Pitch Tips for Time-Starved Execs on the Run

New Business…it’s the bane of any agency’s existence but the lifeblood of every communications agency.

by Lisa Colantuono , AAR Partners

New Business…it’s the bane of any agency’s existence but the lifeblood of every communications agency. Some seem to have a natural knack for it while others feel like pulling their hair out. The level of frustration can be daunting and yet all it takes is that one win to feel that high and the new business momentum starts.

But what are the best practices and tactics for new business? Over the past 15 years as an agency search consultant, if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me, “What are the best methods of prospecting?” it’s possible I could have called it quits by now. The simple answer is this…it’s the same answer every agency gives to their clients.

You need an integrated marcom plan developed on the nuances of your particular brand that speaks directly to your consumers to help solve their problems! Easy, right? Not really. But there are many tips, tactics, dos and don’ts that I’ve learned over the years by listening to agency creds meetings, participating in chemistry meetings and work sessions, and of course, sitting behind closed doors in the middle of deliberation and debates when the client team has to make that agonizing final decision on which one of the finalists to select.

Over the years, I shared a daily Tweet on new business tips and tricks in order to help teach a bit about what works and what doesn’t such as, “Don’t think about going to the last meeting if you didn’t show up for the first meeting with the prospect or the only proprietary tool you have in your agency is your people.”

Seven years and 1,300 Tweets later, @AARLisa: New Biz in 140 Characters (or Less) is a flip-through, quick resource guide that’s chock-full-of insights and anecdotes. It will help the 24/7, on-the-run new business executive understand what keeps marketers up at night, how to create connections that count, tips for the pitch and much more. Oh…and it’s a “short and Tweet” read! 

To learn more about the book, please visit Pitch Tips for Time-Starved Execs on the Run.

About the Author:

Lisa Colantuono Co-President, AAR Partners & Co-Founder, Access Confidential

Lisa Colantuono not only believes in "enduring partnerships that matter," but she actively participates in creating them. Having consulted on and managed numerous agency reviews since 2001 at AAR Partners, Lisa tackles and solves the most vexing agency search challenges, offers lots of advice and has many stories to tell...