Rules for entrants.

We kept rules to a minimum, but there are a few.

Find out what they are below

The AdForum PHNX Tribute may be a different kind of event, but we still need a few rules. Stick by these and you can’t go too far wrong.

  1. The competition costs $50 per entry and is open to all local and multinational advertising agencies, brands, PR agencies, film production companies, media consultancies, design studios, photographers; freelance creatives and advertisers worldwide. Only advertising and other forms of communication that have been approved by the client and have been or will be used, published or broadcast between May 2020 and June 2021 are eligible.
  2. The purpose of the competition is to celebrate revolutionary work that will make tomorrow better. Entries will be judged on their potential impact, their revolutionary scale and the quality of their execution.
  3. Each entry will be scored from 1 to 10 in an online voting system, resulting in an average score that will determine Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.
  4. The jury is made up of creative thinkers from every corner of the communications industry. We reserve the right to refuse applicants from outside the relevant fields.
  5. As this is an online event, the Gold, Silver and Bronze inners will not receive a trophy or a certificate. However, we pledge to use our press community to achieve wide recognition for the winners.
  6. The organisers and/or jury reserve the right to change the categories selected by entrants if they consider that the category chosen is incorrect or that the work would fare better elsewhere.
  7. Entrants authorise the organisers and third-party companies to copy, scan, digitalise and otherwise duplicate their entries in whatever form and to use such material for exhibitions, screenings, publications, broadcasts, and on the Internet in order to promote and propagate the results. The organisers or their authorised representatives shall not be held responsible for the payment of royalties or other charges in connection with the activities above. Each entrant agrees to not hold the organisers, and/or their authorised representatives, liable against any claims concerning the material in this respect.