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The announcement comes nearly four months after the departure of former Executive Creative Director, Nick Platt, and it ends the search that had been underway to find a replacement for the role. “We interviewed several external candidates,” said RAPP LA President, John Wells. “And we had conversations with Dave and Hamish. In the end, it was clear that the best solution and talent was already right here in the building.”

McCollester and Scott each have over 25 years of experience. McCollester has worked at major agencies in both New York and Los Angeles, while Scott brings an international perspective with a résumé that includes stints in the UK, Australia, and Asia. Both have previously run creative departments at other agency offices. And each has major awards and key contributions to new-business wins under their belt.

While McCollester has been with RAPP for five years, Scott has been in the office for just five months. “There was a lot of serendipity in the timing of Dave’s arrival. Not only did his deep art direction pedigree instantly fit the agency’s needs, especially on our Toyota business,” said McCollester, who has a writing background. “But we also instantly clicked as both creative and management partners.”

“Hamish knows the ropes at RAPP,” said Scott. “He’s seen a lot of change and knows the team and the clients already, which frees me up to offer a different perspective on how we do things. It feels like a very complimentary partnership, there’s no competition between us; just a combined will to do great work.”

That spirit of considerate collaboration has long been a foundational element of RAPP’s culture. “In the past few months, I’ve already seen how well these two work together,” said Wells. “I know the agency is going to benefit from having their complimentary perspectives at the creative helm. Plus, I really like the message that this move sends out to the world. RAPP LA is serious about producing great, innovative creative work for our clients.” 

2017-02-13 00:00:00
TANYA SHEPLEY APPOINTED SVP, HEALTHCARE, U.S. Tanya Shepley has joined the RAPP family as SVP of Healthcare, U.S., based out of the New York office.

Tanya will be in charge of leading all healthcare engagements and will serve as both the healthcare lead across RAPP U.S. and as a partner to RAPP Worldwide’s global healthcare leads.

Justin Thomas-Copeland, President, RAPP NY said, “Tanya brings with her a wealth of knowledge and vision in the healthcare space – one of our key focus areas for 2017. Her joining our team is a huge step forward, as our office continues to enhance its healthcare talent and capabilities to offer deeper and more progressive solutions for new and existing clients.”

2017-02-06 00:00:00
RAPP Worldwide Appoints Marco Scognamiglio as Global CEO We’re happy to announce that Marco Scognamiglio has been appointed as RAPP Worldwide’s Global CEO.

After 17 years in the RAPP family, Marco will be applying his experience and knowledge to focus on our client work and people.

Dale A. Adams, Chairman and CEO, DAS, stated. “I’m confident that Marco will continue to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of RAPP’s diverse client base.”

2016-12-15 00:00:00
From Launching an Innovation Hub, to Touching Down in America Katrin Zimmermann worked her way from flight attendant at Lufthansa to helping open TLGG’s first international office in New York.

In her new position, she will be helping international clients think globally about digital innovation.

Katrin says, “What I find is that many large corporations in the U.S. are totally global companies in terms of where their revenue comes from, however, from top management perspective, it’s heavily run by people who’ve been living in the U.S.”

Continue reading with Forbes. 

2016-12-13 00:00:00
Mitchell Caplan Joins RAPP Worldwide as Chief Growth Officer, U.S. RAPP Worldwide, a high-precision brand engagement company, has appointed Mitchell Caplan as Chief Growth Officer, U.S., operating out of the agency’s flagship New York office.

Caplan will report to and work closely with Addison Deitz, EVP, Director of Global Operations and Client Support, with a primary focus on driving new client growth in RAPP Worldwide’s U.S. offices, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas. Caplan also will represent the U.S. region as a member of RAPP’s global leadership team.

“Mitchell has an impressive track record working with global agencies to successfully position them for growth,” RAPP Worldwide Acting CEO Marco Scognamiglio said. “He brings to RAPP deep experience in data and technology, as well as a reputation in our industry as a savvy and collaborative business leader.”

