighting sequences.<br />The Adventures of Dick Turpin 1977- Assistant editor</p>
<p>Film Production<br />Appassionata Executive Producer<br />The Shoe Executive Producer (Egypt & Middle East)<br />Eichman Executive Producer</p>
<p>Music Video’s<br />Walid Tawfik<br />Ihab Tawfik<br />Amer Moneub<br />Khalid Ali<br />Simone<br />4 Cats<br />Wael Kafoury<br />Rashida<br />Nagum Fitouki<br />Haitham El Shawkley<br />Talat Zein<br />Amr Diab<br />Hanan Maadi<br />Mohammed Moniur</p>
<p>TV Commercial Work<br />Miraco/Carrier<br />Philco<br />Juhayna<br />Cadbury<br />Henkel (General launch,Persil, FA soap & Deodorant)<br />Arma Oils & Ghee<br />General Motors/Mansour Chevrolet<br />Suzuki<br />Peugeot<br />Hyundai<br />Skoda<br />Talat Mostapha<br />Mena<br />Hay El Ashgar<br />Xerox<br />Savola<br />Mobinil ALO (launch)<br />Americana Foods(KFC,Pizza Hut,Samedi)<br />Baghat Group<br />EFG Hermes<br />Aqua Water<br />Nubia Water<br />Kabnoury<br />Arab African Bank<br />CIB Bank<br />Orascom Construction<br />Mobil Oils<br />Esso<br />Baraka Water<br />Bim Bim<br />Mcdonalds<br />Pachin<br />Jawhara Ceramics<br />Audi (ECC Group)<br />Dakheela Steel Industires<br />Seagate<br />Arion<br />P&G<br />Johnson & Johnson<br />Xceed<br />Alcatel Lucent<br />Vodafone<br />AMD<br />Arc Shoes<br />Daewoo Electronics<br />Egypt Air<br />OK Juice<br />Italiano<br />Daewoo<br />Aqua Siwa<br />Greenland<br />Namro 3<br />Mansour Group<br />Gozour Group<br />Siemens<br />Nokia Siemens<br />Johnson & Johnson<br />GSK<br />Jabri (Jordan)<br />Alessa Group (Saudi Arabia)<br />Saudi Distribution (Saudi Arabia)<br />Othiam Group (Saudi Arabia)<br />Ministry of Electricity (Saudi Arabia)<br />Ministry of Water Saudi Arabia)<br />Ministry of Electric (Saudi Arabia)<br />Ericsson (Saudi Arabia)<br />Emirates Call (Abu Dhabi)<br />Crafft (Emirates)<br />Deemah (Saudi Arabia)<br />Saudi Call (Saudi Arabia)<br />Mahmoud Said (Saudi Arabia)<br />National Guard (Saudi Arabia)<br />Al Amr Furniture (Saudi Arabia)<br />Haas (Saudi Arabia)<br />Gibson (Saudi Arabia)<br />Haas (Saudi Arabia)<br />Hay El said Group (Yemen)<br />Sony (Gulf)<br />Noor Oil (Emirates)<br />Al Futtaim (Emirates</p>
<p>International Director Credits include<br />Trisa Toothbrushes (Switzerland)<br />Martini (Switzerland)<br />The Royal Tornament (UK)<br />Daily Star (UK)<br />SAAB (Sweden)<br />Warner Brothers Sell through Home Videos(UK)<br />Daily Mirror (UK)<br />Gilpa Value Pedigree Foods (UK)<br />Swedish National Lottery (Sweden)<br />Volvo “Crash Test Dummy’s” (Sweden)<br />Aqua Costello Water (Portugal)<br />Swedish National Elections (Sweden)<br />Ghosts in the Machine (UK)<br />Eggrite (UK)<br />Andys records (UK)<br />Renault (Portugal)<br />Greensands (Portugal)<br />Checkers Supermarkets (South Africa)<br />Datsun (South Africa)<br />Diana Paper-products (Greece)<br />Philips TV (South Africa)<br />Chox Stix (Germany)<br />Wrigleys (Germany)<br />Smarties (UK)<br />Access Credit Cards (UK)<br />MIO Furniture (Sweden)<br />TV3 (Sweden)</p>
<p>Website: />Website:

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January 2005 - Present (13 years 11 months)


Rob Bannochie

Graduated Kingston Poly (UK) 1976

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