Big Data vs. Big Idea

by Hervé de Clerck , AdForum

Every year is the same: it is never the same.
Our lives are changing at the speed of light. The web is ‘pinterested’, Facebook crossed the billion users line without impressing Wall Street, Twitter has become a major force in elections, everyday new apps are part of our daily life.
Advertising is changing at the same speed. The digital revolution has created the bed for new agencies.  Small start-ups born in the early 2000 have mushroomed around the world winning over giant networks before being purchased by holding companies. With the motto: Small is beautiful! And, suddenly, like a lightning in the sky, without warning,  two advertising giants decide to merge, as if Big was no big enough. The reason? Big Data.
Big Data is the new grail. Does this merger change the competitive situation? Split points of view from the CEOs of 4 holding companies.
All agencies, creative, media, direct, promotion, have – often painfully – joined the digital age where data and creativity converge. All now have to compete with PR firms and Production companies as the frontier between advertising and content is blurring. All may have to compete tomorrow with the data-rich Google, Amazon, Accenture or American Express to offer one to one targeted communications to millions of potential consumers
Selecting an agency has never been so difficult - making Marketer’s job even more complex. And the need to adapt more urgent.

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