Prior to joining RAPP Worldwide, Caplan’s 20 years’ experience spanned roles including CMO of IBT Media New York, CMO of Young and Rubicam/WPP New York and CMO of McCann Erickson New York.

He served as Managing Director, Business Development at The Kaplan Thaler Group when it was named the “Fastest Growing Agency in North America” by Ad Age. 

2016-12-01 00:00:00
RAPP UK Wins at The Drum Network Awards RAPP UK took home two awards for their work with Mothercare at The Drum Networking Awards. They won awards in both “CRM Strategy of the Year” and “Marketing Grand Pix” categories.

The Drum Network Awards recognize excellence in agencies across the UK, both in terms of how successful they are as marketing businesses in their own right and the quality of campaigns that they create for their clients.

To learn more visit The Drum. 

2016-11-25 00:00:00
Real-time marketing in a changing social landscape The new real-time marketing

real-time-markertingSocial media newsrooms have become an established part of many brands’ social media strategies. But as social media networks kill the effectiveness of organic reach, and look to monetize their platforms, the role of newsrooms must change.

They will need to become the heart of a social media process that can identify audiences and key moments in their lives, implementing real-time paid media strategies as well as still making great on-brand content.

Does this sound a little like traditional CRM? You’re not wrong. The new social landscape is one where the brands will need to combine the best practice of creating compelling content, with the data, media and planning principles that are the foundation of CRM.

Here are five things that brands must do to win in this new world:

  • Forget hoping for a hit. Instead, put your audience in the centre. Combine your data with third-party insights to identify key groups to target.
  • You have to serve multiple audiences. Map their various passion points and create content calendars that serve them.
  • It’s not just Superbowl moments. Identify the everyday, life-stage opportunities to target – moving house, a new baby and so on.
  • Amplification needs effort. Make sure there’s an always on, real-time paid media capability to push content.
  • Measure hard metrics. Set up the infrastructure to track the impact of social activity on brand measures, sales and customer retention.
2015-02-27 06:55:17
How to Master Mobile CRM Mobile marketing is a fast-growing trend. There is the prospect of fostering customer loyalty by creating unique brand experiences. But utilizing mobile marketing isn’t simply an opportunity to transition traditional ads to a new format. The real opportunity lies in customizing the ad experience to this new medium.

In this CRM Buyer article, “How to Muff a Mobile Marketing Campaign, Part 2,” Craig Elimeliah, Vice President of Creative Technology & Digital Solutions, explains how brands can optimize a mobile CRM campaign. More specifically, he emphasizes the real-time urgency of mobile.

Integrating CRM into mobile marketing may take time to master, but if brands are willing, the opportunity to create unique brand experiences is extensive. Do you think brands are up to the task?

2013-05-14 11:56:03
Creative Week 2013: Best of One Show Awards To the delight of all of the Trekkies in attendance, last night’s One Show awards were hosted by the campy and charming George Takei. There was no shortage of Star Trek jokes as the night progressed.

McCann Melbourne took home Best of Show with “Dumb Ways to Die” for Metro Trains. If you have not already seen it and shared it with everyone you know, you can watch it here:

The awards show closed with an impressive karaoke, led by Takei, of the winning campaign’s “hit song” with full audience participation.

The after-party was held at the beautiful Bowery Hotel, where the industry’s finest celebrated in high style long into the night. It was a jolly good time!

Check out all of the One Show winners.

2013-05-10 18:53:35
Creative Week 2013: Day Four “Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” —Jerry Della Femina

The unConference on storytelling was a participant-driven interactive workshop that spanned the entire last day of Creative Week while the last of the seminars and panels continued on the Microsoft Stage.

82 Mercer was sort of quiet on Thursday — a lot of attendees moaned over hangovers, a direct result of the One Show awards after-party the night before. Advertising folks sure can drink!

