Press Releases - Biscuit Filmworks UK - Biscuit Filmworks UK Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2018 Isaiah Seret – Samsung “Jet Lag” A case of jet lag leads to impromptu adventures in this new Samsung spot from Isaiah Seret via Wieden + Kennedy Portland. A traveler who can’t sleep instead heads out on the town for an unforgettable night of making new friends and seeing the city like a local – with photos and video all beautifully captured on her Samsung Galaxy S9.

2018-08-03 19:00:32
Isaiah Seret – Samsung

Samsung shows no mercy in these new social spots blasting the Apple store. Isaiah Seret and Wieden + Kennedy Portland team up yet again to showcase the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

2018-08-01 17:56:30
Jeff Low – Tena Men “Odyssey” Jeff Low and AMV BBDO are back with another spot for Tena starring beloved spokesman Stirling Gravitas. Stirling is a man who’s well in control of his life, but this spot shows him traveling the world searching for something more – and he finds a majestic monk who grants him the answer.

2018-07-30 11:56:44
Daniel Warwick – Fridge Raiders “Get A Taste For Power” Feel the power of Fridge Raiders in this fun new spot directed by Daniel Warwick via Saatchi & Saatchi. After eating some protein-powered Fridge Raiders snacks, our hero gets an insatiable taste for power in many forms.

2018-07-24 12:40:47
Big Red Button – Direct Line For Business “Keeping Up With Your World” Big Red Button shows how Direct Line business insurance keeps up with your ever-evolving needs in this new spot via Saatchi & Saatchi. From setting up solo at the local coffee shop, to building your team and moving into a real office, to successful ventures beyond, Direct Line adapts to your business in any iteration.

2018-07-24 05:49:33
Aaron Stoller – Aldi “The Special Buyers” Aaron Stoller shows that Aldi is for the everyday adventurers in this new spot via McCann Manchester. For those willing to venture outside of their comfort zones, Aldi might surprise you with deals on camping gear, baking tools, and sports equipment.

2018-05-24 08:11:27
Biscuit wins at the New York Festivals 2018

Cheers to our directors Isaiah Seret, Jeff Low, and Noam Murro for cleaning up at this year’s New York Festivals awards! Isaiah’s Edeka spot “Herren des Feuers” earned three awards and his music video for alt’-J’s “Pleader” earned one; Jeff’s Kwiff campaign earned two awards; and Noam’s “Together Forever” spot for Ancestry DNA also earned two awards. In addition, we’re proud that our production collaboration with Baz Luhrmann for H&M, “The Secret Life of Flowers,” also earned two awards. Congrats to all on a great night!

2018-05-22 06:06:35
Biscuit wins at the British Arrows 2018

Congrats to our directors Jeff Low and Andreas Nilsson whose work was recognized at this week’s British Arrows awards! Jeff’s “It’s Kwiffed” campaign for Kwiff and Andreas’ “Make It Stand Out: Atlas” spot for Squarespace each took home Silver Arrows across multiple categories. Cheers!

2018-05-18 06:54:37
Jeff Low – HSBC “Own The Unknown” In this quirky campaign from Jeff Low and JWT, HSBC lets you see where your money is really going with its Connected Money app. Finally get a sense of your bigger financial picture – even if it means you’ll need to cut back on your jacket purchases.

2018-05-14 10:02:53
Biscuit wins at the Creative Circle 2018

We’re so humbled by all the love for our directors at this week’s Creative Circle awards! Noam Murro’s “A Race Car Set Free” for SEAT and “Together Forever” for Ancestry, Jeff Low’s “It’s Kwiffed” campaign for Kwiff, Aaron Stoller’s “Dominate Life” for Bulk Powders, and Isaiah Seret’s “Pleader” music video for alt-J all took home multiple awards ranging from Gold in Best Achievement in Music Video Production for “Pleader” to Silver in Best Direction for “It’s Kwiffed.” Biscuit projects earned a total of 6 Bronze, 6 Silver, and 4 Gold awards. Congrats to our directors and agency partners on a great night!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

