Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Designed to bring a collaborative way of working creatively around the world, the global Forsman and Bodenfors collective brings together the industry’s most innovative talent, combining the signature Forsman & Bodenfors approach with specialized data, analytics, tech and media expertise.

In recent years, innovative marketers and technology leaders have been given a false choice between traditional creative agencies and tech-forward digital shops. Breakthrough work integrates creativity, media and technology seamlessly; the new Forsman & Bodenfors is uniquely positioned to deliver world-class creative to our clients.

The new Forsman & Bodenfors embraces the Forsman & Bodenfors way, a fundamentally collaborative model. By breaking free from the standard hierarchical agency model the new Forsman & Bodenfors will empower employees to work in highly autonomous and creative ways. This is why in the Forsman & Bodenfors way, “the only boss is the task itself.” 

Network Description

We are creators, entrepreneurs, and technologists working together to transform the future of marketing. Together, our 70 agencies in 24 countries deliver seamless, scalable solutions for 4,000 clients around the globe. 

Trade Organizations

Sveriges Reklamförbund (Sweden)