Some highlights from the day included a look behind an amazing nonprofit campaign for The Lunchbox Fund, which provides daily meals to disadvantaged schoolchildren in South Africa. As people share photos on Twitter (@TheLunchboxFund) of their food at restaurants or at home, an actual meal is donated to the children who need it. The One Club shared some of the most creative Facebook posts from brands. And we took look at the future of advertising with a data-driven discussion at “Mad Man/Math Man,” a conversation with Jeremy Holden and Tim Suther.

Lastly, Jerry Della Femina was in attendance with Amil Gargano, Paula Green, George Lois and Roy Eaton to bring Creative Week to a close with a preview of The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue Then and Now. The documentary takes an in-depth look at ad-men culture with a behind-the-scenes focus on advertising’s glory days.

As Creative Week 2013 comes to an end, so does this installment of Denise Duffy, Renegade RAPP Blogger.

Now go get inspired! Take a look at all of the featured One Show work at

2013-05-10 18:32:01
Moving at the Speed of Culture Terry Young, CEO of sparks & honey, recently chatted with The Makegood about culture mapping, the data-driven newsroom model and the inspiration behind founding sparks & honey.

After close to 15 years in advertising, he founded sparks & honey because he felt the industry needed “a new model that moved at the speed of culture.” And move at the speed of culture they do: sparks & honey holds daily culture briefings and even has proprietary algorithms, pattern analysis, and frameworks for organizing and clustering culture.

In his interview with The Makegood, Young breaks down the new family dynamic, as discussed in his report Marketing to the Modern Family. While traditional families are not disappearing, brands need to shift their marketing to take into account new family configurations.

For more on that topic and some of Young’s other insights, be sure to check out The Makegood’s article Sparks & Honey’s Terry Young on Culture, Data-Driven Advertising News, and Modern Families.

2013-05-09 19:56:37
Day three of Creative Week 2013: Hashtags, Girl Power, Art and Laughs. The hashtag is the new slogan.

All hail the mighty hashtag. It’s special, it’s easy to incorporate and it puts brands right smack in the middle of the conversation. “Beyond Real Time, the New Creative,” presented by Deep Focus, highlighted the hashtag and its importance.

The “Keep Plowing” TV spot for Dodge Ram trucks that aired during the Super Bowl was well-received by viewers. But it failed to utilize the hashtag #KeepPlowing, and as a result, the brand missed out on a lot of the conversation. Hashtags help track consumer reactions in real time. Take Oreo’s swift action during the blackout at the Super Bowl, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The tweet ad went viral, and that quick thinking earned the brand 15,000 retweets in the first 14 hours.

The key is to monitor social activity, reply to your audience, stay active and create content that consumers actually want to engage with. A good example is Nike’s #makeitcount.

Girl Power: Your work is your currency.

I find it interesting that there are two separate panels this year featuring women in the industry, highlighting the struggles that still exist for women and the slow increase in the number of females in leading roles. “Women and Creativity: An Interactive Conversation” featured Sue Anderson from CP+B, Eliza Esquivel from Mondolez International and Kathleen Hall from Microsoft, with moderator Katie Kemper from CP+B. They discussed issues including motherhood, balancing your personal life with your professional goals, and how to prioritize to achieve success. You can have it all; you just need to work really hard for it.

Experiment. Explore. Play.

“When Crazy Makes Sense: Why It’s Paying Off for Sid Lee to Let Talent Imagine and Execute Crazy Ideas,” hosted by Lukas Derksen, was great. He went through a variety of work that featured sex dolls, mobile art galleries, photo-pillows, chairs intentionally designed to be uncomfortable, chalk art in the office, graffiti, box art and a wonderful interpretation of musical chairs. I want to run home and create some art!

Thrive on outrageous requests.

Chris Bruss from comedy website Funny or Die and Damian Kulash from the band OK Go held the open forum “Striking a Balance: How OK Go and Funny or Die Stay True to Themselves While Creating Opportunities for Brands.” It was a very laid-back peek into how these men go about choosing projects and making entertaining content.

That’s a wrap! Off to the One Show awards.

