Dissara Udomdej
CEO/CCO at Yell Advertising
Bangkok, Thailand

A peek into Yell Advertising's decentralized strategy

Dissara Udomdej, CEO & Founder of Yell Advertising

Yell Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dissara Udomdej, CEO & Founder of Yell Advertising, talks us through their unique strategy for creating work for Thailand's leading brands.

Can you give us a brief overview of your structure and some of the clients with whom you work?

We are small in comparison to many large network agencies, but our 100 employees work very fast every day for clients who are Thailand's leading brands. Our structure is extremely lean, from the CEO to various small teams without any middle management. We enjoy decentralizing our operations at Yell because being more agile allows us to fast track the solution-finding process for our clients. 


Your elevator pitch please! How do you position your agency to a brand? Why should they work with you – what do you bring to the table?

Our strategy is to "never want to be number one for our clients on the first day." We aim to be our clients' second-best option. We do not wish to directly compete with global network agencies for a very simple reason. We aim to keep things simple for the client. This way, we can strengthen our relationship and prove our excellence. Then we never have to participate in pitching again. We are always the best option for problem-solving to our client.


Can you talk us through a campaign and how you solved a problem for the client or made a difference to a brand?

The name of our most recent campaign is "MetaWORTH." The Metaverse is the buzzword that everyone is trying to ride. But we have a different opinion; it's a matter of timing. 

We proposed this idea to CP Foods, one of the world's largest food companies. Visibility in the verse is hard to get and nobody would see them with a normal campaign. We instead used the metaverse for a one-time event in combination with idol marketing to attract a lot of visitors to their metaverse. Most importantly, it was not free! If you wished to enter this metaverse to interact with your idol, you simply had to purchase CP's sausage to obtain tickets.

The results were incredible! Our event was attended by 3,500 of the world's highest-spending individuals. This case shows our way of working. We always provide our clients with the most beneficial and effective communication solutions.

Without giving away your secret sauce of course, what does your roadmap for growth look like? Is it, for example, geographic expansion (if location is still a thing), or joining one of the growing indie agency networks? Developing more project work for other clients?

We hope to be the first Thai agency to expand our network into Asia countries. One of the world's largest emerging markets!

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