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Bruno Gralpois
by Bruno Gralpois on 19 November 2020
The future of marketing and agencies is automation. And automation is the future of effective client/agency partnerships. read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on 13 July 2020
Insights and talking points from a week-long meeting between agency holding companies and pitch consultants. read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on  5 May 2020
Do consumers want to hear from brands during the crisis? And if so, what should brands be saying? We ask three industry thinkers.  read more

on 18 February 2020
Gift her what she’s really looking for this Valentine’s Day (and every other day that ends in “y”)  read more

Laure Vandeghinste
by Laure Vandeghinste on  6 February 2020
Last year more than 7000 different case study films were entered at the Cannes Lions Festival. You could argue that case films have become the most important element of any creative idea. Unfortunately, making a good case film is still an ordeal for many. The book “From Cold Case to Gold Case” brings relief. It’s the first complete guide for case study films, written by award winning creative Peter Ampe. read more

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