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Awards are skewed male – why?

20 June 2024
During OHFG this Wednesday, for the first time, a panel was opened to the public in the Palais des Festivals. Here are some insights from the session.

Innovative expressions of Pride

11 June 2024
As June is Pride month, we decided to explore campaigns supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.

Louis-Philippe Trépanier: Making A Good Move

07 June 2024
The subject of cause-related communications was on Louis-Philippe Trépanier’s mind long before he became The Good Company’s latest recruit.

When the press takes a stand

15 May 2024
With fake news still undermining facts and AI worming its way into newsrooms, the press faces more challenges than ever. Following World Press Freedom Day on May 3, we find out how journalism is fighting back.

Roisin Keown: Running an advertising hit factory in Ireland

08 May 2024
Pop music is a theme of the first part of our interview, mostly because the agency is called The Brill Building. Sound familiar? In fact, it’s a building in Manhattan that became a vital component of the music industry.

For young talent, advertising still has the power of attraction

19 April 2024
In partnership with the IAA France, we discuss the perception of advertising among young people, and find out what efforts are being made to attract young talent to the industry. Here are some key points from the interviews.

Shilpa Sinha, McCann: “The industry is attractive because it openly welcomes people from diverse backgrounds”

18 April 2024
In a series of interviews in partnership with the IAA France, we discuss the perception of advertising among young people, and find out what efforts are being made to attract young talent to the industry. In the last of our four articles, we hear from Shilpa Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer APAC, McCann Worldgroup Asia Pacific.

Mary Hargreaves, Lancaster University: “Our students feel that advertising is a career they will enjoy”

17 April 2024
In a series of interviews in partnership with the IAA France, we discuss the perception of advertising among young people, and find out what efforts are being made to attract young talent to the industry. This time it's the turn of a teacher: Mary Hargreaves, Teaching Fellow, Advertising & Marketing degree (BA Hons), Lancaster University, UK.

Bringing people back to books

16 April 2024
April 23 is World Book Day, so we decided to take another dive into campaigns promoting literacy and a love of books.

Bas Korsten, VML: “The ability to make a real world impact through advertising is bigger than it’s ever been”

16 April 2024
In a series of interviews in partnership with the IAA France, we discuss the perception of advertising among young people, and find out what efforts are being made to attract young talent to the industry. In this article we talk to Bas Korsten, Global Chief Creative Officer, Innovation and Co-Chief Creative Officer, EMEA, VML.

Inside a new Franco-Italian agency: the story of 777

15 April 2024
The new agency 777, created by Herezie and Armando Testa, is already handling two major accounts for automotive giant Stellantis: legendary auto brand Lancia and – as announced last week – the group’s second-hand vehicles brand, SPOTICAR.

Antoinette Beatson, BETC: "We have a shared responsibility to make these kids great"

15 April 2024
In a series of interviews in partnership with the IAA France, we discuss the perception of advertising among young people, and find out what efforts are being made to attract young talent to the industry. Our first interviewee is Antoinette Beatson, Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, BETC, France.

New trade magazine, Manifest, launches in India

12 April 2024
Raahil Chopra, the former editor of Campaign India, has launched a new print and online publication for the Indian market: Manifest.

New blood at GUT Amsterdam

02 April 2024
It can’t be easy to leap from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam – the cities are so far apart they’re in different seasons – but Gastón Gual and Alex Romero seem pretty chilled about the move. Having contributed to the soaring success of GUT in Argentina, the creative directors are now bringing their energy to the agency’s Amsterdam office, established only last year.

Direct talking with Pancho Cassis

28 March 2024
"I usually tell my jurors that the winners’ list should be a ‘go to’ manual for creatives and advertisers who want to see what’s possible within that category.”

Decathlon's Olympic bid for impact

18 March 2024
With the Olympic Games coming to Paris this summer, the French sports retail chain is likely to benefit from the nation’s big moment. And it’s making the most of it, with a new mission statement and logo, as well as an ad campaign from AMV BBDO.

A First Class Train

12 March 2024
The music, the lighting and the bittersweet storyline all make the film compelling. But the key to its magic lies in a bold production choice.

Tales of female empowerment

11 March 2024
March 8 was International Women’s Day. With France making abortion a constitutional right – a world first – only days before, we decided to focus on campaigns promoting gender equity and empowerment.

Abi Stephenson and Matt Jones: From the beach to BETC

11 March 2024
Winning awards can boost careers, but it isn’t usually the function of the Epica Awards to be a job dating agency. That can sometimes happen, though, as the fabulous story of Abi Stephenson and Matt Jones demonstrates.

Crystal Malachias, McCann: “Creators are opening up new forms of expression”

07 March 2024
It’s easy to get the impression that most people who handle influencer marketing at agencies are only one job into their career. But Crystal Malachias has over 17 years’ experience to draw on in her current role.

Rethink, Canada: Nurturing a love of great ideas

29 February 2024
While Rethink is clearly among the heads of the pack, it appears there’s something highly creative about Canadians.

