Press Releases - J. Walter Thompson New York - J. Walter Thompson New York Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2017 Exclusive: Amber Rose opens up about period problems and breaks down the tampon tax 2017-09-29 14:18:54 JWT's Longest-Serving Staffer Serves as Agency's SXSW Correspondent

Move over, David Pogue: JWT's first official 2017 SXSW correspondent this week is Ginny Bahr -- who has worked at the agency since 1951.

Ms. Bahr, JWT's longest-serving employee, is reporting from the agency's New York office, offering up short videos about some conference highlights. The videos are being posted on Twitter, as well as on a microsite created by the agency, Ms. Bahr won't disclose her age, but said, "You'd be amazed!"

While Ms. Bahr wasn't aware of SXSW before this year, she said she finds the event to be "very interesting."

"I was asked to participate in this current project since I've seen technology change so quickly over the years," she said. "I was flattered and a little scared at first, but so far it's been a lot of fun and I hope my appearances have helped to inform people that can't be there."

So far, Ms. Bahr said she's enjoyed seeing "how modern technology has increased at such a rapid rate."

When Ms. Bahr joined JWT, she worked in the PR department for six months, where her boss – a former newspaper reporter – would give her one-sentence letters to type from scratch on carbon paper every day. After that, she went into the account department, where she worked on big accounts such as Pan Am, Douglas Aircraft, Lever Bros. and Ponds.

Ms. Bahr also did a stint in JWT's media and creative department, in which she worked with author James Patterson during his time at the agency. For the last six years, Ms. Bahr has been working in the "expense hub," typing up all the expense reports for the company.

Throughout her 65-plus years at JWT, Ms. Bahr said her favorite part of the agency is the people. "There is such a variety of people coming from all walks of life of all ages. I've met some truly wonderful people here," she said.

She's also proud of JWT's blood drive committee, having given more than 50 pints of blood herself. "I remember during the Gulf War we got 365 pints of blood from JWT employees in just a few days," said Ms. Bahr.

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Swimming With a Brand New Leg By Catherine Saint Louis

Dan Lasko tests out a new prosthetic leg designed to go from walking on land to swimming in water on Feb. 22 at the Nassau County Aquatic Center on Long Island.

Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

East Meadow, N.Y. — Dan Lasko, a broad-shouldered former Marine wearing green-trimmed blue swim goggles, emerged from the locker room at Nassau County Aquatic Center, ready to hit the pool with a brand new leg. It was the first time in years that he would be able to stride from the pool deck into the water without having to remove his reliable prosthesis, the one with an Asics sneaker attached, then hopping one-legged on the slippery deck to get in.

Since 2004, when an explosion in Afghanistan shredded the lower part of his left leg, his swimming routine had involved some degree of acrobatics. But now that Mr. Lasko, 34, from Bethlehem, Pa., is the father of two water-loving boys, ages 2 and 6, he has been dreaming of climbing in and out of the pool with them with ease. (Anyone who has ever held a squirmy toddler while hopping into the shallow end of a pool can relate.)

And until now, as a longtime triathlete, he had mostly relied on his arms for the first part of his swim-bike-runs. He couldn’t wait to use a water-friendly prosthesis that would match the power of his intact right leg.

The new leg Mr. Lasko would be testing had a jet-black foot with a nonslip tread on its sole, which he described as “awesome” even before entering the water. His excitement was palpable from the first whiff of chlorine.

While waterproof prosthetic legs have been available for decades, “this is the first fully functional swim leg,” said Matthew Flynn, a certified prosthetist at Eschen, the company on Long Island that makes it. Mr. Flynn, himself an amputee who had tested earlier prototypes, added: “Other legs can certainly be used in the water, but they can’t propel you through the water.”

Todd Goldstein, the designer, with a freshly minted doctorate in molecular biology and tissue engineering, was enlisted for the project in part because of his experience with 3-D printing. On a Friday night before the swim test, he programmed a 3-D printer to make a crucial part of the prosthesis: a downward-pointing triangle of nylon and plastic located at calf height that provides some propulsion but, with cone-shaped holes that lets some water through, is not overly forceful.

The aim of the aquatic test run was to work out the prototype’s kinks to prepare for commercial sales.


Dan Lasko splashes water on himself before jumping into the water for the first time wearing a new, swim-friendly prosthetic leg. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times 

Mr. Lasko, at first not comfortable enough with the new leg to dive in, stepped into the water and took off into a gliding freestyle. He had not swum like this, using both legs, since his injury at age 21.

“It feels good,” he said after finishing his first lap, hanging on to the pool’s edge. “I can definitely feel the difference, but I just have to get used to the bit of extra weight.”

As he did lap after lap, not everything went swimmingly. First, the foot filled with water, creating drag. That’s an easy fix, Dr. Goldstein explained: Holes could be added to release the water. Then the all-important triangle fell off. Mr. Lasko said, “I was kicking so hard it popped right off.”

Dr. Goldstein turned some screws to secure it, but a few laps later, it fell off again and briefly went missing, until it was discovered snagged in the lane lines. Dr. Goldstein, by now a poolside MacGyver, found nylon cable ties to temporarily secure the triangle to the prosthesis.

As Mr. Lasko continued to propel himself through the water with both legs, he was elated. “I haven’t done that in years,” he said. “I felt good and free.”

Final tweaks have been made, and now the triangle is firmly secured. He should have his swim leg soon, in plenty of time for him to horse around with his sons, Ben and Luke, at the pool this summer.

For Mr. Lasko, getting a new prosthetic leg for swimming is comparable to getting new shoes or gear for specific sports. “You don’t wear CrossFit gym sneakers to run a marathon,” he said.

He’s got one leg for walking, one for high-impact exercise, one for cycling, and even one for sprinting, all in a special closet. The new swim leg will be Mr. Lasko’s seventh.

The device is expected to become commercially available in about six months, said Eric Feinstein, a manager at Northwell Ventures, the venture capital arm of Northwell Health, a network of hospitals and local facilities, which funded the project. Eschen’s high-end ready-made parts were used, and Composite Prototyping Center, also based on Long Island, provided equipment and machinery.

An estimated 1.9 million people have lost a limb nationwide, a number that is expected to double by 2050, mostly as a result of diabetes, according to the Amputee Coalition of America, a nonprofit organization devoted to advocacy and education.

Even amputees who aren’t aiming to participate in triathlons may want the convenience and versatility of this kind of swim leg, which can also be used in saltwater.

Dr. David M. Crandell, the medical director of the amputee program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, described the new swim leg as an advance. “Prosthetic devices that people use don’t typically offer advantages once you’re in the water,” he said. More often, he said, they are “like an anchor.”



Dan Lasko gets more comfortable with his new prosthetic leg. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times 

Swimming is particularly good exercise for amputees, Dr. Crandell added, because it “doesn’t put shear force on the residual limb. They are not running or jumping.” The end of that limb can develop blisters, or deeper tissue wounds, during high-impact sports like jogging, but doing laps is more “skin friendly,” he said.

The cost will range from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on customization and which off-the-shelf parts are used, Mr. Feinstein said. (Mr. Lasko got his prosthesis free for participating in the project.)

Most likely, amputees will have to pay out of pocket. Most insurance companies don’t provide coverage for recreational prostheses, Dr. Crandell said, “even though ultimately getting back to sports is best physically and for psychological recovery.”

After swimming on and off for a couple hours, Mr. Lasko’s energy was flagging. But he couldn’t resist trying one of the diving boards at the expansive facility. By then, feeling sure of his footing, he was backing all the way up the board, taking a couple of stomps and diving off. He did this again and again. Then he did a flip. Then a flip and a half — ouch, awkward landing. “Not too bad,” he rated himself while easily climbing the pool’s ladder.

He was beaming like a child who just got a new gadget.

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JWT New York and Black Lives Matter Unveil New Partnership

Black Lives Matter, a chapter-based U.S. organization working for the validity of Black life, has announced the start of a strategic and creative partnership with JWT New York, making JWT New York the organization’s first-ever agency partner. In the new partnership, JWT New York hopes to play a key role in tackling the racial challenges facing society in the United States. One of the agency’s challenges will be to help establish the movement in time and beyond the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag that made it famous.

Marking the start of the new partnership is the launch of, a Google map based web tool that allows consumers to easily discover Black-owned small businesses throughout the United States. At launch, the tool featured over 300 businesses and in the following two days the number grew by more than 150%. also allows Black business-owners to add themselves to the map.

The effort is designed to draw attention to the large and often underestimated racial disparities in business and give people the opportunity to use their dollars to support local Black-owned businesses. Ultimately, the teams hope to make the site the biggest and most easily accessible Black business database in the United States.

Lynn Power, JWT New York CEO, said: “Working in advertising, I believe that the messages we push out have an impact and that we have a responsibility to try and shape culture positively. I am really glad that our partnership with Black Lives Matter is giving us the opportunity to play a truly active role.”

Brent Choi, JWT New York CCO, added: “Our hope is to reduce the racial disparity that exists in economic well-being.”

Heading into 2017, Black Lives Matter will continue working with JWT New York as its strategic and creative agency partner to plan their communications and events.

2016-12-22 12:35:27
Join J. Walter Thompson New York’s Healthcare Open House

healthcare-pic2Are you a creative, passionate person? Are you interested in helping people achieve better health outcomes? Do you want to explore new opportunities in advertising?

We are hosting an Open House with a special focus on our Healthcare offering, and we would love to have you.

You do not need any prior experience in advertising or healthcare or even a specific background or education. Simply a curious, collaborative, creative and courageous mind.

“We look at healthcare with the same view of innovation that makes J. Walter Thompson the agency it is today. For us, it’s about understanding the whole person, not just the disease. We are looking for innovative, diverse talent who are passionate about finding ways to help make people feel better,” Alissa Kaplan, Executive Director, Healthcare, J. Walter Thompson New York.

Over the course of the evening, you will hear from our creative, strategy and account teams working with our healthcare clients. They will share their vision for our healthcare offering, their inspiration, as well as some of the award winning work we’ve created for our healthcare clients – including the two cornerstone clients Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Then you will be able to network with our teams around some tasty nibbles and drinks.

J. Walter Thompson has a successful and significant history of healthcare communications having built many healthcare brands that have become market leaders in their categories.

*Registration for this event is now closed

2016-12-01 13:40:26
Intern Spotlight Series: Nayantara Dutta, Innovations This week’s Intern Spotlight Series features Nayantara Dutta, Innovations Intern at J. Walter Thompson New York. Nayantara is a rising senior at Tufts University, studying Psychology with minors in Music and Communications.


Name — Nayantara Dutta

School — Tufts University

Major — Psychology (with minors in Music and Communications)

Class year — Senior

What drew you to J. Walter Thompson? — I had an incredible experience interning at the Vietnam office two years ago, and the positive work culture and focus on personal development made me thrilled to come back. I immediately fell in love with my department, the Innovation Group, which is the agency’s futurism think tank and thought leadership division. We deal with what’s new, what’s next, what matters, and how brands can leverage it. I love trend forecasting because it allows me to dive into consumer insights and deeply understand today’s cultural landscape. I get so excited when I see the trends I researched come to life! The other day, I saw four people wearing neck wearables and it made my week.

In a brief description, what are your primary responsibilities? — I research upcoming innovations, make press inquiries, interview industry experts, analyze SEO, and contribute to articles for our website.

What are 3 tips to being a successful intern?

1) Be thoughtful. Show interest in what your colleagues are doing and intuitively anticipate how you can make their lives easier.

2) Be flexible and resilient. This is a fast-paced, exhilarating work environment and it’s so important to be receptive to challenges and smile at the opportunity to learn from them.

3) Say hi! Attend industry events, ask your coworkers out for coffee, listen carefully & take notes

Do you have a personal motto? If so, what is it? — “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss

What advertising lingo or buzzword do you most overuse? VR (virtual reality).

Favorite J. Walter Thompson ad campaign? — The Tribeca Film Festival ReActor – they made the world’s first karaoke machine for acting, which I think is such a cool innovation. It even won a Silver Lion in Media at Cannes 2016! Their creative director presented to us yesterday and said “This business is about layers – we’re a bunch of onions,” which I really loved.

Favorite app? — IFTTT (If This, Then That). It’s an automation that lets you conditionally connect your apps (essentially a control center of life hacks), which emails me when it’s going to rain tomorrow and automatically mutes my phone at work!

Favorite pastime? — Jazz clubs and leafing through the $1 section at the Strand.

What are you most looking forward to in your remaining weeks at J. Walter Thompson? — The weeks have zoomed by and it’s very bittersweet to leave! I’m excited for upcoming press field trips, shadowing other departments, and spending time with my fantastic colleagues. We have really become a family and I’m so grateful for their warmth and support.

2016-08-19 09:47:21
J. Walter Thompson Intelligence: The Lab At Panorama Emma Chiu, Creative Innovation Director at J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group offers us a glimpse into one of Manhattan’s newest music festivals and its creative immersion in tech.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.50.21 PM

A new music festival makes space for the emerging stars of experiential tech.

The debut edition of the New York music festival Panorama offered up its share of crowd-pleasing acts, but more unusually, it also gave top billing to a new breed of rock stars: experiential technologists.

Goldenvoice, the organizers behind California’s Coachella music festival, partnered with tech media company The Verge to debut Panorama on New York’s Randalls Island. The festival stood out for its heavy emphasis on immersive tech. The Lab, a tech space curated by experience production company, housed seven interactive installations by New York–based digital artists, as well a show-stopping 70-foot VR theater inside The Dome, and the exterior’s projection art is produced by VolvoxLabs.

Even during performances by headlining music acts, the line into The Lab remained jammed, which META founder Justin Bolognino said demonstrated the success and demand for immersive tech in a festival setting. “This is tech amplified,” he said. “What we are proving here is that we can use tech to foster human curiosity and joy.”

