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Bayangan, Kermanshah, Iran

About me

We have been organizing trips and exceeding our clients’ expectations since 2018 in Kurdistan of Iran. Our guiding principle is delivering quality and reliability, with a few truly unique surprises in the mix in hundreds years ago.

Hello brothers and sisters around this planet!
There are some people in this planet that live with a bit bigger hearts and curved stalks, History call us Kurd.
I am not talking with you as a historical theorist but as a member of this gifted society, introduce my life to you.
I was born in 1992 in one of the western villages of Iran, Bayangan. At that time, modernity had not yet reached our village and there was still a story of history in me. The more i grew up, the ground under my feet became weaker, and my soul became soiled by the future, But one day after 25 years of traveling in the future, I returned from my modern soul to 300 years ago where there was peace and love.

The idea of TimeTunnel company came from the time that i was trying to have my own world, even if it is small but equal. Most people would say that equality is a good thing. It's easy to say that you believe everyone should be treated equally but harder to put into practice.
But I set up a company with equal rights, in which the boss does not have any legal difference with others in salaries & rights, so I can guarantee honesty, love, lack of competition and peace for the next generation.
I am proud to say welcome to you to spend some times in our Time Tunnel.
We are not travel agency, We are locals!

TimeTunnel is proud to return 5 % of our income back to you to give it to the poor people in your country as a gift from our local people and also spend 5 % of it for the poor people of our area.

Stay with us!
​TimeTunnelTraveling Team


Founder and CEO
Bayangan, Paveh, Kermanshah
January 2018 - Present (6 months)

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