How Do You Know When It’s Right? (Part 1)

What makes an advertisement that sets the creative standard for years to come? Bruce Lee, Chief Creative Partner of IPNY, shows why when it’s right, it’s right.

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Bruce Lee
Founding and Chief Creative Partner IPNY, Inc., New York


Just because it’s a big idea doesn’t mean everyone knows it is. A big advertising idea is often hard to identify in a lineup of other creative ideas because there’s no precedent for it. It’s original. Your client has never seen anything like it before. That’s an uncomfortable position to be in for both parties.

Breaching this gap is what led to this series of five mini-videos (and several more on the way): To show how great creative works on people; to suggest ways to inspire it; and to demonstrate, through great ads of the past and present, how the most unforeseen ideas can work wonders.

What could be a better introduction to this year’s Cannes Lions Festival?

Video One explores how we create “that feeling we have in common” to help our target see themselves in what we’re selling, as proven by one of the most laugh-out-loud commercials in advertising history.