Once inside The Lab, crowds of festivalgoers could jump inside a motion-responsive bouncy structure shaped like intestines (Visceral Recess by Future Wife) or swing on sound-responsive cocoons (Hyper Thread by Dave and Gabe). Infinite Wall by Gabriel Pulecio was an enclosed, mirrored installation that captured movement and translated it into light and sound. Reflection Study by Zachary Lieberman created visual art from objects and light.

In The Dome, visitors lay on their backs and stared wide-eyed at 360-degree artworks projected on the ceiling. Bolognino said the installation was a way to bypass the isolation imposed by typical virtual reality setups. “I see domes in the public setting as the communal VR experience,” he said.

“The client cried because they were so overwhelmed by the experience and my five-year-old daughter ran out halfway in because she was scared,” Bolognino continued. “It’s an emotional experience.”

In March 2016, the Innovation Group reported on the rise of experience culture at festivals.

Check out the original J. Walter Thompson Intelligence post here.

All images courtesy of Panorama Music Festival

2016-07-28 15:35:48
Intern Spotlight Series: Lauren Silvermintz This week’s Intern Spotlight Series features Lauren Silvermintz, an Account Management Intern at J. Walter Thompson New York. Lauren is a senior at New York University, majoring in Business and Psychology.


What drew you to J. Walter Thompson? — Last fall, a team of J. Walter Thompson employees came to speak with my advertising and marketing class about what they do. They shared their experiences in the industry and all the exciting work they are a part of. Since their visit, I was instantly drawn to the company’s pioneering work and have wanted to join the JWT team.

What are your primary responsibilities? — My responsibilities as an intern in Account Management are to help the team balance the many sub-brands of our account. Because of the large size of our account, there is always a new project to help out with and ensure things run smoothly.

What are 3 qualities that make a successful intern?

  1. Flexibility- I’ve learned as an intern that no day is the same. You have to be willing to accept change and put yourself in roles that you may not be used to. Proving you are flexible when it comes to taking on tasks is a great way to showcase your strengths as an intern.
  2. Passion- Account Management involves developing great relationships with the clients, your team, and your agency. When you are truly passionate about your work with clients, it shows, and your relationships flourish.
  3. Desire to learn- Take on every task, even if seems daunting at first. If you’re open to learning new things, you will gain valuable new skills and become more well-rounded as an aspiring professional.

Do you have a personal motto? — Never settle.

Favorite J. Walter Thompson ad campaign? — Johnson & Johnson’s #HowWeFamily. The concept is so simple, positive, and heartwarming.

What are you most looking forward to in your remaining weeks at J. Walter Thompson? — I plan to continue to be a sponge, and absorb as much valuable industry learning experience as I can. I also can’t wait to network with my colleagues more to form lasting relationships.

2016-07-15 12:31:07
Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 5 Now only three weeks away from Cannes, week 5 contenders are heating up. Dive into this week of Cannes Contenders with work from our offices in Puerto Rico, Bangalore, New York, Amsterdam and London.

As always, use the hashtags #MirumCannes or #JWTCannes to show your support for your favorite contenders.

1 38 Years Later“38 Years Later,” Triple-S – J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico

Aiming to raise awareness of the launch of its newest senior health plan, health insurance company Triple-S and J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico decided to engage the country’s 65+ population through the one thing that had stayed the same during the course of their lives: their love for television.

With more than 90% of the 65+ population still regularly watching television and tuning into telenovelas, the teams decided to resurrect the highest-rated Puerto Rican TV program of all time: Cristina Bazán, a telenovela released during the golden age of television in 1978.

In partnership with Telemundo, Triple-S reunited the show’s protagonists, who were now in the same age group as their target demographic, to shoot a new 2-hour episode set 38 years after the original series finale. A clever and engaging way to show these golden age consumers that the protagonists, like them and just like their health needs, had evolved over the years.

View “38 Years Later” here.


2 Blood Banking“Blood Banking,” Red Cross J. Walter Thompson Bangalore

With this aptly named campaign and app, J. Walter Thompson Bangalore and Red Cross introduced the world’s first savings account for blood to address the annual shortage of 3 million units of blood across India. Changing the way traditional blood banks work, “Blood Banking” allows people to save their own blood in a Blood Banking Account, and withdraw it for themselves or transfer it to someone in need within the app, developed in collaboration with Mirum India. Since launch, more than 153,000 blood banking accounts have been activated, and more than 132,000 units of blood have been collected.

View “Blood Banking” here.


3 BestPictures“#BestPictures,” Getty Images – Mirum New York

If you’re a movie buff, this one’s for you. Just in time for the 2016 Oscars, Mirum created “#BestPictures,” their first piece of work in their partnership with Getty Images. The social media campaign, which spanned Getty’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels during Oscars weekend, used still images from Getty’s massive library of award-winning photography to create bite-sized, 15-second videos that summarized all eight of this year’s Best Picture nominees. The mini-films, which went viral, were the perfect fix to satisfy today’s appetite for quick, visual content.

View “#BestPictures” here. Read more about the campaign on the Mirum blog here.


4 Next Rembrandt“The Next Rembrandt,” ING – J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

Known as one of the greatest painters in European art, Rembrandt is a source of contention among art scholars, as they continue to dispute, now almost 350 years after his death, the differences between a real Rembrandt and a forgery, and work touched by Rembrandt’s own hands versus that of one of his students or imitators. “The Next Rembrandt” definitely gives art experts (and the world for that matter) something to talk about.

At the center of the campaign is a stunning 3D-printed painting made solely from data derived from Rembrandt’s 346 known paintings. Created out of a collaboration among ING Bank, J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Microsoft and advisors from TU Delft, The Mauritshuis and The Rembrandt House Museum, “The Next Rembrandt” is an inspiring demonstration of how tech, data and innovative thinking can elevate our creative solutions.

View “The Next Rembrandt” here. Read more about the campaign on


5 10th Month“The 10th Month,” Bayer – Bepanthen – J. Walter Thompson London

How are you? The moment a mother welcomes her newborn, her life is so changed by the arrival of her bundle of joy that not only does she scarcely hear this question, but it’s also a question she rarely asks herself.

Featuring interviews with moms in their first month of motherhood, or what some refer to as their “10th month of pregnancy,” J. Walter Thompson London’s “The 10th Month” for Bayer diaper cream brand Bepanthen captures the raw and all-consuming love that mothers have for their newborns.

Shifting the focus from the newborns back to the new moms, the campaign’s content-led platform offered guidance and advice to new moms. A gentle reminder that while it’s a whole new world for babies, it’s also a new world for the moms too.

View “The 10th Month” here.


6 Special Athlete“A Special Athlete,” Gatorade – J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico

What makes an athlete special? With this question in mind, PepsiCo’s Gatorade brand and J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico took a refreshing and powerful creative departure from using the elite athletes we typically see representing sports-oriented brands.

Taking a stand against exclusion in sports, Gatorade sponsored an athlete who was not physically gifted: Sebastián, a young man suffering from a neurological disorder that affects all four limbs.

Barred from participating in a race when he was younger, Sebastián, with Gatorade’s help, had the opportunity to participate in and finish a 5km race as one of the brand’s official athletes in Puerto Rico. A film of his story, included in Gatorade’s advertising efforts and commemorative branding, shows Sebastián equipped with a special hydration system, taking on sun and rain to become the world’s only athlete with his condition to finish a 5km race.

View “A Special Athlete” here.

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2016-05-25 09:46:00
Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 4 Marking our halfway point in this year’s Cannes Contenders series, here are six pieces of work from our offices in New York, London, Bangkok, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Cairo.

Please share your favorites on social media with the hashtags #MirumCannes and #JWTCannes.

1 PUMA BeatBot

“BeatBot,” PUMA – J. Walter Thompson New York

A bit of friendly competition never hurts…and in fact, “BeatBot” for PUMA is based on the premise that competition could actually be pretty helpful. Created by J. Walter Thompson New York, BeatBot is a self-driving robot designed to help runners reach their athletic goals. Available now to PUMA-sponsored athletes and teams, the bot can be programmed to allow runners to race against their own best time, their rival’s best time, or even the best time of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, pushing them to train their hardest to…well, beat the BeatBot. Wearables might need to catch up as PUMA and J. Walter Thompson New York have raised the bar with this raceable tech.
View “BeatBot” here.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.24.31 PM

“A Living River,” HSBC – J. Walter Thompson London

HSBC has been working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for 15 years, and the latest fruit of their partnership is the HSBC Water Programme, a five-year initiative designed to address the water conservation challenges affecting nearly a quarter of the world’s population. Celebrating their partnership with the WWF and the work they’ve done in supporting the Yangtze River in China, HSBC joined forces with J. Walter Thompson London to bring to life the Skybridge in London’s Gatwick Airport with a unique soundscape experience. More than 100 hours of audio were captured from 35 points along the length of the Yangtze and transmitted from 160 speakers along the length of the Skybridge, creating an intensely immersive audio installation that replicated the experience of walking down the Yangtze for the 7 million travelers that pass through Gatwick Airport.

View “A Living River” here.


3 Touchable Ink Samsung

“Touchable Ink,” Thai SAMSUNG Electronics Co., LTD. – J. Walter Thompson Bangkok

Though today there are many innovative solutions to help the blind, Samsung and J. Walter Thompson Bangkok saw one area where there was room for improvement. Responding to the lack of affordable braille printers, Samsung and our team in Bangkok created a special ink that could be loaded into ink cartridges in home printers, transforming regular home printers into braille printers. “Touchable Ink” not only offers an affordable alternative to braille printers, but it also consequently broadens the access that the visually impaired have to literature that is available to their peers, ultimately helping them live more independently.

View “Touchable Ink” here.


4 Puerto Rico Defrosts Chicago

“Puerto Rico Defrosts Chicago,” Puerto Rico Tourism Company – J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico

J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Tourism Company are no stranger to turning frigid temps in the U.S. into an opportunity for a highly engaging real-time campaign, encouraging cold-weather sufferers to head to Puerto Rico. The teams packed the salt from Puerto Rico’s La Playuela Beach into containers and shipped them to snowy Chicago, Illinois, where temps can drop to a teeth-chattering -30° F. The containers, which came with a special travel offer, were passed out to Chicagoans so they could use the salt to melt the snow and ice on their porches. Yet another clever activation that shows that a trip to Puerto Rico can melt your winter away.

View “Puerto Rico Defrosts Chicago” here.


5 Donate the Bars

“Donate the Bars,” J. Walter Thompson Brazil

J. Walter Thompson Brazil’s “Donate the Bars” project found a clever way to leverage the black bars that appear on either side of vertical videos on YouTube. The team quite literally thought outside of the box, and transformed what others might have seen as unusable space into a free media outlet dedicated to spreading awareness of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and their important social causes. Any YouTube user who uploads a square or vertical video can do so through the website—and donate the black bars as media space for an NGO. YouTubers like Matt Santoro, Shondura, Monica Church, Cody Simpson, and Alli Simpson, who together have more than 7.6 million subscribers, got on board to harness their massive followings and donate their bars to a worthy cause.

View “Donate the Bars” here.


6 Downton Fonts

“Downtown Fonts,” Al Ismaelia Real Estate – J. Walter Thompson Cairo

While real estate development company Al Ismaelia worked to restore several buildings in downtown Cairo, they wanted to respond to the onslaught of plexiglass, LED and neon signs obscuring the classic grandeur that downtown Cairo is known for. So, with J. Walter Thompson Cairo, Al Ismaelia launched “Downtown Fonts” (or “Khotout West El Balad”), a project dedicated to reviving one of the defining characteristics of downtown Cairo culture: the hand-painted calligraphy signs of the local shops and vendors. Transforming the handmade craft into digital craft, the teams created six typefaces directly inspired by iconic local shop signs. Each typeface was then named after an element of downtown Cairo culture, and made available for free for any and all personal and commercial use, making something distinct to local Cairo available around the globe.

View “Downtown Fonts” here.

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2016-05-18 17:22:03
Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 3 Almost halfway through our Cannes Contenders 2016 series, here’s another batch of great work from our offices in Sydney, Brazil, London, Cape Town, New York and Frankfurt.

Have you shared your faves on social media yet? Start sharing your faves this week with the hashtags #MirumCannes and #JWTCannes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.09.12 PM

“The Lucky Ones,” Parkinson’s NSW – J. Walter Thompson Sydney

Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous system disorder, has no cure – and one of the most effective treatments for the illness involves a deep brain stimulation surgery that requires the patient to lie awake while surgeons operate on the brain. One patient’s experience with this procedure became the center of J. Walter Thompson Sydney’s “The Lucky Ones” campaign for Parkinson’s NSW. Filmed live at the Westmead Private Hospital, the spot begins with a jarring visual of surgeons drilling into a patient’s head, accompanied by a voice over. As the camera swivels to the other side of the sheet, we learn that the patient himself is the one narrating the spot. It’s a confronting and compelling film that helped Parkinson’s NSW encourage donations in the lead-up to World Parkinson’s Day in 2016.

View “The Lucky Ones” here and be sure to check out the “making of” film, also being entered at Cannes, in the same link.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.09.49 PM

“Don’t like and drive,” Ford – J. Walter Thompson Brazil

Some might say the world has become obsessed with social media, so much so that interacting on these social platforms has become a serious distraction, particularly for the 4 in 10 drivers who use social media while driving. Last year, 900,000 people were involved in accidents as a result of distracted driving. Raising awareness of the issue, Ford and J. Walter Thompson Brazil created the “Don’t like and drive” print campaign, which cleverly mimics the style of a popular social network to drive home an important message.

View “Don’t like and drive” here.


“Feel Every Smile,” Listerine – J. Walter Thompson London

Promoting Listerine’s new “Listerine Advanced White” teeth whitening mouthwash, J. Walter Thompson London created a mobile app that allows blind or partially sighted people to feel when someone is smiling at them. When the phone is placed around the user’s neck, the app uses augmented reality and facial recognition technology to detect smiles. It then makes a sound or vibrates to notify the wearer that someone is smiling at them. The campaign serves as a touching reminder of how something that we may take for granted can make a huge difference in how we make others feel, and the 3-minute film beautifully delivers this message.

