Ana Curbelo
Freelance Illustrator at Ana Curbelo Creative
United Kingdom
TitleThe tampon book: a book against tax discrimination
Campaign The tampon book: a book against tax discrimination
Advertiser The Female Company
Brand The Female Company
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Story In Germany tampons were taxed at the same rate as luxury goods: 19%. Tampons - a luxury? To raise awareness of this absurdity, tampons were packaged in books, which are sold a the lower rate of 7%. But The Tampon Book is much more than smart packaging that hacked the German tax system. It contains 45 pages of bold illustrations and empowering stories about menstruation, taboos and feminism. It provoked a petition that eventually led to a change in the way tampons are taxed.
Philosophy Our organic tampons have nothing to hide, so why conceal them in a book? We do this to protest against the unfair and sexist taxation on tampons, sanitary pads and other feminine hygiene products. In Germany, these are still considered “luxury goods” and therefore taxed with the top value added tax rate of 19 percent. Meanwhile, actual luxury products such as flowers, truffles or oil paintings are considered daily necessities and earn the reduced rate of only 7 percent. Is this crazy? Yes indeed! Luckily, we’ve found a loophole. Books are also taxed with 7 percent.That’s why our tampons now come as a book, or rather inside a book.
Media Type Packaging, Branding & Design
Chief Creative Officer
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Creative Director
Creative Director
Graphic Artist
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