2013-05-08 17:59:24

How a bear skin rug came to life:

“The Bear” was a hilarious spot for the French movie channel, Canal+ by Paris ad agency Havas Worldwide, formerly known as BETC Euro RSCG, Paris. VFX company Mikros Image gave a behind-the-scenes look at how they transformed a lifeless bear rug into a demanding film director. Click here to view the spot and have a laugh.


How to transform a shallow meme into a meaningful PSA:

The agency, DDB juxtaposed the meme #FirstWorldProblems with serious developing world issues via the “Hashtag Killer” campaign for WATERisLIFE.

Children and other residents of Haiti read and respond directly to FWP tweets. For example, the tweet, “I hate it when I leave my headphones at home.” prompted a young Haitian boy to sweetly reply, “If I was there, I’d get them for you.”

The results were astounding. Besides offering some much-needed perspective, donations for WATERisLIFE went up by 350 percent.


If you offer booze, they will go to that place:

I watched a room clear out at exactly 10:58 a.m. for a presentation with free rum samples.


Subscribers are the new Nielsen ratings:

The evolved consumer does things differently. The way we develop content and its distribution needs to reflect that. Think short films on YouTube and Vimeo vs. a TV purchase.


Google is epic and will make you cry:

I am not known for being sappy or sentimental. I believe “Ice Queen” was once used to describe my reaction to the iPhone FaceTime commercials (the ones with the grandparents seeing their grandkid for the first time).

However, nearly every clip shown today for Google’s “Search On” got me. There must have been something in my eye … It’s “Worth a Google.”

As for epic: “Exceed insanely great expectations.” was one of the opening quotes. And what did Google end on? “Do epic shit.”

BONUS: The Dali Lama has WiFi.


A bad setup can kill your work:

Before each client presentation, take the time to seriously think about the problem you were hired to solve. Does what you created answer that problem? Break it down for your client. They didn’t just spend the last week looking at your creative. Talk about more than how beautiful the art direction is or how “cool” the work might be. Talk about HOW and WHY the work, works. You’ll build trust – the same trust that gets great creative sold.

Now, you tell me, what have you recently learned that has impacted the way you think creatively?

2013-05-07 18:45:19
Creative Week 2013: One Show Design Awards

Generously portioned gin and tonics aside, the One Show Design Awards were fantastic. The work was captivating and inspiring.

There were trees in Germany which used their falling acorns, that bounced off sound generating art at the base of the tree to compose music to throw a concert…to save other trees. The trees even thanked donors in real time via a Twitter display.

There was graffiti that used a special paint — one that absorbs pollution — along one of the most polluted highways in the world. It actually cut down the pollution.

There was a bridge that talked potential jumpers out of suicide as they walked across the bridge. The high suicide rate for that bridge dropped an amazing 70 percent.

There was a soda fountain that dispensed a glass of free Wi-Fi to teenagers right on their phones (OMG RT). One of my favorites was a PSA that involved Bigfoot, folk art and children’s writings. There were calendars that taught children math each day, calendars made out of tea and even one with recipes that helped bring conflicting groups together over a meal.

That’s just the very tip of the creative iceberg. Head to the One Show to see the rest of the winners!

About the Author:

Denise Duffy was raised just 40 minutes north of Manhattan. After graduating from SVA in 2010, she quickly pursued a career in advertising. She is a copywriter at RAPP by day and city explorer by night. Duffy currently resides in Queens, splitting her free time between Brooklyn and the East Village. Her hobbies include illustration, antiquing, tattoos and an infamous monthly ladies’ brunch.

2013-05-07 12:39:06
Creative Week 2013: Day One Last year, Creative Week felt a little like a game of “this or that,” “Soho or Dumbo.” Not this year. With the bulk of the daily festivities in Soho, seeing it all is now a little easier. The Soho Stage and the Microsoft Stage house the featured speakers. Here are a few highlights from today.