View “Feel Every Smile” here.


“Learn it Young,” SCOUTS South Africa – Not Norm

Youth organization SCOUTS® South Africa prides itself on providing its members with the skills they’ll need to leave the world a better place than they found it.

And as you’ll see in this spot from Not Norm, part of Mirum’s Quirk, SCOUTS can even teach its participants how to save a life.

With crisp visuals and audio that envelops the viewer, “Learn It Young” captures a young boy swimming out to – and ultimately performing CPR – on a young girl who is drowning. What follows is a beautiful and suspenseful scene that offers a jarring metaphor for how the valuable life skills you gain as a young SCOUT can stick with you forever.

View “Learn it Young” here.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.20.29 PM

“HEALTHYDAY App,” Johnson & Johnson – Mirum and J. Walter Thompson New York

Few things are as frustrating as being sick. You want relief, but don’t know where to find it. Mirum and J. Walter Thompson New York created the groundbreaking, crowdsourcing HEALTHYDAY app that uses patent-pending technology to compare multiple data streams, including user-reported information, Google searches, social media updates and reports from medical professionals. The app aggregates all those streams of data to show what bugs are going around, their common symptoms and how severe or widespread the illnesses have become.

View “HEALTHYDAY App” here.


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.21.12 PM

“my first OPINEL,” OPINEL – J. Walter Thompson Frankfurt

In Germany, pocket knives are a favorite gift among children. But what’s a pocket knife without something to carve? So, for French knife brand OPINEL, J. Walter Thompson Frankfurt created “my first OPINEL READY TO CARVE,” a package that includes not only the pocket knife but also a small tree trunk made from sustainable recycled basswood, giving young carvers their first practice piece to start carving right away.

View “my first OPINEL” here.


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2016-05-12 17:16:11
Cannes Contenders 2016: Week 2 Keeping up the momentum from our Cannes Contenders kickoff last week, here’s Week 2.

Don’t forget to share your faves on social with the #JWTCannes or #MirumCannes hashtags. Your support is key in making sure we build awareness of our best work before the curtains open in Cannes.

1 James Bond Break

“Time for a Break, James?” KITKAT – J. Walter Thompson London

Never ones to miss an opportunity at moment marketing, J. Walter Thompson London and KITKAT marked the launch of Spectre, the latest film in the James Bond franchise, with this saucy ad highlighting a long list of the many romantic conquests of the ever-popular James Bond character. With KITKAT being the champion of “breaks,” it felt only right to offer one of the world’s longest-serving spies a little break from the arduous and often physically exhausting tasks he is forced to undertake for Queen and country.

View “Time for a Break, James?” here.

2 Music for Memory

“Music for Memory Project,” Alzheimer Society of Toronto – J. Walter Thompson Canada

There are currently 46 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, a condition characterized by a decline in cognitive functions, including memory loss. While there is no cure, there are treatments, like music therapy, that can help manage symptoms like memory decline. Working with the Alzheimer Society under the guidance of social worker Dan Cohen, the “Music for Memory Project” was born. Donation boxes, where people could donate their old iPod Shuffles, were placed around the city. Songs from patients’ pasts were uploaded onto donated iPods, offering patients a brief escape from their condition and helping them recall memories and milestones that were tied to the songs in their personalized playlists. A concert series headlined by Spirit of the West’s John Mann, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a year prior, continues to spread the word.

View “Music for Memory Project” here.



“KIT MAIL HOLOGRAM,” Nestlé Japan/Japan Post – J. Walter Thompson Japan

No matter where in the world you went to school, there is nothing more universally relatable than the long hours of endless study and the accompanying few hours of sleep. Luckily for students studying for university entrance exams in Japan, Nestlé and J. Walter Thompson Japan brewed up a campaign to make their exam season a little bit easier. KITKATs – which sounds like kitto katsu, the Japanese phrase for “surely win” – have become a staple good luck charm that supportive loved ones send to students as they prepare for their big entrance exams. So the teams decided to give KITKATs an upgrade: KIT MAIL HOLOGRAM, a KITKAT package that comes with a small clear plastic pyramid that, when placed on a smartphone, activates a 3D hologram of popular Japanese boy band DISH// cheering students on.


4 Day of the Dead

“Day of the Dead,” Grupo Modelo Victoria – J. Walter Thompson Mexico City

For the past few years, 150-year-old Mexican beer brand Victoria has built its positioning on one question: What makes us Mexicans? So naturally, J. Walter Thompson Mexico City’s next campaign for the brand focused on Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. Taking the La Catrina, the female skeleton that is an iconic figure in Day of the Dead celebrations, the team created five reinterpretations of La Catrina that were each designed to reflect one of Mexico’s five regions. The campaign was recently featured on the cover of Lurzer’s Archive magazine, which is one of the industry’s leading creative publications.

View “Day of the Dead” here.


5 Teach You Too

“I Can Teach You Too,” Dubai Cares – J. Walter Thompson Dubai

Dubai Cares, an organization working to improve children’s access to quality primary education in developing countries, and J. Walter Thompson Dubai created “I Can Teach You Too,” a first-of-its-kind skills exchange between children in developing countries and those in developed countries. Through YouTube tutorials, the children in developing countries taught the children of Dubai about the resourceful skills they had learned. All they asked for in return was to be taught how to read.

And that’s exactly what the people of Dubai did. Children drew and colored letters of the alphabet, while Instagrammers captured images of real-life things associated with the letters. The images and letters were then made into ABC books, and thousands of printed copies were sent to the children who needed them the most.

View “I Can Teach You Too” here.


6 Thanks Banksy

“Thanks, Banksy,” Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CEAR) – J. Walter Thompson Madrid

Raising awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis, the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid and J. Walter Thompson Madrid launched a campaign with a provocative central image of the stars in the European flag represented by 12 drowned bodies. Banksy, an anonymous artist famous for his politically charged work, shared the image on his Facebook page, making the piece go viral within a matter of hours. The global attention helped CEAR gain thousands of supporters and 13 million in funding from the Spanish government.

View “Thanks, Banksy” here.


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J. Walter Thompson New York and Northwell Health Film First Birth of 2016 Just 36 seconds after midnight on New Years Eve, J. Walter Thompson New York had film crews waiting at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens to capture the hospital’s first birth of 2016. Through its partnership with Northwell Health, the agency captured the first moments between the mother and her baby boy Austin Joseph.

The concept behind this idea was inspired by the rebranding of the former North Shore-LIH Health System as Northwell Health. All of the footage was captured in real-time, packaged for TV and broadcast within hours of the birth.

“The birth of a new healthcare system dedicated to a new standard in care deserves more than just another hospital campaign. It’s not just advertising; it’s news,” said Eric Weisberg, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson New York.

The Northwell Health campaign ‘Look North’ is the healthcare company’s first brand campaign in five years and the largest marketing effort in their 25-year history.

Weisberg commented: “Across all media channels, ‘Look North’ challenges people to discover the unique breakthroughs in care happening throughout Northwell Health, and it would not have been possible without the unprecedented collaboration, partnership and vision of the Northwell teams.”

Read more about the campaign’s launch in Adweek.

2016-02-05 10:29:38
J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group Releases The Future 100, A Forecast of Global Consumer Trends in 2016 The report features Superhuman Supernutrition, Tech Naturalism, Sportspitality, Un-tabooing, Womanhood, Orgasmic Meditation and Personal Bacterial Ecosystems

NEW YORK, NY (DEC. 3, 2015) — The Innovation Group, the trends forecasting consultancy of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, today released its Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2016 report, featuring original analysis and insights on the most dynamic trends in the year ahead.

In the second annual report, the 100 trends are categorized across 10 sectors, including Culture, Tech and Innovation, Brands and Marketing, and Lifestyle, exploring everything from Post-hipster Visual Irony and Sustainability Nagging to Cannabis Culture and Holographic Healthcare.

“In 2015, we’ve seen that consumers are joining the dots in multiple areas of their lifestyles, taking a holistic approach to brands and consumption, and we expect this to strengthen in 2016,” says Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group. “Diet, beauty, wellbeing, mind, body, fitness: all are viewed by the consumer as one big ecosystem to maintain. Brands, once judged on their desirability and products, are now being judged on their value systems, on whether they are innovators, on whether they are promising to change the world.”

As trends and innovation continue to change rapidly, The Future 100 report helps brands preview emerging trends and understand the cultural shifts that have inspired them, providing context for why these changes are happening, and analyzing what this means for brands who want to stay on the cutting edge of what engaged and informed global consumers care about.

Trend highlights from each sector include:


Un-tabooing Womanhood — Menstruation, leg and underarm hair, underwear hygiene, and various other previously taboo aspects of femininity are being unearthed and brought to the forefront by fourth-wave feminism, new women’s interest media, and a fresh string of outspoken heroes and blogs.

Tech and Innovation

Silicon Valley’s Next Frontier: Infrastructure — Public infrastructure is emerging as the latest grand utopian ambition for the tech elite, as Hyperloop Technologies advances its plans and Google builds new infrastructure for the wired city.

Travel and Hospitality

Cuba — Cuba’s tourism market is set to take off: Travelers are rushing to see the last of the old Cuba, even as brands are competing to be the first in on the promise of Cuba.

Brands and Marketing

Neuromarketing — A buzzword for years now in the agency world, neuromarketing is finally moving into the realm of serious science and yielding actionable predictive insights for brands and forcing more traditional market researchers to take note.

Food and Drink

Inhalable Cocktails –– This new exotic trend in cocktail culture is allowing drinkers to absorb alcohol via the eyes and respiratory system.


Freckles — Part of fashion’s general celebration of all things redheaded, freckles are a must-have and with new products consumers add freckles where they don’t appear naturally, consumers are now celebrating individualism in all of its full-freckled glory.


Satellite Retail –– Retailers are turning to data gathered from satellites to track traffic to stores in real time.


Stool Banking — Consumers are now storing samples of their personal bacterial ecosystems —also known as fecal matter — for future use in new medical treatments.


Grow-with-You Toys — New toys enabled with artificial intelligence can respond to a child’s vocabulary, interests and other traits, and evolve along with the child as they grow.


Extreme Dining — The latest dining experiences to entice luxury consumers are extreme, and about accessing remote, rare and theatrical settings amid the wonders of nature.

To access the full report, including all 100 trends, see the Trend Reports section of the newly relaunched Find an executive summary of the report on the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence SlideShare.


J. Walter Thompson Company was founded in 1864 and has been making pioneering solutions that build enduring brands and business for more than 150 years. Today under the leadership of Global CEO Gustavo Martinez, the company has evolved to include several global networks including J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Mirum and Colloquial.


The Innovation Group is J. Walter Thompson’s futurism, research and innovation unit. It charts emerging and future global trends, consumer change and innovation patterns — translating these into insight for brands. It offers a suite of consultancy services, including bespoke research, presentations, co-branded reports and workshops. It is also active in innovation, partnering with brands to activate future trends within their framework and execute new products and concepts.

The Innovation Group is part of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, a platform for global research, innovation and data analytics at J. Walter Thompson Company. It houses three key in-house practices: SONAR™, Analytics and the Innovation Group. For more information, please visit and follow us @JWTIntelligence.

2015-12-03 00:00:00
Macy’s Partners with J. Walter Thompson New York for 8th Annual Believe Campaign As everyone gears up for 2015’s holiday season, Macy’s has kicked off its 8th annual Believe campaign.

Anchored in their holiday tradition of generosity, the iconic department store partnered with J. Walter Thompson New York to create a modern take on the Believe story.

The Believe campaign was inspired by the true story of 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon, who wrote a letter to the New York Sun newspaper in 1897, asking if there really was a Santa Claus. The paper’s response, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist…”, written by Francis P. Church, became one of the most famous newspaper editorials of all time. Macy’s has raised $90 million for Make-A-Wish since 2003, with $10.8 million donated over the last seven years through the iconic letter-writing campaign during the holiday season.

The new 3-minute film tells the story of a young girl who is finding it hard to believe in the spirit of the holidays, when she and her brother discover a magical wish-granting pen. Using the spirit of generosity, they spread the magic of the season through town, one wish at a time.

The short film was launched in accompaniment with the Macy’s Wish Writer app and “magical” stylus, with which children can create and send a letter to Santa on a phone or tablet. Similar to the one featured in the film, the stylus can also be used to play games on the app, such as creating unique snowflakes, going for a sled ride and decorating cookies.

In keeping with the tradition of the Believe campaign, children can also drop their stamped letters to Santa in red letterboxes across Macy’s stores nationwide, as well as submit their letters on the Macy’s website.

Building on the company’s $90 million contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Macy’s will again be donating $1 for every letter submitted to Santa through mobile, in-store and online to help grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

The Macy’s Wish Writer app is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

Read more about Macy’s Wish Writer campaign on Ad Age and Creativity.

2015-11-05 11:15:40
The Innovation Group’s Latest Trend Report Explores the Return of Natural We are thrilled to introduce New Natural, a timely new report from The Innovation Group, the trend forecasting unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

Natural is back.

As consumers grow anxious about an industrial system that appears to be increasingly detrimental to their health, they are turning toward natural products for solace.

Products ranging from makeup to nail polish to perfume and even tampons are being pitched to consumers as natural, and free of additives and chemicals. Bacteria are no longer seen as a nuisance to be scrubbed away, but as part of an ecosystem to be cultivated. Women are even looking for a more “natural” approach to birth control, paying attention to their bodies with a renewed interest in age-old practices, with a modern twist of assistance from apps.

