Hertzel Karbasi

Hertzel Karbasi

Founder, CTO at OPTinity eSolutions
Israel, Israel

About me

My expertise lies at the point where technology meets business. I execute an IT firm, hold a BSC in Mathematics and Computer Science and “almost-MSC” in bioengineering, but 99,9% of what I know wasn’t taught to me at formal education. It is the school of life and obsessive curiosity that taught me most of what I know.

For over two decades consulting, building and leading technology solutions across Enterprise, SMB, Governmental, NGO, and startup scenarios, I'm aligning business goals with technology solutions, but yet define and relate to technology as a tool, a powerful tool, but a tool to enhance and empower the humanity and society.

Technology does not feel emotions, empathy, justice, and love, but it can truly be more than an automation tool, more than an aid to materialism; to time-saving, entrainment or convenience.

My most passionate interest has always been human science; Psychology to better understand the human mind, Philosophy to explore the meaning of life, and Sociology to learn about relationships and leadership. I continuously find profound correlations and similarities between those different aspects of life: materialism and spiritualism, technology and human sciences.

Blending the fields of human sciences and technology can guide the way to the real advancement of human civilization by augmenting the human perception, intelligence, intuition, and judgment.

We need Mindset-Transformation to complement Digital-Transformation yielding Humanity-Transformation, and it's not about new technologies. It’s about a fundamental change process that reaches every corner of society. It’s changing the way we perceive and create value. It’s about transforming the way humans relate, interact and understand humans, not machines.

This major transformation can not happen without a true NATURAL LEADERSHIP, not based on command & control, but on five core pillars of basic human instincts: Imagination, Trust, Empathy, Curiosity, and Courage.

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