Press Releases - J. Walter Thompson Brazil - J. Walter Thompson Brazil Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2018 Meet Brazil’s Generation Z in Latest Innovation Group Report On Wednesday, the Innovation Group, the futurism unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, released its latest report, Generation Z – Brazil, offering an in-depth look at a generation of Brazilians whose lives have been marked by the country’s spectacular economic rise in recent years, as well as its persisting social inequality.

Brazil’s Generation Z (those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s) have grown up in one of the most auspicious times in their nation’s history, and this experience has shaped their outlooks, aspirations and spending habits. They are the first generation that has come of age surrounded by the pervasive influence of international brands from fashion to technology to personal care, and prosperity. Yet, after a period that saw a rising middle class and expanding wealth, stalling development has left Brazil’s Generation Z consumers facing significant political turmoil, environmental challenges and economic uncertainty for the first time in their lives.

“Brazil’s Generation Z is coming into its own at a pivotal time in Brazilian history,” said Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group. “They combine tech savvy with cultural sophistication, and while they are relentlessly optimistic about their personal prospects, they’re also deeply cynical about their government and worry about the direction their country is taking. Brands hoping to reach them should take note of this dual mentality.”

The report features over 50 pages of analysis and brand examples across technology, retail, education and more. It also features an original survey of 503 Brazilians aged 12-19.

The Innovation Group conducted quantitative studies using SONAR™. A total of 503 individuals aged 12-19 were surveyed in Brazil in July 2015. Results were also segmented by region. The study is complemented by case study interviews with Gen Zers in Brazil’s Southeast, South and Northeast.

View the summary from the report here and below.

Highlights from the report:
  • Free to be: 86% of respondents believe they can become whoever they want to be and 83% agree everyone has the opportunity to move up in social class.
  • Brazilian teens hold more liberal attitudes on racial issues. 59% say they participate in online or offline events to fight racial discrimination, compared to 45% in the US and 46% in the UK.
  • 3 out of 4 Brazil Gen Zers agreed, “Gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to.”
  • Brazil’s Gen Zers are ambitious about their role in the future: 78% agree, “It’s up to my generation to change the world.”
  • Brazilian teens feel that making healthy choices is trendy: 80% of Brazilian teens, compared with 69% in the U.S., say healthy eating is trendy.
  • Beauty categories continue to soar despite economic woes, especially among cosmetics-hungry gen Z. Over half (52%) of teen girls surveyed said beauty products are a regular purchase.
  • Half of Gen Zers watch more than two hours of YouTube content each day.
  • Brazil is the fourth largest smartphone market in the world—smartphones along with internet access, consumer technology and social networks are transforming the Brazil Gen Z outlook.

The full report is available for download at

2015-11-13 15:47:39
J. Walter Thompson Brazil Helps NGOs Nab Free YouTube Ad Space with “Donate the Bars” Campaign To many of us, the ads that pop up while we’re aimlessly browsing YouTube are, to put it nicely, a nuisance. But to many NGOs with limited resources for advertising, gaining ad space on a platform that garners 4 billion video views each day is something like a dream.

J. Walter Thompson Brazil’s recently launched “Doe as Barras” (“Donate the Bars”) project found a clever way to match YouTube’s booming ad program with NGOs’s need for spaces to publicize their missions and social initiatives.

Leveraging the two black bars that sandwich vertically recorded YouTube videos, the team created, a website that allows users to upload square or vertical videos and donate the surrounding black space as media space for a non-profit.

NGOs like Alcoólicos Anônimos, AMPARA Animal, AfroReggae, Associação Brasil Parkinson, Gravidez Sem Álcool, and Instituto Ayrton Senna have flocked to the “Doe as Barras,” seizing the opportunity their limited budgets had kept from them: to amplify the visibility of their organizations and their efforts on a paid media platform.

Here, J. Walter Thompson Brazil has found an innovative way to, quite literally, think outside of the box and transform what others might have seen as unusable space into a media outlet dedicated to spreading awareness of NGOs and their important social causes.

— Read more about “Donate the Bars” on Adweek, Creativity Online, and LBB.

2015-10-02 12:26:25
J. Walter Thompson Brazil Welcomes Nacho Mendiola as New Creative Director In their latest move to strengthen the creative team led by Ricardo John, Chief Creative Officer, J. Walter Thompson Brazil has announced that Argentine Nacho Mendiola will join as Creative Director.

IMG_0031B[2][5]Nacho began his career as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson Buenos Aires. Before coming to Brazil, he also worked for the Argentine agencies Madre and Publicis. He has also worked for clients such as Kraft Foods (currently Mondelez), Nextel, Lucchetti, Renault, Citibank, Personal, and Axe.

And his work has been recognized at festivals such as Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP, Wave Festival, and Círculo de Creativos Argentinos.

2015-07-24 10:34:45
Leave a mark on your meat with Tramontina’s new Barbecue Signature Iron by J. Walter Thompson Brazil Tramontina, a Brazilian company that manufactures cookware, cutlery and home appliances, loves barbecues. And as a barbecue-loving brand, Tramontina knows that good barbecues are much more than meat, coals and salt; a good barbecue is a work of art.

To help show consumers the brand’s devotion to barbecue, J. Walter Thompson Brazil has created the Barbecue Signature Iron, a tool based on a simple premise: barbecues are works of art for Tramontina. And like all works of art, they are incomplete with the artist’s signature.

Francis Mallmann, a celebrated Argentinian barbecuer, was the first chef to receive a Tramontina Meat Signature Maker. Adam Perry Lang, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, Daniel Bouloud, Pat LaFrieda, among others, will be the next ones to receive it. J. Walter Thompson Brazil collected the signatures of these famous barbecuers to make a special skewer for them that allows them to sign the barbecue they’ve just prepared.