The 79-page original report includes insights from a survey of 1,000 U.S. and U.K. consumers using SONAR™. Original data highlights include:

  • 80% of U.S. millennials and 83% of U.S. consumers with children under 6 are willing to pay more for natural and/or organic food and beverages.
  • Two out of three millennials in the U.S. are interested in natural wine, beer and energy drinks, and 84% are interested in natural soft drinks.
  • You are what you eat—82% of consumers say that what you put into your body is more important than what you put on your skin.
  • 69% of consumers say they don’t believe products labeled “natural” are truly natural, suggesting that brands will have to work harder to win them over.
Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, said of the report, “Natural trends that once would have remained confined to the specialty food sector are now rapidly scaling up to the mass market, and are having an immediate impact on beauty, apparel and even architecture. What began as a philosophy in food is now infiltrating virtually every lifestyle category. Natural products are no longer seen as niche alternatives, but are aspirational. We’re seeing a renaissance of new products that meet this demand, and consumers are willing to pay accordingly.”

The report also features a 28-page deep dive on the New Natural’s impact on the beauty industry, as well as 10 pages of infographics that reveal consumer attitudes toward natural products, 20 key trends like Zero Waste, Waterless Washing, Farm-to-Face, Natural Feminine Care and more.

— Download the report here.

2015-10-28 11:32:23
Thalia Mavros, Founder and Chief Executive at The Front – J. Walter Thompson Intelligence Usually when you hear ‘by women,’ the next thing you hear is ‘for women,’ and that frustrates me.

Thalia Mavros is set to launch The Front this fall—a new platform that publishes “media by women, for the world.” The first project for the company, New Deep South, is a show that explores sexual identity through the lives of queer youth in the American South.

We caught up with Thalia about The Front and what women’s media means at a time when the meaning of gender in general appears to be in flux.

Thalia Mavros headshotWhat led you to launch this project?
I worked at Vice for seven years. On the one hand, I was really lucky to be part of that success story and learn what it means to put media companies together today. On the other hand, Vice was always a male voice, and whether it was Vice or the industry in general, we ended up working with a lot of men.

After seven years at Vice, it had run its course for me, so I wanted to go out and make a film. I needed to detach and focus on bringing something with my own vision into the world. But when I started raising money, I realized if I just raised a little bit more, I could actually create a platform, so all these people like me who felt like they didn’t have a voice could come together and create something amazing. I was hearing a lot of the same frustrations with some of the women that I wanted to collaborate with, so I said all right, why not create something for the longer-term, and for a lot more people than just myself?

Why is it called The Front?
It comes from riot grrrl and Kathleen Hanna. At Bikini Kill shows back in the 90s, all the guys used to be in the front moshing, and all the girls used to be in the back and on the sides. And she would tell all the guys to leave the front, so the women could create space and help each other out.

Public discussion about gender in general has broadened lately. What does female media mean in 2015?
In my mind, it felt like female media was one of two things: either fashion and style based—as I like to say, 259 ways to braid your hair is probably 258 ways too many—or about women’s issues. Which, of course, are also really important in the world, but it wasn’t necessarily what I felt expressed me as a female.

There’s all this white space in between, and I constantly felt that everybody in the population—whether you’re a male, female or anyone in between—understands what the masculine perspective is, and youth media companies that have a male voice. I understand the male voice, I’ve grown up with the male voice—and it’s for everybody, right? But I didn’t see a female voice for everybody, and one that’s not mainstream.

There are other general-interest magazines, but they’re based in style—and they’re mainstream. I thought, where’s the one that comes from subculture, that comes from more of a punk ethos, that has a youthfulness and a stronger, more independent spirit? Honestly, if I’d found that, I would have just gone to work there—because this is not easy.

Do you think it’s difficult because although that mainstream media voice is often a male voice, people often don’t see that gendered side of it and just think of it as the “news voice”? Do you think it’s hard for people to imagine the alternative to that before they see it?
I think so—I don’t like talking about it normally, and that’s why. It’s this really slippery slope—we know this voice, it’s a news voice, or it’s a reporter’s voice, or it’s cultural journalism. But when you start working with a lot more women, you start seeing it. There’s a soulfulness of what happens when you put female filmmakers together, and you see how that’s different.

I can postulate and say “all right, I think women make different kinds of connections, I think we’re less sensationalist and we try and bring disparate things together and look at communities or the effects on people rather than dead bodies”—I can say all that, but ultimately I just want to put it out in to the world, because we also won’t really know what it’s like until we do it. To me, it’s going to take on its own life force.

The phrase that we chose was “media by women for the world.” Usually when you hear “by women,” the next thing you hear is “for women,” and that frustrates me because I sit down with my guy friends or girlfriends, and I talk about the same exact things.

It’s interesting to think of your audience as not gendered—how does that change what you do?
I’m all for gender fluidity—people are like, “what about men and trans people and people who don’t know?” Whatever you want to call yourself, once you live as a female, if you experience life as a woman, let’s just start there. The ideal is that we don’t even have to have these conversations in the future.

But for now there’s a difference—how many media companies are owned by creative women—or even creative people? Even the female media companies, you look up and… Jezebel, it’s Nick Denton. Broadly, it’s Shane Smith. And I get potential investors that I speak to coming back to me going, “what does it matter if men own the company? If women are writing it, then what does it matter?”

What does it matter?
It’s colonialism! What does it matter that we don’t have the means of production—if ownership in this day and age doesn’t mean anything, then why are they even investing in companies? Investors, of all people, should understand the importance of ownership.

What are the most important ways that comes out in the work?
I think it’s the issues that we tackle and the kind of teams that we send. New Deep South—it’s queer kids in the South, and some of their individual stories and what they’re going through. We talk about the socioeconomic crises they’re having in the South, but also these huge social and cultural shifts towards a more progressive understanding of gender issues and homosexuality. They’re still living in an environment that hasn’t quite caught up to that in their everyday lives, and yet they have access to the internet and access to the world, and they know that things are different. It creates this interesting friction between the future and the past, but they have to create their own presence in that moment. That’s where the interesting pieces come together in that moment, and we sent an all-female, all-queer team down to capture it.

Does the fact that you’re starting out with a queer-focused project mean that you’re interested in challenging those borders of femininity and what it is to be a woman?
Yes, and changing what people think of as a feminine perspective. You look up feminine in the dictionary and it’s like “dainty,” and feminine colors and music—feminine notes are weak notes. And my ideal scenario is where feminine means strong through its vulnerability, really. We’re open to be vulnerable and it isn’t this alpha male position of strength, it’s actually through a place of accepting our imperfections and knowing that we’re “other,” and knowing we’re trying to figure it out. But there’s a strength and resilience through that.

So what would it look like if you went to North Korea instead of Shane Smith from Vice—what would you do?
That’s a really good question. I wouldn’t be bringing Dennis Rodman, for one, as my representative of the West. Let’s start there. Somebody who’s not addicted to meth—maybe I would choose that person.

I know that situation intimately, and we’re lucky that it didn’t become more of an issue than it did—for us, it’s a whole different approach. It’s not this “jump in and whoever we take down with us…” attitude. To me the idea is to provide a platform for voices. It’s not about me or any of my crew going, “we’re going to make it into North Korea and have this big press free-for-all.” It’s about intent, and it starts out in a different place.

Can you share any more info about upcoming projects?
The Jem remake is coming out, and we went back and found the original creator and interviewed her and she took us through her archives. They’re doing a Jem night at Cinefamily in LA, so we’ll be screening it there. The whole show is done with original equipment from the 1980s and all shot on Beta, So that’s going to be fun. We also have a comedy psychology show, and an interview show coming out with Martine Rothblatt, who’s an amazing human being. It’s not what people would normally think of.

We published our first piece, the Wes Craven interview, earlier than we anticipated, since he had just passed. And we had men approaching us asking why we started out with a man. That’s an interesting preconceived notion that I want people to start thinking about—that just because we’re women doesn’t mean we always have to talk about what’s overtly feminine. To me, I’m passionate about horror films, and so are a lot of the women I know. People expect feminine to mean something light and airy, and it doesn’t.

Ideally I wouldn’t have to say it’s made by women, that we’re supporting each other and we don’t have to scream it at the top of our lungs. Our audience isn’t only female; I want it to be like a 65-35 split. And ultimately, I want men to understand what a female perspective is.

— This article originally appeared on here.

2015-10-16 10:18:51
“Better Beckons” Campaign from J. Walter Thompson New York Features Instagram Sensations Murad and Nataly Osmann If you have an Instagram account, you know @muradosmann, a popular Instagrammer with more than 3 million followers who has been made famous for his #FollowMeTo series in which captures Murad’s wife, Nataly Osmann reaching back for his hand as the two trek the globe together. The series has earned Murad a nod one Frommers’s list of the “25 Best Travel Instagram Accounts.”

Last week, Nataly and Murad found themselves at the center of J. Walter Thompson New York‘s beautiful new multi-channel campaign for Beringer, a 138-year-old wine brand under Treasury Wine Estates.

For “Better Beckons,” the team partnered with Murad to create six images that capture Murad and his wife in their classic pose. With a bottle from award-winning Beringer’s Private Reserve collection in her hand, Nataly beckons her husband and the viewer towards beautiful places all over the U.S., including the Rhine House at Beringer Vineyards, the Golden Gate Bridge, a lighthouse on New York’s Fire Island and the New York City skyline.

The series marks a natural extension of Murad’s photography style of intimate, warm and inviting visuals and brings to life the Beringer brand promise to “bring the better” to its wine drinkers.

Follow the campaign on social media on, @BeringerVyds and @MuradOsmann, using hashtag #BetterBeckons.

Read more about “Better Beckons” on The Drum and FastCompany.

Head of Art & Design: Aaron Padin
Executive Creative Director: Ben James
Designer/Art Director: Katie Bourgeois
Planner: Derrick Goss
Head of Production: Lisa Setten
Executive Producer/Art Buyer: Sheri Rosenberg
Business Director: Dan Duffett
Account Director: Lara Clay
Associate Creative Director, Mirum: Patrick Tomasso
Account Director, Mirum: Matthew Clemente
Production Company: Hype Production

2015-10-05 12:44:01
J. Walter Thompson New York’s #IWILLLISTEN Wins Two CLIO Awards The J. Walter Thompson New York team celebrating the wins.

Last night at the CLIO Awards, #IWILLLISTEN, a campaign created by J. Walter Thompson New York for National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMI-NYC Metro) , for the second year in a row.

The CLIO Awards honored the album, titled “#IWILLLISTEN: Songs to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness, and music content with a Bronze in Branded Entertainment. And the CLIO Healthcare Awards honored the Shadow River music video with a Bronze in Audio Technique.

As a follow up to the initial social media campaign, the New York team (pictured at left) produced the first album designed to help break the stigma of mental illness, along with a music video for one of the songs from the album.

On Oct.10, 2014, World Mental Health Day, NAMI-NYC Metro launched the next step in its #IWILLLISTEN awareness campaign with the release of the #IWILLLISTEN album. Partnering with New York-based bands and artists, the album is comprised of songs penned by each artist for #IWILLLISTEN about their experiences either directly or indirectly with mental illness. The album was also made available for free download, and those who downloaded the album could also make the pledge to listen and make a donation to NAMI-NYC Metro.

Read more about the album here. Download the album for free at

2015-10-01 15:11:03
PUMA and J. Walter Thompson New York Launch New Campaign Featuring Rihanna This fall, it’s all about training for PUMA as the brand pushes the world to train faster and harder in “TRAIN FOR PLATINUM,” a new global campaign featuring pop singer Rihanna.

Created in partnership with J. Walter Thompson New York, “TRAIN FOR PLATINUM” kicks off with a visually arresting 30-second TVC, where Rihanna explains what motivates her to train.

The visuals of the spot, which feature images of Rihanna’s training journey projected on to her body, drive home the notion that your body is a physical record of your training story

The spot is Rihanna’s first since joining forces with the brand as a creative director earlier this year.

PUMA and J. Walter Thompson New York are planning to support the TVC with the launch of a dynamic OOH takeover featuring Rihanna and Usain Bolt.

The key visuals, taken by fashion photographer Benjamin Lennox, blend Rihanna’s street and sport style with her love of training and exercise. Bolt, meanwhile, demonstrates the intricacies of the body movement that go into training for top-level performance and world records.

ECDs Florent Imbert and Emmanuel Lalleve said of the new work, “With this campaign, J. Walter Thompson New York and PUMA wanted to show the motivation behind people’s training and inspire others to define their own motivation. Training for Rihanna is about giving her the energy to live her life and fulfill her dreams, represented by a visual crossroads of the fashion, music and sports worlds. We’re proud of how the idea came to life and hope it pushes others to forget the excuses and delve into training to create a better, more powerful version of themselves.”

Also launching is PUMA PACT, a consumer engagement platform also created by J. Walter Thompson New York that provides users with training tools and motivation. Unlike other fitness platforms and apps, PUMA PACT asks users to make a public commitment to train “faster, stronger and fiercer, #NoMatterWhat.”

To ensure maximum inclusivity, this initiative is available across multiple platforms including PUMATRAC, and Twitter. Supported by messages and tips from,Usain Bolt and the brand’s other top-tier ambassadors and key influencers, users will receive training insights and learn the advantages of PUMA’s training products.

The overarching campaign,“What Are You Training For?” launches globally with exposure on TV, OOH, and online channels, including high profile placements in New York City’s Soho neighborhood and Herald Square.

— To learn more about the campaign and PUMA’s training initiatives visit

2015-09-17 10:42:37
Murky World of Advertising? Summer Intern From Our New York Office Recounts Her First Experience With The Industry 10689715_10154789974150601_3218962479377240330_n

Behind every agency there is a team of minions, formally known as interns. After reading this Buzzfeed article, I feel like minions are our true spirit creatures. Don’t let the term fool you.

My first day at J. Walter Thompson was a lot like Charlie’s at the Wonka Factory. I tried to keep my composure and steady my hands as I was introduced to my team, which, for the record, is the most inspiring group of women I have been lucky enough to work alongside.

It just so happened that I was first intern on the scene, having packed up and shipped out to the concrete jungle just a few days after my last final exam. I resorted to trial and error on everything from finding food places to figuring out which of the six floors housed IT’s “Wicked Smart Bar.” While I was trying to find my way around, I accidentally entered the men’s bathroom on floor six, but it’s still #toosoon to tell that story.