Jessica Hartley: Amplifying progressive ideas

29 February 2024
The new enterprise has a nifty name: For The Right Reasons. So, obvious first question – why? “It’s about intent and whether somebody is serious about what they’ve embarked on. It’s a barometer for me in my own work as well.”

Shayne Millington: The Superpower of Generosity

20 February 2024
It’s not often that a single agency manages to reap two major prizes from a roomful of skeptical journalists. McCann New York pulled off the coup with relative ease thanks to two very different projects: “ADLaM”, for Microsoft, the Design Grand Prix, and “The Brake Room”, for Chick-fil-A, the PR Grand Prix.

Javier Campopiano: "Human creativity will always prevail"

19 February 2024
“AI is being greeted with a mixture of excitement and fear. There are issues of intellectual copyright, there are worries about how it’s going to impact our careers…Here at McCann, we are taking an optimistic approach."

Super Bowl 2024: Funny, but seriously expensive

12 February 2024
While the event has always been a showcase for the chirpier side of advertising (as opposed to somber purpose-driven campaigns), it seemed there was a determination to shrug off the dark clouds that swirl around the rest of the media.

Using data to solve a refugee crisis

24 January 2024
Europe hadn’t seen anything like it for more than 80 years. A mass migration of refugees, pouring across the Polish border from Ukraine as they scrambled to escape the Russian invasion. Some Polish people felt alarmed, others helpless. And many others wanted to help. Among the latter was McCann Poland.

The tragic secret behind the smiles

17 January 2024
They’re the kind of photos everyone has: friends and relatives, smiling and laughing; at birthdays, on the beach, around a table. But these pictures are different. Because the main subjects in every image took their own lives shortly afterwards. This was “The Last Photo” ever taken of them.

Click here for the future

10 January 2024
Prediction is a tricky business. Nonetheless, this year’s predictions are bubbling to the surface and, as usual, we feel it’s our duty to share some of them with you.

Christmas campaigns with an innovative twist

14 December 2023
Once upon a time, the festive season was a purely analogue affair. Logs on the fire, gifts under the tree. Today, of course, it’s taken on some digital aspects...Here are a few innovative and digital projects with a sprinkle of tinsel.

Mégane Perret: The power of influence

22 November 2023
When brands want to cozy up to consumers – particularly younger ones – they’re increasingly likely to use social media. So it makes sense that handling “influence” at an agency is now a central role. As Head of Influence at Hungry and Foolish in Paris, Mégane Perret occupies that hot spot.

Ten takeaways from the BETC Teens survey

15 November 2023
Whether they’re referred to as “teens” or Generation Z, their world can seem opaque to brands, whose efforts to reach them sometimes fall wide of the mark. BETC Fullsix delved into Gen Z’s attitudes and media consumption. Here are ten points we found compelling.

Luring us back to culture

14 November 2023
Screens are an easy diversion. Our smartphones sit beside us throughout the day: at work, at mealtimes, in the evening. Picking up a book or visiting a museum feels increasingly like an effort. But bookstores, libraries and cultural institutions are fighting back – often, ironically, using digital media.

Barbara Paloc: The persistence of vision

13 November 2023
Even on a video screen, Barbara Paloc fizzes with energy, as well as a pleasant sense of irony. Useful attributes for leading a creative team – which is just as well, as she’s just become Chief Creative Officer of Dentsu Creative in Paris.

Amélie Ebongué: Cracking the codes of social media

09 November 2023
The world of social media is a labyrinth, and brands often need people to show them the way. People like Amélie Ebongué – content strategist, researcher, speaker and author, notably of Generation TikTok: A New Eldorado for Brands.

A sparkling new look for Eurostar

23 October 2023
Eurostar has been whisking passengers under the Channel (or as the French call it, “La Manche”) since 1994. Now it's in renewal mode, with a refreshed brand identity and a lyrical advertising campaign.

Hope&Glory PR: Not only different, but better

12 October 2023
When I asked a fellow journalist who writes about PR for the name of the most creative agency in the UK, he gave me two names. The first was Hope&Glory PR.

When creativity meets e-commerce

11 October 2023
When you go online to buy something, the least you expect is that the purchase is easy and the required item shows up. But a brand is a complex and fragile entity. Perhaps an online shopping experience should include a dose of creativity to reinforce its image and positioning?

The spooky appeal of Halloween

11 October 2023
As a season, autumn has its fans, particularly if they get a kick out of Halloween. The annual fright fest is a favourite with brands, which is hardly surprising: in the US alone, last year consumers spent 3.1 billion dollars on candy during the Halloween period...

VMLY&R: The Art of Connection

28 September 2023
A creative and a CEO explore their contributions to a network's creative legacy. Says Jaime Mandelbaum: "A creative idea can’t just exist in a PowerPoint. When your mantra is connection, it takes you into the outside world."

Dagmara Szulce, Global Executive Director of the IAA, announced as Epica Awards 2023 jury president

13 September 2023
The Epica Awards have announced that Dagmara Szulce, Global Executive Director of the IAA, will preside over the jury this year. Dagmara has been in her current role since 2017, following several major posts in the advertising industry – including 15 years at J. Walter Thompson.

