Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The World Federation of Advertisers is a unique, worldwide network, owing to its dual membership - nearly 50 National Advertisers Associations and around 30 Corporate Members - comprising several thousand businesses operating in a wide spectrum of sectors at national, regional and global levels. Through its members, the WFA covers around 85 percent of global advertising expenditure.

This unique network enables the WFA to monitor the major advertising markets and trends in commercial communications. The WFA is thus in a position to alert its members to changes and potential threats.

Members of the WFA use all manner of advertising and marketing techniques: within media - television, radio, press, cinema, Internet and posters; and beyond - direct marketing, sponsorship, sales promotion, public relations, and other events. If conflicts arise in one of these areas, and if they have an international dimension or implication, the WFA is able, in conjunction with its members, to initiate proactive and transnational campaigns at a regional, national or even international level.

The International Union of Advertisers Associations (IUAA) was created in 1953 under the impetus of Count Metello Rossi di Montelera, President of the Italian advertisers association. In 1984, the IUAA changed its name to The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

The WFA's role - as a standard bearer for the freedom of commercial communications - has become ever more important given the rapid and continuous evolution of communication technologies.