Working for the Global Communications team, there was never a dull moment. One day I would be researching commercial drones and the next I was writing about Mario Testino’s star-studded career. Getting to sink my teeth into such diverse content made every day a field day.

Enter June, the month of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity aka four weeks of beautiful chaos that is hard to quantify with words. I survived with the help of coffee, English to French translation and Twitter and spent the month in awe of all of the amazing work and organization that goes into making Cannes a success for everyone involved.

It’s hard to believe that my time here is up and I will sorely miss all of the amazing people I have been lucky enough to work with these past few months. With one more year left at college before I take the ever-murky dive into the real world, this experience has been an amazing glance into the beautifully chaotic industry that is advertising.

Emily Welch was a summer 2015 intern in the Global Communications team at the J. Walter Thompson New York office.

2015-08-21 10:30:51
Vote For Our Panels For 2016 SXSW Festival SXSW has become one of the largest events in creative technology and emerging media, offering networking events, workshops, panel sessions and keynotes to thousands of attendees each year in Austin, Texas.

In an effort to keep the festival content relevant, the organizers created the SXSW PanelPicker, a voting process that allows anyone to have a voice in the programming for the 2016 festival.

Here are the J. Walter Thompson sessions you can vote for on PanelPicker. Voting ends on September 4 (11:59 p.m. CT).

SXSW-2016-logo#FollowMeTo Austin: Instagram Celebrity with Murad Osmann
featuring J. Walter Thompson New York’s Ben James, photographer Murad Osmann and Beringer
@MuradOsmann @benjames78

Technology Tells Her Story
featuring J. Walter Thompson London’s Rachel Pashley, BBC News and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
@RachelP21 @BBCNews @GDIGM

The Promise of Cuba
featuring J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Lucie Greene and WPP
@lucieluxury @WPP

DNA of the Future Brand
featuring J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Lucie Greene, Third Wave Fashion, Hunter Boots and Commodity Goods
@lucieluxury @3rdWaveFashion @HunterBoots @CommodityGoods

Generation Z and Gender: Beyond Binaries?
featuring J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Shepherd Laughlin, Tyler Ford and Chromatt

Sonic Storytelling: Fine-tune Your Brand
featuring J. Walter Thompson Atlanta’s Sunni Thompson, violinist Damien Escobar and Cord
@sunnitho @Dameesco

A Few Good Platforms: Two Missions, One Brand
featuring J. Walter Thompson Atlanta’s Sean McNeeley and the United States Marine Corps

Praying Won’t Lift That Weight…or That Business
featuring J. Walter Thompson Atlanta’s Marshall Lauck and CrossFit

Britain’s Obsession with Vaping Innovation
featuring J. Walter Thompson London’s Malky Brown

How Scottish Fintech Will Save the Music Industry
featuring J. Walter Thompson London’s Malky Brown

Remote Control Consumers
featuring J. Walter Thompson London’s Marie Stafford

I’d Like to Teach the World: Music Supervise an Ad
featuring J. Walter Thompson New York’s Paul Greco

Want to Know the Future? Do Some Extreme Planning
featuring Mirum’s John Baker

The Agency Is Dead. Long Live the Agency!
featuring Mirum’s Mitch Joel and Evol8tion
@mitchjoel @evol8tion

Math Men Among Mad Men
featuring i-Cherry’s Willie Taminato and Mirum’s Alexandre Kavinski
@Williet @kavinski

Forget China – Why Indonesia’s the Next Tech Tiger
featuring Mirum’s Nanda Ivens, Female Daily Network and VML
@nanda_i @FashioneseDaily @VML

2015-08-19 12:42:01
J. Walter Thompson New York Heads to Camp Mariah image1

Earlier this month, I took my third annual trip up to Camp Mariah in Fishkill, New York to teach junior high school-aged campers an interactive advertising class, along with my coworkers Jamie Whitfield and Charae Warner from J. Walter Thompson New York. The class was part of Camp Mariah’s Career Awareness Program, a program that gives New York City adolescents career confidence and motivation from seventh grade up to ninth grade, or until college graduation.

Camp Mariah organizers reached out to J. Walter Thompson New York a few years ago to discuss opportunities for the students to learn about advertising. I wanted to introduce the campers to advertising as a possible career path, as I knew it wasn’t a career that most students are exposed to during a typical “career day.”

During our interactive class, we first introduced ourselves and explained what each department in our agency does. Then we moved onto the campers’ challenge. We tasked the campers with rebranding one of the top 10 brands that are popular with kids aged 12-15. To their surprise, these brands included snacks, sports apparel and technology. Once the students picked their brand to work on, Jamie, Charae and I assisted them in rebranding and writing commercial scripts. Some students discussed major changes to their brands while others simply invented new products and left the brand unchanged.

After the teams laid out their creative, they assumed the roles of creative directors, actors, producers, account leads and planners. The end result was the campers having a great time, being able shoot and direct their own commercials with messaging that spoke to their demographic.

It was a day of learning and fun for all of us. Many of the campers, counselors and staff told us they look forward to us returning next year because they had such a great time. Not a bad way to spend a summer Saturday!

Keni Thacker is a Senior Event Technology Specialist at J. Walter Thompson New York.

— Image via Flickr.

— View more pictures in the gallery below.

image4 image1 image2 image3 ]]>
2015-08-17 15:10:06
PUMA and J. Walter Thompson New York Find Fowler’s Fan In June, a young fan of Rickie Fowler named Jake – dressed head-to-toe like the famous golfer – chased Fowler’s ball into a water hazard at the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. When J. Walter Thompson New York heard this story, we couldn’t let Jake’s enthusiasm go to waste. The team launched #FindFowlersFan in partnership with PUMA Golf on Twitter with the goal of reuniting the two at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio.

All Jake wanted when he chased Rickie’s ball was a souvenir, but he ended up getting the experience of a lifetime.

Rickie and PUMA Golf used #FindFowlersFan to start the buzz on Twitter and fans used the hashtag to spread word of the search.

In just three days, we got our wish. 14-year-old Jakob Ross found us!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.41.46 PM

The team quickly sprung into action to help reunite Jake and Rickie in time for the start of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational on August 5. The two played nine warm-up holes and Rickie showed Jake some tricks of the trade while (we imagine) Jake wondered if he was still dreaming!

Watch the video below to hear more about how PUMA Golf and J. Walter Thompson New York turned one young fan’s dream into a reality.

2015-08-12 16:55:34
237 Park: The Spot Continuing the intern mockumentary series, in episode four, “The Spot,” the production interns screen their Elektrixx spot with a little help from the public relations interns.

2015-08-03 14:51:08
J. Walter Thompson New York Hosts Portfolio Night All-Star Unknown-1

Every year in cities across the world, the best and brightest creative students gather for ADC’s Portfolio Night, a networking and portfolio review event. Renowned creative directors offer students mentorship and advice while getting a chance to recruit the industry’s top up-and-coming talent. Students leave with connections, advice and inspiration.

But for 24 students, Portfolio Night is just the beginning. Each of them, selected as his or her own city’s Portfolio Night All-Stars, arrives in New York today, August 3, to work on a global brief for J. Walter Thompson’s client Aperol, part of the Campari roster of brands. It’s all part of ADC’s third Portfolio Night All-Stars Week, which was created to reward the best portfolios from around the world.

“Portfolio Night All-Stars has been a wonderful way to take Portfolio Night to the next level,” says Brendan Watson, ADC Director of Partnerships. “As we have seen with the two previous classes of All-Stars, it not only brings together an amazingly talented group of creatives to work together on a real creative project for a global brand, but it also forges fast friends. The All-Stars will go home having made creative connections from all over the world.”

J. Walter Thompson New York is partner and host of these future industry leaders!

2015-08-03 13:34:39
HLR Scholarship Winner Nadia Izazi Visits J. Walter Thompson New York Last week Nadia Izazi, the North American winner of the Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship (HLR) visited the global headquarters of J. Walter Thompson in New York.The HLR Scholarship provides five female creative students from around the world up to $10,000 toward their tuition, a paid internship at one of our J. Walter Thompson offices, a mentor to coach their development, and “first-look” placement consideration upon graduation.


(l-r) Adam Kerj, J. Walter Thompson New York CCO; Nadia Izazi; Lynn Power, J. Walter Thompson New York President; Matt Baker, J. Walter Thompson New York Head of Analytics

Nadia stopped by our New York office to take a tour and to meet some key people. We’re excited to welcome her!

Nadia has just completed the first year of her program at Pratt Institute, and is slated to graduate in the fall of 2016 with a Master of Science in Packaging Design. Nadia also holds a BFA from the Academy of Art University/School of Graphic Design in San Francisco. Her portfolio, Roleplay, can be viewed here.

A big thank you is owed to Britt Hayes, Frederic Bonn, Daiga Atvara, Brent Choi and Sarah Barclay for playing an integral role in the selection process.


(l-r) Laura Agostini, J. Walter Thompson Company Chief Talent Officer; Nadia Izazi, North America HLR Scholarship winner; J. Walter Thompson North America Head of Human Resources

The HLR Scholarship was created to support female creatives in the advertising industry and to correct the unfortunate reality that despite holding most of the spending power in much of the world, only 11% of creative directors in America and 14% of creative directors in the world are women.

Other regional winners of the HLR Scholarship were Anagha Anand of South Asia; Rawan Obaid of the Middle East and Africa; Natalia Romero Ramirez of Latin America; and Lilli Ridder of Europe.

Read more about all the winners here.

2015-07-29 14:22:21
237 Park: Better Than Coffee In the latest of the J. Walter Thompson New York interns’ mockumentary, 237 Park, the interns dive into product testing. Amanda drinks a lot of “Elektrixx,” the beverage client for their summer intern project.

2015-07-28 10:05:50
J. Walter Thompson New York’s Aaron Padin Featured in Adweek’s Creative 100 List c100-29bLate last week, Adweek unveiled its inaugural Creative 100: America’s Most Inventive Talent in Marketing, Media and Tech.

As Adweek describes it, the Creative 100 “honors the current masters of the creative idea. They are makers of advertising, branded content, technology, products, pop culture and more. And they have one big thing in common: They engage audiences with clever, fun, fascination and entertaining content that’s an irresistible force in a time of ultimate distraction.”

The list, dedicated to agency creatives with U.S. roles only, was segmented into several categories:

We were proud to see that one of J. Walter Thompson’s very own, J. Walter Thompson New York’s Head of Art and Design, Aaron Padin, was recognized in the 30 Copywriters, Art Directors and Creative Directors list.

Padin is responsible for art direction, craft and design on all brands at the agency and Adweek pointed to his Human Rights Watch installation, Puma’s “Forever Faster” visual identity and a children’s book about energy conservation as just a few examples of standout work in Padin’s impressive portfolio.

What’s the secret to his success? “I am one of those people who annoyingly asks a lot of questions. I find it’s the best way to learn. I strive to elevate every piece of creative, whether or not it appears to be a great creative opportunity, or whether or not it’s my own idea,” he said.

— Follow the J. Walter Thompson New York design team on Twitter at

2015-07-23 11:09:38
J. Walter Thompson New York & Tylenol Launch #HowWeFamily Campaign In June, J. Walter Thompson New York and Tylenol launched #HowWeFamily, a touching and courageous campaign about Tylenol’s support of all families for over 60 years.

The integrated effort, an extension of Tylenol’s Norman Rockwell holiday campaign in 2014, kicked off with a powerful :30 TV spot. that echoed the brand’s belief that family is not about who you love, but how you love.

#HowWeFamily features real families and celebrates our evolving definition of family. The videos were directed by Dustin Lance Black, activist and Academy Award-winning writer of Milk.

To support the launch, Tylenol and the J. Walter Thompson New York team also unveiled, a digital hub built in partnership with Mirum.

The site features a docu-short series featuring 10 real American families, a behind-the-scenes look with the director and fast facts about the diversity of modern American families.

— Read more about #HowWeFamily on Advertising Age.

2015-07-22 13:26:00
237 Park: The Ding In this week’s episode of 237 Park, “The Ding,” the interns receive their summer project and a big difference between creative, account managers and project managers is revealed.

— The J. Walter Thompson New York summer interns are proud to present 237 Park, a new mockumentary about the ins and outs of interning at J. Walter Thompson. A new episode will air every Monday on the J. Walter Thompson blog until August 17.

— Find the first episode here.

2015-07-20 16:18:47
10 Quick Ways To Become An Internet Sensation Sharing her tips for making it big on the internet is Egypt’s latest TV star, the witty widow, Abla Fahita

Leak your own porn video

1-Abla-Fahita-teaser-for-the-Duplex__880If you’re the bodyguards, let’s start with the body.

Stay in the headlines

2-Abla-interview-with-BBC-Arabic-April-2015__880I have so many thoughts and ideas; instead of keeping them to myself I’ve decided to share them with 30 million Egyptians.

Consider the end of every husband as a fresh start

3-Abla-with-Rubber-duck-in-bath__880Come to me.

Indulge your revealing fashion sense

10-Quick-ways-to-become-an-Internet-sensation3__880Dressed in Charbel Zoe couture the artist behind most famous behinds such as J. Lo and Shakira.

Make a music video

10-Quick-ways-to-become-an-Internet-sensation2__880Mayestahlushi with Arab Idol’s very own Hssan el Shafei.

Exercise in public

6-Abla-Exercising-SM__880Social pressure is like working out; exercise the right muscle groups and eventually you can carry more weight.

Make sure your children are in photos

7-Abla-with-her-daughter-Caro-and-Boudi__880A housewife is all-in-one. She can do whatever she pleases: sing, host a TV show, etc.

Have your best assets on display

10-Quick-ways-to-become-an-Internet-sensation4__880When the sun’s out, bring on the topless shoes.

Create your own TV show

9-Abla-in-the-duplex-with-the-title-showing__880Abla’s TV show El Duplex on CBC.

Perfect the art of the selfie


— This post originally appeared on Bored Panda here.