4 Golds
Alt J – Best Music Promo Film (single)
Alt J – Best Achievement in Music Video Production (single)
Alt J – Best Music Video Cinematography (single)
Kwiff – Best Film Script Writing (campaign)
6 Silver
Alt J – Best Music Video Visual Effects (single)
Kwiff – Best Direction (campaign)
Bulk Powder – Best Film Script Writing (single)
Kwiff ‘Father & Son’ – Best TV 30-60 sec (single)
Kwiff ‘Caught Glass’ – Best TV 30-60 sec (single)
Bulk Powder – Best TV 60 sec & Over (single)
6 Bronze
Alt J – Best Music Video Editing (single)
Ancestry – Best TV 60 sec & Over (single)
SEAT – Best Direction (single)
Ancestry – Use of Music (single)
Bulk Powder – Best Film Script Writing (single)
Kwiff – Best TV 30-60 sec (campaign)
2018-05-04 09:23:50
Joaquin Baca-Asay & Jeff McDougall join Biscuit

We’re kicking off the week with big news: we’re thrilled to announce that award-winning director Joaquin Baca-Asay has joined the roster in both the US and UK, and renowned producer Jeff McDougall has joined our Los Angeles office as Executive Producer. Joaquin brings an elegant style that is a nice complement to our roster, and Jeff brings proven leadership and an ability to execute projects of any scope. Welcome!


2018-05-01 17:34:08
Matt Devine joins Biscuit UK

We’re thrilled to welcome Matt Devine to the Biscuit UK roster! He has been a familiar face on the US roster, who is now joining us across the pond as well. Known for his stirring visuals mixed with darkly comedic storytelling, his recent work includes spots for Rebel Sport New Zealand, Hyundai, and Turbo Tax.

You can view Matt’s reel here







2018-04-25 11:10:43
Maltesers “Celebrating Similarities”

Clay Weiner and AMV BBDO are following up their successful “Look on the Light Side” campaign for Maltesers with a new campaign called “Celebrating Similarities,” which embraces stories from women that often go unseen, told with a lighthearted approach. “Powerpoint” shares the story of a woman whose menopause causes a workplace mishap, while in “Accountant” a lesbian recounts her dating struggles to her friends. The spots deftly capture the humor in relatable situations to show our common humanity.

2018-04-23 09:42:38
Jeff Low – Vodafone “Interstellar Rescue” Jeff Low, Ogilvy & Mather, and star Martin Freeman return for a new Vodafone spot that’s out of this world. The tongue-in-cheek spot shows Martin racing to solve an epic space crisis – only to be foiled by his unreliable internet.

2018-03-13 05:23:51
Biscuit Signs Directors Daniel Warwick & Laerke Herthoni Los Angeles, CA and London, UK (March 7, 2018) – Biscuit Filmworks today announced two new signings to its directorial roster: Daniel Warwick for representation in the U.S. and U.K., and Laerke Herthoni in the U.K.

“Daniel and Laerke are accomplished filmmakers and storytellers, each with a unique visual style, and we’re very happy to welcome them to Biscuit,” said Rupert Reynolds-MacLean, Managing Director, Biscuit UK. “Laerke is one of the most exciting young directors to emerge in the last few years; her mixture of car work and atmospheric narrative filmmaking is very impressive. Daniel is a perfect fit for Biscuit and feels like he should have always been with us. Over the last few years he has firmly established himself as one of Europe’s preeminent comedy directors – he’s also one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.”

Daniel Warwick is a bold director who deftly balances curated art direction with surreal comedy. Born in England and raised in the U.S. and Germany, his comfort across cultures gives him a unique insight and chameleon-like ability to craft memorable work for any market. His award-winning commercials include Smart “Yellow Car,” Mercedes-Benz “Chicken,” and Das Handwerk “The Way of the Master,” which collectively earned recognition from Cannes Lions, D&AD, Clio, Epica, and the Art Directors Club, among others. Daniel also possesses deep technical knowledge of his craft ranging from camera and lighting choices to art direction.

Laerke Herthoni is one Scandanavia’s top talents, twice named as Sweden’s best director by Roygalan and nominated as Europe’s best director at the Young Directors Awards. She is known for her strong narrative-driven spots, which blend intimacy with cinematic visuals for universally compelling stories. Her work such as Trygghansa “Don’t Drink and Dive,” Georg Jensen “You Can Never Be Too Much You,” and Volvo “A Peace of Little Mind” have earned multiple awards from top shows including Cannes Lions, The One Show, and the LIA Awards. Laerke was recently featured in HuffPost alongside Kathryn Bigelow, Ava DuVernay, and Susanne Bier as a barrier-breaking filmmaker.

