What Did DeVito/Verdi Think of This Years Super Bowl Ads?

DeVito/Verdi asked around the office which ads stood out to people while they watched the Super Bowl.

DeVito/Verdi asked their office which ads stood out to people while they watched the Super Bowl. Overall, most people thought that it seemed like a weak crop of ads this year compared to past years.  Here’s what people said:



Good: “I couldn’t really hear much at the party I was at, but most of the ads didn’t really stand out to me. If I had to pick, I’d say the NFL ads with Eli Manning were my favorite.”


Bad: “A lot of the ads were mediocre but especially the Doritos/Mountain Dew one. The cost to hire Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman and for all those effects must have been extremely high. If you’re spending so much, you can’t have the ad fall flat like that.



Good: “I give big props to tide for trying to take over the Super Bowl with a realistic spokesperson and making fun of advertising using mini campaign.”


Bad: “The rest of the spots made me realize that this year watching the game was more entertaining than the commercials.”



Good: “The M&M commercial with Danny DeVito. Stood out because the crowd in my apartment became very animated, everyone was laughing, and it was overall a very engaging ad that drew the audience in.”


Bad: “The Sprint commercial. The entire room fell really silent and everyone just remarked how creepy the robots were and said nothing about the brand that was being promoted. The concept overshadowed the product and made the ad a flop.”



Good: “I didn’t particularly love anything. I guess I liked the Tide stuff most.”


Bad: “I was deeply offended by the Verizon spot, which tried to give the company credit for saving people’s lives.”



Good: “I probably liked the E-Trade This is Getting Old commercial the most.”


Bad: “There were plenty that I didn’t love but I’d have to say that Febreze’s Bleep Don’t Stink commercial was my least favorite. It just didn’t resonate at all.”



Good: “My favorite commercial was the Eli Manning/Odell Beckham ‘Dirty Dancing’ commercial for the NFL. It was hilarious and made you LOL, whether you love or hate the Giants.  ‘Alexa Loses Her Voice’ was another great commercial with cameos by Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins and Cardi B, all who are very recognizable and have very distinct voices. Even Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos made a cameo appearance.”


Bad: “I did not like the Groupon ad with Tiffani Haddish. I didn’t think it was funny at all and was left scratching my head, as if to say ‘huh, what was that?'”



Good: “Tide has to be the clear winner. Advertising in the Super Bowl is so expensive, you have to get more out of it than just having people watch your ad. Tide not only got a ton of people online talking about their ad, they got people wondering if every generic looking ad was going to turn out to be a Tide ad. I feel bad for Persil. Tide made it so that Persil’s ad got more people talking about Tide than Persil itself.”


Bad: “There were so many bad ones, especially the ones trying to piggyback off of tragedies, but the worst has to have been Ram’s MLK ad. Beyond the obvious disrespect of using MLK to sell cars, MLK actually gave a speech once criticizing car advertisers. How does nobody at the company or at their agency due their due diligence to make sure something that big doesn’t slip through the cracks? At least the Twitter backlash has been hilarious.”


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