2015-07-15 16:47:07
The Innovation Group Releases Cannes 2015 report This year marked the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In many ways the event has started to sprawl into SXSW Interactive territory in terms of big name celebrities, bulging fragmented schedules, and uber-networking.

This year was marked by celebrity speakers including Monica Lewinsky, Pharrell Williams, Jamie Oliver, Marilyn Manson and Viola Davis. As with every thought leadership conference now seemingly, much emphasis was placed on big data, the Internet of Things, AI (with Japanese android TV star Matsuko-Roid making an appearance), and questions surrounding these new frontiers. Here the theme was: What does all this mean for creativity? Much of the event has been written about in granular, instantaneous detail. Here is a roundup of some key take-outs and analysis from the event.

Download the free 27-page report here or read it on SlideShare here and below.

Lucie Greene is the Worldwide Director of The Innovation Group.
— This article was first published on July 13th on the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence blog.

2015-07-14 13:23:37
J. Walter Thompson New York Celebrates the Launch of Risk/Reward J. Walter Thompson New York hosted Anne Kreamer on June 9 to launch Risk/Reward, her newest research-based book that puts the American workplace under the microscope. Her last book, It’s Always Personal, examined the complexity of workplace emotion. Risk/Reward deals with risk, and what it takes to have a successful career and attract and retain modern talent in the 21st century. Most of all, it explores how embracing intelligent risk is an essential way to improve the quality and longevity of our working and personal lives.

IMG_0094[4]When Kreamer says “risk,” she doesn’t mean skydiving or signing an office lease without a business plan. “Successful risk taking is using analysis and trial and error,” she explained. “It’s using self-knowledge to get outside our comfort zones in beneficial ways.”

Kreamer partnered with Mark Truss, Director of Brand Intelligence at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, to conduct three surveys over seven years that informed many of the book’s conclusions.

IMG_3276[10]Using the research conducted by J. Walter Thompson, Kreamer developed a test, much like the Myers-Briggs type test, to determine what kind of risk taker a person is. The Risk Tolerance Test divides people into four categories: Pioneer, Thinker, Defender and Drifter.

Kreamer, a “thinker-y pioneer,” and Truss, a “thinker with a touch of pioneering,” discussed the book’s themes and conclusions, sharing wisdom gleaned from years of research and successful, risk-driven careers.

“If you don’t have butterflies when you’re launching a project, it’s probably not big enough,” Kreamer said. A serial entrepreneur, Kreamer knows a thing or two about launching big projects. She and her husband quit their jobs to launch Spy magazine in 1986. “We were all in,” she said, “so if it failed, that was it.” Spy magazine was a successful magazine that lasted 12 years. It focused on well- researched intelligent pieces about American media and making fun of high society.

Truss also offered a piece of advice that resonated: “You get paid in two currencies: cash and experience. Always take the experience.”

In case you missed the event, watch the full Risk/Reward conversation moderated by LinkedIn’s Brett Wallace below.

2015-07-09 14:01:31
Cannes Lions 2015 Insights with the Jury: Promo & Activation Recap IMG_0874What goes on in the mind of Cannes jurors? What do they think of the work? How do they decide what gets awarded?

Tuesday in Cannes, audience members got answers to these questions and more in an Insights with the Jury session. Promo & Activation Jury President Matt Eastwood, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson Company, participated in the session alongside Grey Group’s Diego Medvedocky, Razorfish’s Natalie Lam and moderator Susan Credle, of Leo Burnett Chicago.

In the 45-minute session, the jurors emphasized, among other things, the evolution of the Promo & Activation category.

“Maybe 7-8 years ago, it was more about the promotional part of it. Now it has moved to the activation part, which is about experiences and about brands offering genuine experiences to people. And now the activation part is even more important,” said Eastwood. This shift now guides how jurors evaluate work in the Promo & Activation category.

When it came down to campaign favorites, Delta’s Innovation Class, which won a Silver Lion in Promo & Activation just two days ago, stood out for Eastwood. Why? First, besides having a strong creative streak, the ad offers the opportunity to “learn and grow as a human being.” Second, Delta didn’t have to make physical changes to its airline in terms of new seats or technology; rather, the airline developed the innovative idea by building on its existing facilities with a creative twist.

Moderator Credle also had a campaign callout of her own: She acknowledged J. Walter Thompson Mexico’s “Bills Only Collection Box” for the Mexican Red Cross as a great example of innovative features integrated in the brand experience. Noticing that the yield for the Mexican Red Cross’ Annual Fundraising Drive had remained relatively stable year after year, J. Walter Thompson Mexico set out to encourage people to donate more money. The goal this year was to raise over 330 million pesos, unattainable using the coin boxes of years past. In order to reach the Red Cross’s goal of raising over 330 million pesos, J. Walter Thompson Mexico changed the donation box’s coin slot to a bill slot, hoping the small but clever change would encourage larger donations.

With the support of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, J. Walter Thompson Mexico’s “Bills Only Collection Box,” a simple but innovative idea, resulted in tangible improvements for the Mexican Red Cross and the Mexican people, increasing donation to the Red Cross by 2000%.

The campaign won a Gold Lion in Promo & Activation at Cannes 2014.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the session came when the jurors outlined what key elements influence their decisions in the jury room:

  1. Emotion: An ad that elicits an emotional response from its audience is more impactful than one that neglects the consumer’s heart.
  2. Simplicity: A simple ad that has a clearly and directly communicated message is more effective than one that arrives at its key messaging in a more complex (and less accessible) way.
  3. Problem–Solution Approach: Do the work for the consumer by creating an ad that points to a problem and offers up a solution.

After the session, Eastwood shared some additional insights with the Cannes Lions team. See his interview below.

2015-06-24 23:25:13
Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 4 We are already halfway through our 2015 Cannes Contenders Showcase. And in Week 4, we have more inspired and inspiring work from our offices in Hong Kong, New Delhi, London, San Juan, São Paulo, Toronto and Dubai.

Share your favorite pieces on social media using the links below and the hashtag #JWTCannes. View all of our showcases and more Cannes-related content here.

1 HSBC bankoteHSBC, “150th Anniversary Banknote” – J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong

While J. Walter Thompson celebrated its milestone anniversary last year, one of our long-standing client partners, HSBC, was also gearing up to mark its own 150th anniversary. In March 2015, HSBC, with strategic and creative support from J. Walter Thompson Hong Kong, kicked off a three-part anniversary program that included an official commemorative banknote. To support the launch, the team developed the world’s first augmented reality banknote app, providing users with an animated history of Hong Kong’s changing landscape since 1865, plus 3D tours of HSBC’s four Hong Kong headquarters. Within two days, the app ranked at the top of Hong Kong’s AppStore and the commemorative banknote was so oversubscribed that HSBC cancelled the next fortnight’s print and digital activity. Despite this move, they still received more than 8 million applications for the note — not bad from a population of just over 7 million.

View “150th Anniversary Banknote” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.


2 iCare Eye HospitaliCare Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute, “An Eye for an Eye” – J. Walter Thompson New Delhi

The late Mahatma Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” But this campaign by J. Walter Thompson New Delhi lends the famous quote new meaning. In an effort to promote iCare Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute’s eye donation drives, our Delhi team crafted this poster campaign with illustrations inspired by traditional Madhubani, Kalamkari and Jamini art, showing that through organ donation, two people (the donor and the benefactor), can see with one eye.

View “An Eye for an Eye” here.

3 Mr Kipling Edible PosterPremier Foods, “Mr Kipling Edible Poster” – J. Walter Thompson London

Have you ever dove face first into a piece of cake after a rough day? There’s something about digging into layers of soft cake and fluffy icing that makes life better. That’s the insight that inspired J. Walter Thompson London to create the world’s first poster made entirely of cake for Premier Food’s Mr Kipling brand. Made from 13,360 Mr Kipling cakes, the edible poster was part of a broader brand relaunch of Mr Kipling under the new campaign, “Life is Better with Cake.” The poster was made available — and edible — to the public in Westfield, London.

View “Mr Kipling Edible Poster” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

4 Miserable in Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Tourism Company, “Miserable in Puerto Rico” – J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico

Is it possible to be miserable in paradise? Well, yes, if you look at Kevin Blandford who posted a series of photos on Reddit, documenting how miserable he was when he couldn’t bring his family on a free trip to Puerto Rico. When the photos went viral, J. Walter Thompson San Juan and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company saw an opportunity to give Kevin another chance to enjoy Puerto Rico, this time with his wife and baby by his side. Each of the solemn photos from his first trip was reshot with his family – this time with a big grin on his face. These photos also went viral and received organic media coverage from over 30 outlets from all over the world. Another excellent example of real-time marketing from J. Walter Thompson San Juan and Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

View “Miserable in Puerto Rico” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

5 SickKids Better TomorrowsSickKids, “Better Tomorrows” – J. Walter Thompson Toronto

The Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto, Canada, is a world leader in children’s healthcare. But like most charities, it can be overlooked during the hectic holiday season. They had to find a way to get people to take time out of their busy day to take notice and make a donation. How? By giving them a massive dose of perspective. Through a series of daily one-off ads, SickKids and J. Walter Thompson Canada reminded people what was happening in the hospital that very day. On one of the days, viewers met Taylum, a 2-year-old boy who was in need of a kidney transplant. And another day they met 12-year-old Wahaab, who was literally in a 9-hour surgery at the time the commercial aired. The campaign also stretched beyond TV: The team ran timely print ads in local and national newspapers, developed a website to house all of the spots, and even ran ads in cinemas.

View “Better Tomorrows” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

6 Kenwood DubaiKenwood, “Kitchen Appliances: Aubergine/ Cucumber/ Tomato” – J. Walter Thompson Dubai

Many of the households in the United Arab Emirates still prepare food by hand and are not familiar with the advantages of having a food processor. However, with the arrival of global food chains, café culture and famous international restaurants in the market, palates have evolved and people in the UAE are keen to try new dishes. Kenwood’s latest print campaign encouraged UAE citizens to update their food preparation tools and enjoy great new food options by making a simple addition to their kitchens.

View “Aubergine,” “Cucumber,” and “Tomato” here.

7 Mobilize BrasilMobilize Brasil, “Political Furniture” – J. Walter Thompson Brazil

What’s the most cumbersome part of political campaigns? In São Paulo, Brazil, it’s not the baby-kissing and shameless brown-nosing, it’s the posters and illegal stands left behind when elections are over. In fact, in São Paulo, political campaigns have generated more than 250 tons of trash. In 2014, J. Walter Thompson Brazil and Mobilize Brasil, a portal for content on sustainable urban mobility, came up with an incredible solution to this environmentally unfriendly issue. In a partnership with designer Maurício Arruda, our Brazil team and Mobilize Brasil took political ads and turned them into useful household items: coffee tables, stools, coat racks, towel hangers and side tables. And they didn’t stop there. The designs were put on an open-source site with tutorials on how people could make the furniture themselves. Thousands of signs have been saved from clogging landfills and the teams hope that thousands more will be saved as the project gains momentum. The citizens of São Paulo can now turn some political ads into something beautiful and help the candidates fulfill their noble purpose: serving the citizens of Brazil.

View “Political Furniture” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

2015-05-20 13:59:29
J. Walter Thompson Cannes 2015: Young Lions The Cannes Young Lions Competition is an incredible opportunity for the industry’s next generation of creative geniuses to prove themselves on a global platform.

At the Festival, pairs of advertising professionals age 28 and under are challenged to complete a real-life brief from a global charity and have their idea evaluated by the same experts who sit on the Cannes Lions juries. Gold winners will receive their awards on stage at Cannes’ official Awards Ceremonies and receive two passes to next year’s Festival along with accommodation for the week.

But before they get to Cannes this summer, each pair of Young Lions contenders has to go up against young talent in their country, beating out local competition to win a trip to Cannes to compete.

This year, J. Walter Thompson has a group of terrific talent from several of offices who have bested young talent in their countries and will be heading to the Young Lions Competition this June.

11150421_835028846533612_6720100868246471517_nBrazil Young Lions Media winner: Ligia Mattos
Ligia began working with J. Walter Thompson in 2009 as a media intern for Coke’s 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign, and it was a Coke media case that earned her the big win in Brazil’s Young Lions Media competition.

11072723_10155436268745164_4934022846108822646_nLebanon Young Lions Print winners: Elie Nasr & Ali Faraj

In early April, J. Walter Thompson Beirut’s Elie Nasr & Ali Faraj won Lebanon’s competitive round for the Young Lions Print Competition. They’ll both be headed to Cannes this summer, courtesy of Executive Magazine, and will represent Lebanon in the global Young Lions Print contest.

Read more about their win here.


20089_886130454781717_7013369940238902976_nMexico Young Lions Film & Cyber winners: Sergio Fernández, Enrique Caballero, Juan Junior Barreto and Mariano Alanís Lobato
These four young professionals from J. Walter Thompson Mexico took home Gold and Silver wins across two categories in Mexico’s 2015 Young Creatives Contest, a precursor to the Cannes Young Lions Competition organized by the Mexican Creative Circle. The duo made up of Sergio Fernández and Enrique Caballero took the Gold in the Film category and Silver in the Cyber category. Juan Junior Barreto took the Gold in Cyber, and Mariano Alanís Lobato claimed the Silver award in the Print category. Juan and Mariano each partnered with colleagues from other agencies.

Read more about their wins here.


IMG_5317-2Shanghai Young Lions PR winners – “HC” Cao Xin Qi & Andes Yu
J. Walter Thompson Shanghai’s “HC” Cao Xin Qi and Andes Yu rocked China’s Young PR Lions competition with a digital idea on how to raise the brand profile of a traditional Chinese wine. We’ll be seeing this duo in Cannes in June.


10439400_565937180175271_3674655893024199631_n-1Singapore Young Lions Film & Cyber winners: Ng Meimei, Joycelyn He, Pearlyn Chiam & Jeannette Tan
Four young creative women from J. Walter Thompson Singapore have won the Film and Cyber categories at Singapore’s Young Lions competition, hosted by Mediacorp, winning a trip to Cannes and entry into the Young Lions competition in June. This will be the first time Singapore will be competing in the Young Lions Cyber competition. Read more about their wins here.

