What Interns Could Learn From The Intern

by Matthew Hallock , The Voice

In the new movie The Intern, Robert DeNiro plays a widowed, retired businessman who takes a senior internship with Anne Hathaway’s hot Internet fashion company “to fill a hole in my life”. DeNiro’s performance is quietly wonderful — akin to Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt. One of the major takeaways of the film is the values a previous generation can teach to a new crop of millennials. Dress to Impress. Don’t go home before the boss does. Be loyal to your employer. It’s not that DeNiro’s 200+ co-workers were slackers, but nobody ever taught them these things. As a company that has intern training as part of its DNA, I see it every day. The Voice is a river of emerging talent who walk through the door with boundless energy and intellect. They also want to post to Facebook in the middle of office meetings. I recommend The Intern for a look at (how I think) it should be done. It’s not a great movie, plot wise. But DeNiro makes it worthwhile, and everyone in today’s workforce can apply the lessons dispensed by his character.