The morning started with a CEO roundtable discussion on the Microsoft Stage, followed by a presentation on the Soho stage led by broadcast journalist Ann Curry. She was here to share her passion for photography — her subject matter being graphic, intimate and personal accounts of the tragedies she’s witnessed in Sudan and Haiti. Curry described how she felt that she was giving the subjects of her art hope by visually sharing their stories and bringing more awareness to their causes.

Next up was “The Craft of the Old Meets the Tools of the New.” Bert Moore, managing director of Strawberry Frog, led the discussion, talking about the decline of storytelling in today’s advertising. We can bring emotion back into the mix while offering an experience. With access to big behavioral data, instead of simply offering a relevant coupon, we should use that same data to create tailored journeys. My favorite line of today was, “Craft is forever.” I couldn’t agree more.

“I am Ad Woman, hear me roar.” I couldn’t help but notice all the men leave the room for the next presentation. (In all fairness, the word “lactation” made an unexpected appearance.) “Women of Advertising” featured a panel of women who currently hold leadership roles in the advertising industry. They openly discussed everything from their journeys to their current positions to the politics of maternity leave, as well as answer questions from the audience. All of these women came from different backgrounds and tackled the issues that women face in the advertising industry today. This was particularly interesting to me, being a young woman in advertising. We’ve come a very long way from the Mad Men days, but there is still room for growth.

Overall, the big theme today seemed to be the recurring topic “The consumer has changed.” Consumers have different behavior. Their expectations are higher than ever. And as an industry, we need to take steps to keep up — be it a beauty supply company customizing a platform so women are their own “beauty experts,” utilizing new technologies such as 3D printers, or using personal data in new ways to tell more engaging stories. What do you think the evolving consumer is looking for?

2013-05-06 18:57:57
Is Glass Google’s iPod? On October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs changed the world when he announced a Mac-compatible product with a 5GB hard drive that put “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

Around August 2011, a Google Glass prototype that weighed about 8 pounds was introduced to the world.

Unlike its handheld predecessor, the iPod, Glass is a Google-compatible product with about 12GB of storage, a 5-megapixel camera and a 720p video camera, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. And it’s completely hands-free.

Welcome to a world through Glass.

The majority of our attention had once been seduced by a bulky flickering screen, then completely devoured by a handheld device coupled with social media that, ironically, makes us all much less social.

The smartphone untethered us from our computers but didn’t do much for our manners. We ignore our dates, view live concerts and shows through 5-inch screens, and have become completely heads-down.

Is Google Glass the solution to our attention deficit?

Glass takes that distracting little gadget that we all hide behind and fades it away by embedding it into a wearable device.

Wearable computing is not a new phenomenon. The abacus ring made its debut in the 1600s.

Steven Mann made cyber fashion all the rage in the late 1970s, and in the early 1980s, the calculator wristwatch became the haute couture of geekdom.

Things got creepy when people started talking to themselves while wearing those Jawbone Bluetooth earpieces.

Glass promises to be a much different wearable experience.

It provides the wearer hands-free augmented reality, where bits of data are coupled with what the wearer is currently seeing in real time.

Pictures and videos can be taken and shared with the ease of a simple voice command, and the world suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when you can Wiki pretty much anything you see.

In the near future, the hardware will start to fade back into a pair of Warby Parker frames, and as the battery life improves, I believe there will be an explosion of users who will do much more with context, rather than being distracted by content.

Glass promises to be one of those transformational devices similar to the iPod.

Even Google Chairman Eric Schmidt admits that talking to Glass is “the weirdest thing,” but is betting the bank on it becoming the company’s gateway device to all of Google’s services.

I haven’t had the chance to explore the world wearing Glass yet, but I have been chosen as one of the first Explorers to get my hands on a pair, and I am anxiously waiting to see if it is truly as transformational as promised.

2013-04-29 12:59:37
RAPP NY Hosts Bring Your Child to Work Day!

We all have creative potential; our job as parents and teachers is to help kids fulfill it. RAPP NY spent the day with four talented children who got to peek into the daily lives of their parents at work. The future advertising pros started with an assignment to create an advertisement for their favorite snack food. They learned to brainstorm and create inspiration boards and even created taglines. The children then toured RAPP departments, got a sneak peek of poptag and saw the MakerBot 3D printer in action. The day concluded with the little RAPPers presenting their hard work to the entire NY office.