2015-05-19 18:02:09
Meet Generation Z in J. Walter Thompson Company’s latest trend report The Innovation Group, the newly launched innovation and futurism unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, today unveiled a new report on Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s). The report, which features original quantitative studies and consumer data, examines this emerging generation’s key behaviors and attitudes, as well as the brands and influencers engaging them.

Eclipsing the Millennials, who have dominated the news and pop culture agenda in recent years, this new, younger generation identifies as a distinctly different group in both behavior and mindset. In the U.K. and U.S., Gen Z comprises a quarter of the population, and in the U.S. alone the group represents over $44 billion in annual purchasing power. More inspired by Malala than Beyoncé, Gen Zers are characterized by ethical consumption habits, native digital technology use, entrepreneurial ambition and progressive views on topics ranging from education to gender, according to the report.

“We’re excited to showcase this rich study of a dynamic new generation,” said Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group. “Generation Zers are a complex mixture of sophistication and wide-eyed optimism. They are intelligent, confident and — importantly for brands — they question the prescribed norms of everything from formal education to gender politics. For brands to reach this group, they will need to understand what makes them tick and come to grips with these nuances.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.14.34 PM

The report features over 70 pages of analysis and brand examples across sectors including beauty, retail, media, technology, education and more.

Generation Z by the numbers:

  • 82% of Gen Zers say they don’t care about sexual orientation
  • 86% use the their smartphones multiple times a day
  • 70% watch more than two hours of YouTube content each day
  • 88% say people are exploring their sexuality more than in the past
  • 67% would rather shop in stores than online
  • 83% say saving for the future is important

The report is broken down into the following sections:

  • Drivers: Historical factors shaping Gen Zers’ attitudes and preferences
  • Manifestations: What our survey reveals about these emerging mindsets
  • Trends: How specific sectors are already responding to Gen Z
  • Future: How brands can connect with Gen Z
  • Case Studies: Original profiles of six Gen Zers in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Generation Z Icons: Members of this group already making their mark on culture

For this report, the Innovation Group conducted quantitative studies using SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research unit that develops and exploits new research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation. A total of 1,000 individuals aged 12-19 were surveyed in the U.S. and the U.K. in February 2015. Insights are also underpinned by original interviews and photography documenting the lives and preferences of Gen Z case studies in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

The Generation Z report is available at Sale price: $1,000.

View an executive summary of the report in the Slideshare below.

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Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 3 From rainbow-colored flags in Canada to car-inspired furniture in Korea, here are our selections for our third week in this year’s Cannes Contenders Showcase.

Share your favorite pieces on social media using the links below and the hashtag #JWTCannes. And just in case you’ve missed them, find Week 1 and Week 2 of our showcase here.

1 We Wont Help You, BrazilAlcoholics Anonymous, “We Won’t Help You” – J. Walter Thompson Brazil

One might find the remark “We won’t help you” a bit odd from an organization that’s committed itself to helping people for almost 100 years. But this provocative statement found itself at the core of J. Walter Thompson Brazil’s campaign for Alcoholics Anonymous. With the tagline “We won’t help you. We will help each other.” the campaign, avoiding language that seemed to isolate or shame those with drinking problems, instead successfully positioned Alcoholics Anonymous and its treatment services as part of a collaborative effort that was mutually beneficial to the alcoholic and the others in his or her support group.

View “We Won’t Help You” here.
4 Kinokuniya, DubaiKinokuniya Books, “Kinokuniya Books Are Priceless” – J. Walter Thompson Dubai

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual month-long retail extravaganza where shops offer sales and daily car raffles that attract millions of visitors to Dubai every year. But the Kinokuniya Bookstore located in the Dubai Mall faced one small problem: Kinokuniya doesn’t do discounts. So the bookstore challenged J. Walter Thompson Dubai to increase their sales and foot traffic during one of the biggest discount sales periods in Dubai — without offering discounts. The team created signage with promotional language that mimicked those of stores offering actual discounts. The playful poster messages included: “Great DEAL of Drama over here” and “Don’t DISCOUNT a good biography.”

View “Kinokuniya Books Are Priceless” here.

5 Bendgate, LondonKitKat, “#Bendgate” – J. Walter Thompson London

In September, Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus finally made their debut. Within days of the launch, reports emerged about one small issue: the phones were bending in customers’ pockets. The conversation erupted on Twitter under the hashtag #Bendgate, and in the wake of the scandal, J. Walter Thompson London introduced a well-timed and witty reply that pictured a broken KitKat bar with the caption “We don’t bend, we break.” The tweet garnered more than 28,000 retweets and 13,000 favorites on Twitter, surpassing Oreo’s 2013 Super Bowl tweet. While many brands hopped on the bandwagon, working to capitalize on Apple’s snafu, none saw the viral response that KitKat and J. Walter Thompson London sparked.

View “#Bendgate” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

2 RaiseThePride, TorontoToronto Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), “#RaiseThePride” – J. Walter Thompson Canada

Last June, flying high above Toronto’s WorldPride Festival was the universal symbol of LGBTQ pride: the rainbow-colored flag. But this flag was different. Fixed at the base of the flagpole was a small gray box with a computer that connected to the Internet and scanned for tweets containing LGBTQ-related keywords. The computer then triggered a small motor and pulley that raised the flag for positive or encouraging tweets, and lowered it for negative or homophobic tweets. Garnering more than 5 million social media impressions, and centered at the heart of one of the world’s largest Pride celebrations, #RaiseThePride brought to light both the harmful and the supportive language directed at the LGBTQ community, and provided a brilliantly simple and tangible way for people to see how their voices drive change.

View “#RaiseThePride” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

6 Brilliant Memories, PostVisualHyundai Motor Company, “Brilliant Memories” – PostVisual Seoul

Do you remember your first road trip? The first time you buckled your little one into the backseat? The car you drove away to college? There’s so much of life we experience with our cars, and it’s all beautifully captured in PostVisual’s “Brilliant Memories” campaign for Hyundai. Focusing on the emotional connection people form with their cars, “Brilliant Memories” features four short films in which real-life drivers recount the memories they made in their favorite cars, now either junked or sold. The PostVisual team tracked down and retrieved these discarded vehicles, and hired top Korean artists and sculptors to reimagine them and transform them into works of art that the former owners could continue to use. “Brilliant Memories” is an extension of Hyundai’s “Live Brilliant” brand campaign, which underscores what many people already know: Your car is more than just what gets you from one destination to the next; it is a space where you experience unforgettable emotions and moments.

View “Brilliant Memories” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

7 Indosat, JakartaIndosat, “Unlimited Text: Badminton/Big News/Counting” – J. Walter Thompson Jakarta

How would your texting habits change if you had unlimited texting services at your fingertips? This goofy print campaign by J. Walter Thompson Jakarta for Indosat, Indonesia’s largest telecommunication network and service provider, shows three instances of just how liberal we might get when we’ve got a lot to say and unlimited free texts to say it with.

View “Badminton,” “Big News” and “Counting” here.

3 Red Bag, Costa RicaSalvation Army, “Red Bag” – J. Walter Thompson Costa Rica

During the holiday season, some of us are so busy gift shopping and eagerly awaiting presents of our own that we forget that there are still many less fortunate people who don’t receive such generosity. During the 2014 holiday season, the Salvation Army and J. Walter Thompson Costa Rica created the Red Bag, a bag for giving things and not throwing them away, to encourage people to donate old belongings rather than discard them. An extra red bag was placed in all packages from Zesta, the number-one company for garbage bag sales in Costa Rica. The message on the bag explained that unlike the other bags in the package, it was to be used for giving and not for throwing things away. A convoy of trucks was then deployed to collect the bags. The simple idea increased donations to the Salvation Army by 41%.

View “Red Bag” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

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#IWILLLISTEN Day Comes to New York City Two years ago, J. Walter Thompson New York and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City launched #IWILLLISTEN, a campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness by turning social networks into support networks. The idea was simple: Our friends will feel more comfortable asking for help if we let them know that we will listen.

11164832_955591121142150_2933102917596211470_nSince its launch, the campaign has evolved to include a music album, #IWILLLISTEN — Songs to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness; and a free concert for New Yorkers.

These efforts have helped the campaign reach great successes, including an increase in donations to NAMI NYC-Metro by 86%, more than 30 million media impressions thanks to coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American and Mashable, and more than 65 companies and non-profits becoming inspired to join the #IWILLLISTEN movement.

On Saturday, May 9,2015, New York City hosted its first-ever #IWILLLISTEN Day at the South Street Seaport Promenade. Taking place the same day was the ninth annual NAMIWalks NYC (one of the largest mental health walks in the country to support and raise awareness for individuals and families afflicted with mental illness), a wellness fair and a special concert with #IWILLLISTEN album recording artists Boola, Jenna Kyle and Romans Are Alive. First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, kicked off the walk with special remarks.

To help celebrate #IWILLLISTEN Day, the team at J. Walter Thompson New York and their partners at KBV Records made an original music video for “Shadow River” by Boola, one of the songs and artists featured on the album.

“Shadow River” – Boola ft. Jeni Fujita from #IWILLLISTEN, Songs to Break the Stigma of Mental Illness from NAMI-NYC Metro on Vimeo.

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How J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Tourism Company gave a sad traveler another shot at happiness 1hcdj0rIs it possible to be miserable in paradise?

Well, yes, if you look at Reddit user “Widget Dude,” who posted a series of photos of how miserable he was when he couldn’t bring his family on a free trip to Puerto Rico in March.

When the photos went viral, J. Walter Thompson San Juan and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company decided to give the melancholy traveler another chance to experience Puerto Rico, this time with his wife and baby by his side. Two weeks after his original photos were posted, shared a much happier set of photos with the world. Each of the solemn photos from his first trip were reshot with his wife and daughter by his side and a big grin on his face.

Jaime Rosado, CCO of J. Walter Thompson Latin America said of the campaign, “Today brands must be constantly listening to the conversations online, in the social channels, and find creative and relevant ways to engage with their audience. The biggest challenge is the speed of response, the speed of action, because you have to create and execute the idea while the conversation outside is still ongoing.”

fmzq1ad– Read more about the campaign on Adweek and Creativity Online.

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J. Walter Thompson Mexico welcomes Maria Teresa Arnal as CEO & Antonio Abello as Managing Director Garza-Arnal-Abello-ZuninoEarlier this week, Stefano Zunino, CEO of J. Walter Thompson Latin America, announced some changes in Mexico: Maria Teresa Arnal was appointed the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Company in Mexico and Antonio Abello will become Managing Director of J. Walter Thompson Mexico.

Arnal, current CEO of Mirum Mexico, will be responsible for J. Walter Thompson Mexico and Mirum Mexico’s business growth and the further development of the services offered. Prior to Mirum, Arnal was the CEO of Clarus, part of the 11 agencies acquired by Mirum.

Her career has also taken her to ProdigyMSN, The Boston Consulting Group and Booz•Allen & Hamilton International.

Arnal, affectionately nicknamed “Mariate,” said of her new role, “It is just the right moment: J. Walter Thompson Company, holding company above the agencies J. Walter Thompson and Mirum, is committed to the future of communications and digital platforms and is encouraging a deep transformation of their business in our region; I bring my experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the table.”

Abello, current Client Service VP at J. Walter Thompson Colombia, has spent more than 15 years of his career with J. Walter Thompson, where he started as an intern. Abello has been recognized at the Effies and at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for his work. He has a degree in Communication Sciences with a minor in Advertising from Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá in Colombia.

Polo Garza will remain the Chairman of J. Walter Thompson Mexico.

– Read more about Maria Teresa Arnal and Antonio Abello’s appointments on LBB Online, El Publicista and Adlatina.

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F*ck your best email. Bring your best work. Between reviewing work, pitching clients, shooting campaigns and inspiring their teams, creative leaders are busy people. And their inboxes aren’t getting emptier any time soon. Young talent are faced with the challenge of cutting through the noise to stand out and get noticed—and it’s no easy feat.

Aspiring creatives, and anyone who’s ever hunted for a job, can relate; few things are worse than writing that introductory email.

To promote ADC’s Portfolio Night in New York, the world’s largest advertising portfolio review, the team at J. Walter Thompson New York tapped into that universal truth and created 27 personalized videos that highlight the futile email attempts and awkward errors aspiring creatives make while trying to get the attention of their mentors.

With every video the message is simple: “F*ck your best email. Bring your best work.” Make an impression in a one-on-one review session and show your portfolio as you want it to be seen.

The Art Directors Club Portfolio Night New York will take place on May 20 at J. Walter Thompson New York, giving young creates a chance to ditch the inbox nonsense and make their mark in person.

View all the videos here:

Executive Creative Director: Frederic Bonn
Sr. Art Director: Amy Su
Sr. Copywriter: Emily Frankfurt
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Adam Kerj
Head of Production: Lisa Setten
Producer: Liam Golding
Director of Music: Paul Greco
Music Producer: Matthew Nelson
Production Company: Hogarth
Editing House: Hogarth
Music House: APM Music

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Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 2 Week 2 of our Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015 features another batch of outstanding work from J. Walter Thompson teams in Beirut, New York, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Shanghai.

Remember to share your favorite pieces of work for J. Walter Thompson’s Cannes contenders on social media with the hashtag #JWTCannes.

1 Wilkinson Sword, JWT New YorkWilkinson–Sword, “Sword Meets Foreplay” – J. Walter Thompson New York

Razor brand Wilkinson Sword, part of Energizer Holdings, originally got its start making swords for the British Army. In this playful spot by J. Walter Thompson New York, the brand pays homage to its sword-making past. The spot captures a couple engaged in a seductive sword fight as they lunge at each other with their swords, slicing away at each other’s clothing until they are both in their undergarments. The cheeky ad features real Wilkinson swords – though, by the ad’s end, the sword might not be what you’re focused on.