“Tramontina is truly passionate about barbecues. No matter how many thousands of utensils they produce every month, they still have a twinkle in their eyes, like artisans. A customized piece especially forged for each barbecuer is a very special thing not just for the chefs, but also for the brand,” adds Ricardo John, J. Walter Thompson Brazil’s CCO.

Consumers of the brand’s barbecue line will also be able to have the chance to get their own Signature Iron, as it will soon be available as part of a special sale at T store Tramontina Rio de Janeiro. So now, even amateur barbecuers will have the chance to sign their meals.

— Read more about the Signature Iron on LBB and Creativity.

Credits List
Campaign: Tramontina Barbecue
Title: Barbecue Signature Iron
Client: Tramontina
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Head of Art: Fábio Simões
Copywriters: Rodrigo Rocha, Erick Mendonça, Fernando Duarte, Lucas Tristão
Art Directors: Diego Vieira, Brunno Cortez, Robison Mattei
Creative Directors: Diego Wortmann, Mariana Borga, Erick Rosa
Planning: Barbara Zachi, Fernand Alphen, Juliana Maaz, Mariana Quintanilha
Brand Leader: Lilian Chwartzmann
Client Service: Camila Roveda, Fabricio Soares, Fernanda Knijnik
Media: Aline Moda, Camila Rodrigues, Gian Silva, Lucas Cavalcante
RTV Director: Márcia Lacaze
Agency Producer: Daniele Pizzo
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Account team: Laura Rocha
Sound Production Company: Antfood
Sound Production: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Vini Nunes / Wilson Brown
Account team: Lou Schmidt / Sean McGovern
Photography: Leticia Remião

2015-06-29 18:18:43
Coke, Dolby Brazil and J. Walter Thompson Brazil offer moviegoers a new cinematic experience In a year when Coke is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its iconic Contour Bottle, the brand partnered with Dolby Brazil and J. Walter Thompson Brazil to highlight another of iconic part of its identity: the familiar sound of a freshly poured Coke over ice.

The trio worked together to create “Coke Thirst – A Sound Experience by Dolby,” a cinematic trailer that showcases the distinct sights and sounds––from the sound of the bottle cap being twisted off to the fizzing of the bubbles––you’d enjoy if you were inside of a giant Coke bottle, all amplified using Dolby sound.

“Only an iconic brand like Coca-Cola can turn the act of opening a bottle into an amazing sensory experience,” noted J. Walter Thompson Brazil CCO Ricardo John. He continued, “With that in mind, our goal was to bring this sensation to the extreme. To achieve that, we could only rely on the sound quality of a brand like Dolby.”
The Coca-Cola/Dolby trailer will be launched in more than half of Brazil’s movie theaters.

The Coca-Cola/Dolby trailer will be launched in more than half of Brazil’s movie theaters.

View the case study and credits below. Read more about the campaign on LBB and Adweek.

Coca-Cola Thirst | Dolby – Video Case (English Version) from JWT Brasil on Vimeo.

CCO: Ricardo John
CIO: Mauro Cavalletti
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Creative Director: Enoch Lan, Santiago Dulce
Art Director: Rodolfo Garcia, Pablo Lobo, Marcelo Monzillo
Copywriter: Fernando Duarte, Hiroito Gomes
Producer (ArtBuyer, RTV, Graphic, Digital): Márcia Lacaze e Daniele Pizzo
Account Manager: Felipe Giacon, Stefano Paduan
Project Manager: Thiago Segundo, Daniel Rybak
Media: Stella Lopes, Beatriz Luna, Ligia Mattos
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Gisele Bambace
Composition: Ruriá Duprat
Music production: Ruriá Duprat e Eduardo Santos
Dolby’s team: Carlos Watanabe e Alex Sobral
Film Producer: CLAN vfx
Sound Producer: Banda Sonora
Mix and Recording: Eduardo Santos, Marina Santana, Márcio Amaral
Account: Rosária Santana, Dudu Santos
Sound Producer: Estúdio JLS & UpMix
Producers: José Luiz Sasso, Ricardo Bertran e Toco Cerqueira
Account Production: Bia Ambrogi
Guidon’s team: Guto Guidon, Tabida Barrionuevo, Edielson Aureliano, Eduardo Rocha, Pedro Jafet, Giovanni Asselta, Nick Viana

2015-05-25 14:48:03
Comment on JWT Brazil creates “Superformula” by Elvira Wäckerle I am interested in getting this into my local children’s hospital. Please advise how!
We stay in Ulm Germany and our nurses love your product. Please tell us how to advise.

2014-03-31 06:14:50
Comment on JWT Brazil and Coca-Cola get ready for the FIFA World Cup by Tim Hey, this is a fantastic project. Did you create the AR content yourselves or did you partner with a company that specializes in Augmented Reality?

2014-03-26 06:47:18
Comment on JWT Brazil creates “Superformula” by sarah This is just adorable! I volunteer at a governmental hospital in Saudi Arabia and I work with kids doing all sort of things from plays to arts and crafts and I would love to supply this to the hospital since we deal a lot with confusion from the kids side along with depression, if it is possible I would love to contact the party that is responsible to supply us with this amazing invention.
Thank you,
Sarah AlSughaiyer

2014-03-25 05:50:04
Comment on JWT Brazil creates “Superformula” by Jennifer My 4 year old nephew is on iv 20 hours a day and is a HUGE marvels fan, please let me know how I can purchase one of these for him. It would greatly impact his everyday life and positivity!

2014-03-16 20:36:47