The entire RAPP team enjoyed having our special guests, and we can’t wait until next year!

Check out our interviews with our little RAPPers:

Did you enjoy your time at RAPP today? What was your favorite part?

Fritz: “Yes, doing the ads! Cutting out stuff.”

Kirra: “Yes, doing my advertising project.”

Haley: “Yes, because it was fun making the ads. It was fun to see everything and to go to Sparks & Honey.”

Charlie: “Yes, because it was a lot of activities and the activities were fun.”

If you could have any job at RAPP, what would it be?

Fritz: “Steve, because he holds all the money.”

Kirra: “I would like to have my mom’s job because she gets to work on events and Facebook and Instagram.”

Haley: “I’d want to be a creative person at RAPP — someone who designs the ad.”

Charlie: “I want Freddy’s job because he uses all those gizmos and gets to use that cool drawing pad.”

RAPP bring your child to work day 2013RAPP bring your child to work day 2013

RAPP bring your child to work day 2013RAPP bring your child to work day 2013

2013-04-26 17:56:17
Is Mobile a More Important Ad Medium than TV? Facebook Thinks So. For decades, television was the most coveted medium for advertisers. Then came the Internet, offering a more targeted ad platform. And now there’s mobile. Today, possessing a Smartphone is almost a necessity, making the web readily accessible anywhere, anytime. This presents a unique and exciting way for advertisers to reach their audiences.

Since Smartphones have only just become a ubiquitous mobile gadget, we have not yet realized the full capacity of mobile ads. However, experts are already speculating just how far they will be able to stretch the boundaries of traditional advertising. In this article, Craig Elimeliah, vice president of creative technology & digital solutions at RAPP, shares his thoughts on this potential of mobile advertising.

To read his insights, check out the full Mobile Marketer article.

2013-04-18 12:18:30
Romancing the Net: The Quality of Human Connection in the Digital Age Mobile Internet devices will outnumber humans this year with the number of smartphones, tablets and laptops in use expected to exceed 7 billion — the world’s current population. This technology, with its constant connectivity and anywhere-anytime accessibility, makes many aspects of life easier. Whether it is communicating via social networks and photo-sharing apps, having access to entertainment on the go or even organizing your schedule, the overall verdict is that life is easier to manage today than it used to be. On the other hand, certain aspects of life have become more difficult — constant connectivity and accessibility demand immediate response and less leisure time to disconnect; more and more technology-mediated communication leads to less and less face-to-face interaction.

Much research has been done investigating the effects of technology-mediated communication on our ability to socialize and even form bonds and relationships. In this process, technology has been described as both help and hindrance. On one hand, technology’s effects on socialization have been described as inherently impersonal. However, research suggests that communicators are always driven to develop social relationships, regardless of whether they’re technology-mediated or face-to-face. People’s desire to interact and communicate is absolute. As we navigate this new landscape of technology-mediated communication, people create new forms of action and interaction, new social situations with their own distinctive properties that link people together.

What We Think

Technology has changed the way people approach love and dating. With these different avenues to search for social connections come new, powerful ways to communicate. The effects and manifestations of this connectivity are enormous and complex.

Perhaps technology does not truly put distance between people but provides new opportunities for love connections? While technology offers the chance to distance ourselves from others, it also gives rise to new beneficial connections. After all, if we wish to bond with others, why not enlist new technologies to achieve what we are seeking? The difficulty for us lies in choosing the right technology that will propel us forward and not hinder us. The difficulty for technology lies in understanding our fundamental human need to connect deeply and meaningfully.

It’s an interesting debate, and one that more and more people are starting to consider. Where do you stand on the quality of human connections in the digital age?

2013-04-17 13:40:24

We are excited to announce that RAPP has been awarded the Silver Digital Advertising and Social Media Los Angeles ADDY Award for its digital product launch and Facebook application in support of the launch of Nescafé® Memento™!