View “Swordplay Meets Foreplay” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.44.25 PMtouch Lebanon, “Leb Keys” – J. Walter Thompson Beirut

When keyboards were first designed, they were created with English speakers in mind, forcing speakers of other languages, like Arabic, to adapt to the standard Latin, or “qwerty,” keyboard. With the onset of text communication, Arab youth began to use “Latin Arabic,” a hybrid of standard Latin letters and the numbers they used to represent Arabic sounds and letters. So, touch Lebanon, J. Walter Thompson Beirut and FOO, together developed Leb Keys, a mobile app that carries a third-party Latin Arabic mobile keyboard. With this app, Arabic chatters around the globe now have a keyboard to call their own, a tool they can use to express their every emotion on a keyboard as unique as their language. Leb Keys was recently recognized at this year’s Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity, where it was awarded three medals, and shone as the only winner in the Mobile category. Leb Keys was also recently the #1 free download in the Lebanese AppStore.

View “Leb Keys” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

6 Conectas, J. Walter Thompson BrazilConectas Human Rights, “(All) Women’s Week” – J. Walter Thompson Brazil

“May the law be served. And may these women have the chance of serving their time without feeling that being a woman is also part of their punishment.” During Women’s Day in early March, J. Walter Thompson Brazil crafted several public service and public awareness messages to drive attention to how, even during a week dedicated to celebrating women, incarcerated women often go without the basic necessities and the daily joys others may take for granted. The copy offers a shocking dose of reality that forces us to explore and confront the disappointing notion that our celebration of women might not be as inclusive as we had hoped it to be.

View “(All) Women’s Week” here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 12.38.45 PMLALCEC, “HopeApp” – J. Walter Thompson Buenos Aires

J. Walter Thompson Argentina’s HopeApp, developed for LALCEC (Argentine League for the Fight Against Cancer), was born from one important insight: when a cancer patient maintains a positive attitude, he or she has a better chance of being cured. The app connects patients in treatment with ones in recovery, providing to people suffering with cancer the support, companionship and hope they need to beat the disease. The app can also be used to connect the loved ones of those who have beaten the disease with those currently going through treatment. With HopeApp, J. Walter Thompson Buenos Aires and LALCEC proved that hope, like medicine, is an important part of the recovery process.

View “HopeApp” here.

3 Listen for Syria, Lemon Sky J. Walter Thompson PolandPolish Humanitarian Organization (PAH), “Listen for Syria” – Lemon Sky J. Walter Thompson Poland

Since its start in 2011, the Syrian civil war has displaced almost 8 million people, nearly 4 million of them children. In their daily fight for survival, millions of these Syrians have been left feeling forgotten by the international community. Lemon Sky J. Walter Thompson Poland teamed up with Forgotify, a platform that collects the nearly 4 million songs on Spotify that have never been played, to change that. Together with Xantus, Publicon, and Polish Humanitarian Organization (PAH), the teams created a first-of-its-kind platform where music lovers can help those forgotten by the world by listening to forgotten songs. Users could visit the website, choose their donation amount and unlock a never-before-listened-to track. Donations were allocated to bakeries to provide bread to Syrians in need.

View “Listen for Syria” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

5 Noritz, J. Walter Thompson ShanghaiNoritz, “Hardwood”/“Marble” – J. Walter Thompson Shanghai

We’ve all experienced the shock of taking our feet out from beneath warm sheets and placing them on a cold, unwelcoming floor. In this print ad, J. Walter Thompson Shanghai showcases how floors heated by the Noritz floor heating system are so warm, you might just want to cuddle up on the floor instead of in bed.

View “Hardwood” and “Marble” here.

– View our Week 1 contenders here.

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Periscope: A portal into another world I’ve been live video streaming for fifteen days, since I downloaded the Periscope app.

Not constantly, thankfully, but it’s definitely been a daily occurrence. I can’t stop. It’s a strange feeling as I’ve been using social media for over 11 years and working in the industry for 7. I shouldn’t be that excited, new shiny social media services come out all the time.

But Periscope is like quantum leap for your phone. Anytime, anywhere you can tune in to someone else’s life: see what they see, what they want you to see and interact with them. There’s something mind-blowing about that concept. Live streaming, video calling and webcams have been around for years, but the iteration of the format makes it different here and a potential game changer to me.


What is interesting is the variety of people “periscoping” around the world, and the possibilities that are out there. I’ve watched people on a bus going to a game in America, people eating in Burger King in South Africa, people getting drunk, people performing magic, music, dancing, singing, playing sports, showing their city, the inside of their fridge and their pets – lot of cats…

In a growing culture of immediacy, consumers have come to expect next day delivery, on-demand entertainment, immediate information, instant messaging. It makes sense for live mobile video streaming to come next.

Whether it is someone you know or someone you are interested in, “live smart streaming” could provide something for everyone. It has the potential to become very popular as Adweek suggested it may well be celebrities that drive the consumer adoption as with Twitter.

Naturally there are some legitimate concerns and I am surprised that so far I haven’t had any chat-roulette-esque experiences. I suspect that the periscope team are working overtime to moderate the live feeds and ban/block anyone that is behaving indecently or illegally. Signing in with your Twitter handle probably also limits bad behaviour as most people use their real identities on Twitter.

And as with all new social networks/apps/services there are some bugs, and obvious functionality missing (mainly around search and discovery in this case) but hopefully improvements will be made.

One of the things that makes the app ‘sticky’ is the live interaction. It’s gratifying to see comments and feedback as you broadcast. Social media generally follows the premise that you create/share something and get responses and engagement afterwards. With live streaming comes live feedback. Also, the different coloured hearts and bright coloured comments work well as a satisfying reward mechanic.

As a part-time singer-songwriter, I’ve apprehensively dipped my toe in the water of performing on Periscope. It’s been good fun and to date I’ve had over 15,000 hearts. Having played gigs in London bars to rooms of 10 people, it’s nice to have an audience of 70 (my PB) without having to leave the house.

The other novelty is that Periscope seems to be instantly international. Unlike social media services before it where adoption seemed fragmented, often taking time to spread from one country to another. Every day I’ve been asked questions related to my location. There is definitely another hook in this international aspect.

Now, the key questions are where will it go next? And above all can brands use it?

As with any social platform, it is a case of being creative and doing/sharing something interesting. But it is not as straightforward as other social platforms due to it being live content. I expect opportunities to be around events, sponsorship and experiential campaigns. Brands such as Red Bull, Universal, Nike or Glastonbury Festival could no doubt jump on board. Brands could also do walking tours of their factories/shops/offices, live interviews of their spokespeople or take people behind the scenes… There is a whole new world of possibilities for content creation.

However, then comes the licensing side of things and legal permissions for people being streamed live which I imagine for those that play things strictly by the book will be a real nightmare.

The other interesting oversight seems to be that there is nothing to stop people gaming the ‘hearts’ system. There is no limit on the number of hearts you can give. It is already happening with some accounts currently listed as ‘Most Loved’ with 1-4M hearts and aren’t celebrities – all you need is two phones and two twitter accounts and you can like your own broadcasts non-stop all day long.

Time to start hearting myself to get into the leaderboards!

– Toby Chishick is the Social Media Director for J. Walter Thompson London. Follow him on Twitter or Periscope @Tobychiz.

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J. Walter Thompson Company introduces new specialized practice, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence 13428861-f541-4472-a446-2f3762891699-news_images-fullLate last week, J. Walter Thompson Company announced the launch of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, a new specialized practice offering a unique blend of research, innovation and data analytics across J. Walter Thompson’s global network.

Guy Murphy, Worldwide Planning Director at J. Walter Thompson Company, will oversee the new group.

“This is a powerful alliance of skills, harnessing leading edge practices and cross-fertilizing their knowledge,” said Murphy. “It will fuel another leap forward in our understanding of humanity and how to apply that to clients’ business ambitions.”

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence will operate out of key markets including Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North America house three key in-house practices: SONAR, Analytics and The Innovation Group.

  • SONAR is J. Walter Thompson’s in-house research unit that develops and exploits new quantitative and qualitative research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation around the world. It is led by Mark Truss, Worldwide Director of Brand Intelligence.
  • ANALYTICS, led by Amy Avery, Head of Analytics for J. Walter Thompson North America, focuses on the innovative application of data and technology to inform and inspire new marketing solutions. It also offers a suite of bespoke analytics tools.
  • The Innovation Group, led by its Worldwide Director Lucie Greene, will offer new consultancy services. Its focus will be on helping clients imagine new directions for their brands and identify disruptive new products and services.
2015-05-04 13:29:55
Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 1 In just eight short weeks, Cannes, France will be overflowing with ad men at the industry’s premier Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Each week leading up to Cannes, we will be share a preview of our Cannes contenders, the innovative, impactful pieces of work that demonstrate some of our best in creative thinking from the J. Walter Thompson network.

Kicking off our first week, take a look at J. Walter Thompson’s Cannes contenders below:

1 KITKAT Lonely AstronautKitKat, “Lonely Astronaut” – J. Walter Thompson India
Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, is the nation’s most important holiday of the year, and a time to spend with friends and family. This KitKat spot by J. Walter Thompson India is a beautiful ode to the many Indians who are unable to spend the holiday at home. Since its launch, the spot and the #MyDiwaliBreak campaign have earned over 815k views on YouTube, and have gained popularity across social channels. Recently, the work was awarded a Bronze in Cyber at Goafest 2015.

View KIT KAT “Lonely Astronaut” here. Read more about the campaign on the blog.
10885453_821993401195423_8748357264805625512_nAl Arabia, “The Biggest Art Gallery in the World” – J. Walter Thompson Riyadh
In Saudi Arabia, it has been difficult for the general public to appreciate more modern forms of art, and it has been difficult for many artists in the Kingdom to present their work to the public. J. Walter Thompson Riyadh and Al Arabia, the country’s largest outdoor advertisement company, committed to changing that by launching the nation’s biggest art gallery. The campaign crowdsourced pieces of art from undiscovered artists in the Kingdom to create a brilliantly big outdoor exhibition – in total, 900 artists responded and select work was displayed at 3,000 sites across the country.

View Al Arabia “The Biggest Art Gallery in the World” here. Read more about the work on the blog.

TimHortons-20140819103618257Tim Hortons, “#TimsDark Experiment” – J. Walter Thompson Toronto
To introduce a new dark roast coffee, Tim Hortons surprised customers in Quebec by blanketing a local store in total darkness. With the help of J. Walter Thompson Toronto, the chain transformed one of its locations with blackout material, covering it from ceilings and floors, to windows and walls. Unwitting customers were greeted by employees wearing night-vision goggles, who guided them to a counter where the new dark roast blend was served.

View Tim Hortons “#TimsDark Experiment” here. Read more about the work on the blog.

4 Shell Football PitchShell, “#makethefuture Rio Pitch” – J. Walter Thompson London
As part of Shell’s #makethefuture program aimed at inspiring younger generations to get involved with science, J. Walter Thompson London and Shell unveiled a first-of-its-kind player-powered football pitch in the heart of a Rio de Janeiro favela, Morro da Mineira. The favela had a largely unusable football pitch, forcing young people to play in the streets. And without electricity, it was often dangerous to play once the sun set. The two-year project to redevelop the field was led by J. Walter Thompson London, working alongside Brazilian and British technical partners. 200 high-tech floor tiles from Pavegen were installed to capture the kinetic energy created by the movement of the players, which was then converted into renewable electricity to power the field’s floodlights.

View Shell “#makethefuture Rio Pitch” here. Read more about the work on the blog.

Thumbnail_LaGreatestFightSusan G. Komen, “The Greatest Fight – Race for the Cure” – J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico
J. Walter Thompson San Juan for Susan G. Komen® in Puerto Rico created a short documentary-style film, “La Gran Pelea,” that was aired during the 2014 Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana boxing match. Drawing parallels between boxers and cancer survivors, the film highlights the importance of having the right people in your corner in order to win the fight. Boxing legends like Oscar De La Hoya and cancer patients shared their powerful stories to show the incredible resilience of the women who battle cancer every day.

View Susan G. Komen “The Greatest Fight – Race for the Cure” here.

— You can share your favorite pieces using the #JWTCannes hashtag. Check in next week for our Cannes Contenders Showcase 2015: Week 2.

2015-04-30 09:55:26
Treasury Wine Estates appoints JWT as global marketing services provider

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has appointed J. Walter Thompson (JWT) Company as its new global marketing services provider. JWT will provide TWE with marketing communications, creative strategy, trade marketing, shopper marketing, digital marketing, and consumer and lifestyle public relations services for every TWE brand in every geography around the world, with the exception of Penfolds advertising and related creative development.

TWE Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Marton, said the new partnership with JWT will play a key part in supporting TWE’s step-up in consumer marketing. He said, “Our partnership with J. Walter Thompson as TWE’s global marketing services provider will help us build stronger brands in markets across the globe, ensuring that we gain greater impact from our increased marketing investment. In addition, JWT will integrate and support our in-house marketing team, who will now be able to leverage JWT’s international network and capability.”

TWE will also have a consolidated and international approach to the marketing of its brands, and expects to to go to market faster and operate in a more globally consistent way with this development. “These efficiencies will help us gain the maximum output from our step-up in consumer marketing of our brands and support the turnaround of our business as we strive for long-term sustainable growth,” he added.

JWT CEO of Europe & Global Client Leader, Toby Hoare, said the agency is excited about the opportunity to work with TWE. “We are delighted to be partnering with TWE to deliver global marketing services to its portfolio of iconic wine brands. This is a unique opportunity to work with the TWE team and take the marketing of some of the most loved wines in the world to the next level.”

The move to one global marketing services partner is consistent with other actions taken by TWE to deliver upon the Company’s strategic roadmap, and supports the significant step-up in consumer marketing investment behind its brands. TWE will transition the services of many of its existing marketing services suppliers around the globe to JWT over the next three months.

See more at:

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