For more info and to view reels for Daniel and Laerke, please visit: (U.S.) and (U.K.)






2018-03-07 13:41:00
Andreas Nilsson – OVO Energy “Power Your Life Differently” Andreas Nilsson and Uncommon Creative Studio team up with OVO Energy for this provocative new ad urging action to fight climate change. Amid a cacophonous electronic wasteland filled with the sounds of climate deniers, a vision of renewable energy and audio from Network’s “mad as hell” speech begin to change the tide.

2018-03-06 04:38:15
Matt Dilmore – Academy of Motion Pictures What better time than the Oscars to reveal an ad for the forthcoming Academy Museum of Motion Pictures? This spot from Matt Dilmore via Wieden + Kennedy Portland features The Shining’s “newly renovated” Overlook Hotel in a spoof on retro hotel ads. It seems nice, as long as we don’t have to stay in room 237.

2018-03-05 16:18:49
alt-J is nominated for the 2018 Berlin Music Video Awards Isaiah Seret’s recent promo for artist alt-J has been officially selected for the Berlin Music Video Awards 2018.

Good luck Isaiah!

2018-02-27 06:06:13
Michael Downing – Timberland Pro

Michael Downing captures uncomfortable work scenarios in these spots for Timberland Pro via The Martin Agency. In “Baby, Baby, Baby” a worker is forced to overhear his colleague’s dirty talk routine while on the phone with his wife, and in “Favor” a man tries to escape a coworker who needs a rash diagnosis. You may not be able to avoid uncomfortable situations at work, but at least you can be comfortable in your work gear with Timberland Pro.

2018-02-15 22:01:27
Aaron Stoller – NFL “Celebrations To come” Aaron Stoller teams up with the Giants to “Let them dance” to ‘Time of my life’ in the NFL’s Super Bowl ad.

2018-02-08 09:16:42
Clay Weiner – Camelot Hotpicks “Sofa” A lucky few can translate the change under their couch cushions into a whole lot more with a winning lottery ticket. This fun new spot for the National Lottery, directed by Clay Weiner via AMV BBDO, shows just how far your spare change can go.

2018-02-07 13:26:06
Jeff Low – Vodafone “Bourne Misidentity” Martin Freeman unwittingly ends up in an espionage thriller in this new Vodafone spot from Jeff Low via Ogilvy & Mather. A case of mistaken identity – or a mistaken bag?

2018-02-07 09:20:40
Noam Murro “Together Forever” Ancestry cleverly addresses Brexit in this new ad from Noam Murro via Droga5. Backed by data showing that the average Brit’s DNA is 64% European, it’s clear that Britain and Europe will be together forever.

2018-01-30 05:31:58
Congratulations DGA Nominees Congratulations to our directors Isaiah Seret and Errol Morris on their DGA nominations! Isaiah’s first-ever DGA Nomination is in the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials category, based on his “Growing Up” and “I Love You” ads for Samsung through W+K Portland, and “Never Too Composed” for Kohler via DDB Chicago. Errol was nominated in the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary category for his recent Netflix series “Wormwood.” He has previously been nominated twice in the Documentary category and once in the Commercials category. Looking forward to celebrating Isaiah and Errol at the awards on February 3!

2018-01-11 20:15:28
Aaron Stoller – Bulk Powders “Dominate Life” Negotiations can go wrong – very wrong – when you don’t use your inside voice. See how to dominate at life with Bulk Powders, in this new spot from Aaron Stoller via Droga 5.

2018-01-04 07:44:05
Michael Downing – Purple Bricks “Wedding”

Michael Downing humorously shows the frustration that comes with home buying in this new spot for Purple Bricks via VCCP. With no commission, Purple Bricks can not only save you some money – it can save you from commisery.

2018-01-02 12:24:52
Errol Morris – Wormwood Ready for a new Netflix binge? Errol Morris’ boundary-breaking new series Wormwood launches worldwide today. Exploring the limits of knowledge about the past and the lengths we’ll go in our search for the truth, the story follows one man’s 60-year quest to identify the circumstances of his father’s mysterious death.

