Havas: Making a Meaningful Difference

Over the last two years, Havas has made a series of hires to bring through new leaders in their creative and strategic departments globally. This talent represents a diverse set of skills, perspectives and personalities, that will drive the culture and creative output of the network. 

In turn, Havas sets up to continue delivering best-in-class work while building on their mission of making a meaningful difference to the brands, businesses, and lives of the people they work with. 

This focus on making a difference starts within. As Havas continues to evolve, a balance of purpose and profit is central to all decisions made. A slew of initiatives continues to push them ahead of the curve in diversity, environmental impact, and work that makes a difference. This dedication has helped transform Havas into one of the most progressive networks in the industry today. 


To showcase their creative talent, the agency built a dedicated microsite that captures their creative ethos and core values and to highlight some of their best creative work. If you would like to get access to the new site, please email globalnewbusiness@havas.com