When brands enter the scrum

12 September 2023
While rugby can’t equal the global popularity of football (or “soccer”, if you’re reading in the US), the Rugby World Cup remains a valuable property.

Bas Korsten, Wunderman Thompson: "Instead of just talking about ‘creativity’, we talk about ‘inspiration’."

10 August 2023
It seems barely a click of the fingers since Bas Korsten was made Global CCO at Wunderman Thompson at the beginning of 2020. Bas has now had plenty of time to settle in to the global role. So has his approach to creativity evolved in the interim? “I can tell you one thing that hasn’t changed: when I feel that an idea needs to see the light of day, I will not stop until it sees the light of day."

Natalia Forster, GUT: “When you truly care about what you do, that energy travels.”

07 August 2023
Is it possible to be an effective business leader and at the same time have fun? Natalia Forster certainly thinks so, although right now the weather in Amsterdam seems determined to undermine her positive energy. “You should see it out there,” she says, glancing at the downpour. “We should get a tax break for living in this climate.”

Emmanuel Debuyck, AdWanted: “We remain completely counter trend”

24 July 2023
AdWanted is not just a media group – it’s a symbol of what you can achieve, as an entrepreneur, when you hit rock bottom and start again from scratch.

Peter Ampe: “We should aim for a neuro-inclusive workplace”

18 July 2023
Peter Ampe always knew he was different, but his 10-year-old son provided the key to his condition. When his son was diagnosed, Peter found himself reading the list of symptoms – and recognizing them.

On the other side of the camera

12 July 2023
It was when he experienced the Cannes Lions festival that Dominic Chapman realised he could do more. With a background in fitness training and modelling, he’d always had a creative itch. “I felt I could do something for myself rather than being a template or muse for others.”

Markus Noder, Serviceplan: “The US market is arguably one of the most difficult to break into.”

05 July 2023
Germany’s Serviceplan Group recently strengthened its position in the US by creating Serviceplan Americas. Andrew O’Dell and P.J. Pereira of the agency Pereira O’Dell were appointed leaders of the new entity. To add further creative muscle, the group took a minority stake in hotshot agency L&C. Serviceplan International Managing Partner and Board Director Markus Noder answers five questions about the group’s US adventures.

Carole Giroud, Serviceplan Group: “We bring a human dimension”

29 June 2023
Carole has helped oversee the consolidation of Serviceplan Group’s House of Communication in France. The HoC comprises Serviceplan (creative), Plan.Net (digital) and Mediaplus (media, of course) under one roof. “Today I would say that the role of each agency is equally balanced: they work and progress together."

Guillaume Olivieri: “Technology is a stage for theatrical experiences”

14 June 2023
Brands need to ensure that their digital interactions with customers are well-designed, fluid and enjoyable. Enter Dentsu Creative.

A summer of branding opportunities

13 June 2023
With the pandemic fading into the past, brands can make the most of the summer’s festivals and events. Here are some inspiring examples.

The Escape Industry: How Iconic and Innovative Brands Built the Travel Business

October 2017
The Escape Industry takes readers on a journey through the evolution of this fascinating industry, from 19th century trailblazers such as Thomas Cook and The Ritz, to today's innovators such as TripAdvisor and Airbnb. A lively read full of incidents, anecdotes and unexpected encounters.

Adland: A Global History of Advertising (Second Edition)

July 2013
Adland is a ground-breaking examination of modern advertising, from its origins and evolution to the current advertising landscape. Bestselling author Mark Tungate examines key developments in the industry, from the first print ads, to the emergence of radio and TV and the opportunities afforded by the explosion of digital media. All backed up by exclusive interviews with adland luminaries including Jean-Marie Dru, Sir Alan Parker, Sir John Hegarty, Sir Martin Sorrell and George Lois.

Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara (3rd Edition)

October 2012
Fashion Brands takes you 'behind the seams' to expose how the use of advertising, store design and the media can transform a mere piece of clothing into something with an almost mystical allure. Packed with first-hand interviews with fashion brand gurus and industry insiders.

Branded Beauty: How Marketing Changed The Way We Look

October 2011
Beauty is a multi-billion dollar global industry embracing make-up, skincare, hair care, fragrances, cosmetic surgery - even tattooing and piercing. Over the years it has used flattery, seduction, science and shame to persuade consumers that they'll have to invest if they want to look their best. In Branded Beauty, Mark Tungate delves into the history and evolution of the beauty business.

Luxury World: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands

October 2009
With wit, accuracy and insatiable curiosity, Luxury World takes us on a voyage around the luxury universe, slipping behind the façades of the world's most sophisticated businesses to show the reader how they function.

Branded Male: Marketing to Men

February 2008
Branded Male paints a portrait of the male consumer. From razor blades to beer, from aftershave to hotels, author Mark Tungate finds out which marketing messages have the most impact on male wallets. Men's bank balances may never be the same again.