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Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on  4 November 2020
Museums, galleries and publishing houses may seem like old-fashioned institutions, but they’ve embraced the digital world. read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on  4 November 2020
Les musées, galeries et maisons d’édition peuvent ressembler à de vénérables institutions, mais elles ont pris le train du numérique. read more

on 18 February 2020
Gift her what she’s really looking for this Valentine’s Day (and every other day that ends in “y”)  read more

on 16 July 2019
Our guide to the Spanish capital is resident Ana López, a journalist and communications specialist who also represents the magazine Marketing Directo on the Epica Awards jury.  read more

on 12 June 2019
If you want a change from Cannes, you may want to spend the weekend just up the coast in Nice. Our guide is local journalist Margo Lestz, who specialises in history and culture. read more

on 21 March 2019
How to navigate the third largest city in the Americas? Juan Takehara, director of content at, a respected communications journal, provides his personal guide to Peru’s populous capital. read more

on 13 February 2019
Our occasional series of city guides continues with a tour of the Lebanese capital alongside local media and marketing journalist Tarek Chemaly. read more

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