Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Since 2004, Lürzer's Archive has been publishing the 200 Best series, featuring a range of different volumes focusing on a variety of graphic design disciplines. Each carries only work by the best 200 creatives to have submitted to the respective volume. Titles in this series are published every two years. A jury specially convened for each volume selects from the work submitted the items they consider to be the best. In return for a share of the costs, all those selected are subsequently invited to have their work published. In 2010, we added a further title - "200 Best Packaging Design" - to the product range. With "200 Best Automotive Ads 2000-2010 Worldwide" we have begun to target not only top creatives but also leading industry decision-makers, and will continue to do so in the future by assembling specials dedicated to specific categories and sectors with a view to broadening our audience reach still puts the focus firmly on our principle of "curatorship of inspiration." Boasting striking graphics, the chance to view all new agency submissions, and online features designed to both inform and inspire, the website complements the prestigious magazine, which presents the most interesting new print campaigns, TV commercials and, more recently, digital designs from all over the world. Daily features on Audiovisual, Campaigns, Digital and Who's Who in the ad world, plus a weekly blog from our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Michael Weinzettl, complete the package. To help you get the most out of your Archive, we are constantly seeking to inspire by developing not only our content but also the channels through which we come to you. With this in mind, we have just released the brand new apps for iPhone and iPad. On these, we present more than 160 issues of pure creativity, featuring more than 50,000 outstanding print campaigns and over 8,000 full-screen spots in first-rate HD quality, making this new app the ultimate in sheer ad-loving indulgence. 


Michael Weinzettl
Publisher & Editor-in-chief