The ADDY® Awards are the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, recognizing creative excellence and the very best advertising, both in local competitions and worldwide.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the award. There was some brilliantly creative work in the category and I’m proud of the entire team,” said Nicholas Platt, SVP Executive Creative Director at RAPP LA.

To launch their radically new coffee product, NESCAFÉ tasked RAPP to create a new digital experience that would generate awareness and engagement for NESCAFÉ MEMENTO. RAPP recommended an interactive Facebook application featuring actress and comedian Ellie Kemper, known for her roles in The Office and Bridesmaids.

RAPP used Kemper’s penchant for playing well meaning, but inexperienced characters, and cast her as an amateur life coach. The NESCAFÉ MEMENTO Life Coach application works by accessing Facebook users’ Open Graph data, and generating individualized “advice” video clips by Kemper. This project showcased RAPP’s experience in creating customized brand experiences through social and digital platforms.

The NESCAFÉ MEMENTO Life Coach application, together with its supporting social media, community management, and public relations campaigns, delivered an impressive 155 million impressions and was featured in Us Weekly. The NESCAFÉ USA Facebook page now boasts more than 907,000 likes!

A huge congrats to the entire team that worked on this project!

2013-03-20 15:09:13
SXSW 2013: RAPP’s Jazmin Correa to Speak at Interactive Event Have you ever heard of the cabbage soup diet or the grapefruit diet? Do-it-yourself diets have recently become even more popular on the Internet, since just about anyone can post their new diet concepts online; but does that make this information safe?
Jazmin Correa, Senior Planner at RAPP, will delve deeper into this topic at the SXSW 2013 Interactive event during her Core Conversation “When DIY Diets Go Digital.”

The concept for this topic came out of the juicing trend last year, when companies started producing juice cleanses with no legal FDA approval. While many consumers raved about the results online, the juice cleanses were not necessarily (and may still not be) substantial and healthy for consumers.

The world of diets has become a completely unregulated space, where people can give their “advice” to just about everyone out there. This leads to the questions: Should the government moderate these under-moderated conversations? Are they responsible for the welfare of people on DIY diets? Where do we draw the line?

Many advertising agencies and brands face similar issues when implementing a behavioral change program. The controversy has implications for brands because it isn’t always clear if the brand should interfere.

With such a prevalent and relevant topic today, Jazmin looks forward to moderating this conversation at SXSW 2013. RAPP is proud to have talent that continues to ignite compelling discussions within the industry in the hopes of discovering new insights and key findings.

2013-03-04 09:46:34
RAPP Explores a New Communication Platform Using Hashtags and Photo Filters Craig Elimeliah, VP Director of Technology and Digital Solutions at RAPP, is experimenting with a new platform that sets the stage for users to better communicate using hashtags and photo filters.

Twitter and Instagram, two of the most widely used mobile communications platforms, both use speed and brevity in delivering a powerful message to their users. Craig and his team merged these two powerful mechanisms to use hashtags to apply filters to images on Twitter. “It’s about making hashtags functional and filters more relevant and communicating a richer and deeper message,” said Craig.

Consumers can upload any image to Twitter, associate a hashtag filter in their tweet, and they will receive an instant response with a link to the new image. This photo filter service eliminates the need for users to download a new app and makes the experience simple and easy to use.

Any trending topic can have an associated filter and instantly a story of both words and images is created in real time. With no limitations on custom filters, users will no longer be restricted in the texture they want to apply to their images. This new platform has obvious appeal to brands, as they can use a custom filter to illustrate their own brand personality. This platform enables brands to not only join in the conversation, but to also leverage any hashtag to communicate with users.

Craig and his team are looking forward to the endless possibilities that this groundbreaking tool can bring to the advertising industry. RAPP is constantly pushing itself to break barriers and unearth new channels for the benefit of its clients and the industry as a whole.

Try out the Poptag photo filter service.

2013-03-04 08:30:37