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Welcome to the AdForum PHNX Awards 2023

The PHNX Awards are an annual celebration of the resilience of creativity, launched in the heart of lockdown and now in their fourth year!

AdForum created the PHNX Awards in 2020 as a way of supporting our industry and proving that nothing can keep creativity down. Since then, the spirit of PHNX has always been one of kindness, generosity and unity.

In 2023, we decided that the PHNX should reflect our wish for the coming year: in a word, PEACE. Which is why we’ve created the new Grand Prix For Peace.

Campaigns against hate. Campaigns against prejudice. Campaigns against war. All of these will be considered for the prize.

Of course we will also be awarding the most inspiring work in our traditional categories. Find out more about the new Grand Prix and existing categories in the About section.

As in previous editions, the 2023 PHNX Awards will bring together a diverse jury of creatives, marketers, journalists, strategists, agency leaders and consultants – the only jury of its kind. A great business opportunity offering not only creative feedback, but potential press coverage.

To make sure the PHNX is as accessible as possible, initial entry is free, with a subsequent fee of 150 euros per entry ONLY if the work is shortlisted. This is designed to keep things fair while covering costs.

Winners will be honored during an online celebration on May 16th. As always, our aim is to celebrate not just terrific work, but the talented people behind it.

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The PHNX jury is unlike any other, bringing together talents from every corner of our diverse and fascinating industry. Are you a creative? A strategist? An agency leader? A CMO? A marketing journalist? You’re all welcome! Just a quick process to complete, then once you’re validated you’ll be ready to fly.

Voting will take place from April 3rd to April 24th (shortlist on April 17) with an online celebration of the winners on May 16.

Please join us to judge the world’s greatest work and help inspire future creativity.

Let the best
work shine.

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