Participation Brand Index


14,000 consumers

177 brands

5 sectors

5 global markets

5 pillars of Participation


89% of advertising not noticed or remembered at all. $628 billion per annum wasted on ‘wallpaper’. Audiences who either don’t like you, ignore you or actively block you. Is marketing today an impossible job?


Faced by this fundamental modern marketing dilemma, a new breed of brand is not just surviving, but thriving. They are outperforming the competition without outspending them. They are getting their market to do their marketing. They are the Participation Brands 

What’s the secret to their success?

The Participation Brand Index uses the data from 14,000 global consumers to understand what it takes to earn the attention and affection of today’s consumers. The study explores how leading brands are combatting apathy and successfully embedding themselves within the lifestyles and conversations of their audience.


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