Don't Let Art Direction Become A Lost Art.

by Matthew Hallock , The Voice










Don't Let Art Direction Become A Lost Art.

By Matthew Hallock

The Voice ad agency & The Whitebox production studio.

This ad does exactly what its creator wanted. Men, lechers that we are, think: “Heh, heh, I’m going to get a free gander at her privates.”

And then you discover it’s an ad for a foot care product, Pretty Feet.

Interesting that it’s using a provocative visual but talking to women for a primarily female product.

This is an example of great art direction and copy working together. A cardinal sin in advertising is to Show & Say. If your headline is just repeating your visual or vice versa, then you don’t need one of them. Your ad should require both components, working in tandem, with tension. Think of this ad without the headline or without the visual. It doesn’t work.

Similarly, look at this classic ad for an IBM typewriter. Aside from the excellent use of white space, the finger brings your eye to the key benefit: Untype 60 words Per Minute. This is the product of a professional creative team: an art director and copywriter, together. 1+1=3.



























Your logo doth not a visual make. In this age of social, where myopic marketers think they have an ad campaign with 140 characters, there is an even greater importance of design in advertising. Don't let art direction become a lost art.

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