2017-12-15 19:47:49
Isaiah talks ‘Pleader’ at One Point Four

Check out this in comprehensive interview with Isaiah Seret about his recent film for alt-J:




2017-11-29 07:23:27
Isaiah Seret – alt-J “Pleader” This is not your regular music video – it’s a six-minute, miniature epic inspired by “Pleader,” the closing cut on alt-J‘s album Relaxer.

The song itself is inspired by Richard Llewelyn’s book How Green Was My Valley, a story set in 19th century Wales in a small mining town, in part about a family that hopes its youngest son will find a better life. The song by alt-J is grand, too, recorded in a cathedral with an organ, a boys choir (alt-J keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton was a member of this choir as a child) and the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

alt-J say “When we set out to make a video for ‘Pleader’, we sent the following one-line brief to director, Isaiah Seret: ‘A Welsh mining love story; A tidal wave of earth.’ What Isaiah came back with was an epic short-film inspired both by the song’s source material and Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice. A family must pit their desire to have a child against the knowledge that this would destroy their community. The hypnotic, hymnal quality of the song binds the video throughout, hinting at redemption while destruction takes place.”


A Biscuit Filmworks UK production

Director: Isaiah Seret

Executive Producer: Rupert Reynolds-MacLean

Producer: Sonya Sier

Story: Joe Newman & Isaiah Seret

Director of Photography: John Lynch

Production Designer: Marie Lanna

Costume Designer: Mr Gammon

Hair & Make Up Designer: Freddie Stopler

Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane

Production Manager: Rebecca Mason

Production Coordinator: Jana Nouskova

Production Coordinator: Elena Argiros

Production Assistant: Gabija Lauce

Executive Logistic Manager: Nick Sier

1st Assistant Director: Louis Barron

1st / 2nd Assistant Director: Tom Allan

Runner/2nd: Yasmin Seddon

Runner: Daniel Linnik-Zhuravliov

Runner/Driver: Tereza Dvorak

Runner/Driver: Munzir Quraishy

Focus Puller: Rupert Hornstein

2nd Assistant Camera: Kitt Sullivan

Steadicam: Leo Bund

Stills Photographer: Jake Dypka

DIT: Mike McDuffie

Grip: Benjamin Thomas

Gaffer: Romaine Foster

Electrician: Josh Wood

Set Dresser: Andrius Vystartas

Set Dresser: Jessica Morris

Art Department Assistant: Emma Chitty

Stand-by Props: Tom Major

Art Dept Assistant: Ellie Koszak

Action Vehicle Driver: Mr Weedon

Costume Designer Assistant: Chloe Adele

Costume Designer Assistant: Bridget Phelan

Hair Make Up Assistant: Heather Pitchford

Hair Make Up Assistant: Ellie Lewis

Casting Assistant: Heather Basten

Casting Assistant: Ariane Mason

Locations Assistant: Heather O’Neil

Locations Assistant: Zoe & Michael Tootell

Researcher: Joel Maslin

Choir master: Caroline Venter

Cardiff Council: Emma Coulthard


Sophie Cookson – Bronwyn

Morgan Watkins – Andre

Anton Saunders – Hew (Andre’s brother)

Oliver Dimech – Younger Llewelyn

Harry Tayler – Younger Llewelyn

Ewan Hipperson – Older Llewelyn

Nick Sier – Miner

Robert Liddiard – Miner

Chris Morgan – Miner

Saskia Vaigncourt – Miners wife

Liza Ludbrook – Miners wife

Penelope Wildgoose – Miners wife

Sanna Kelly – Nun

Amy Evans – Nun 2

Basil Massy – Choir master

Arron Shire – Choir children

Elmari Venter – Choir children

Honor Hopkin – Choir children

Mathys Venter – Choir children

Owen Keegan – Choir children

Rayne Turner – Choir children

Rubyn Dimond – Choir children

Seren Wallington – Choir children

Tegan Wallington – Choir children

Tomos Boffy – Choir children

Harvey Sullivan – School bully

Rico Seddon-Davidson – School boy

Levi Seddon-Davidson School boy

Luca Jordan – School boy

Oscar Rudolph – School boy

Will Rudolph – School boy

Edit company: Work Post LA

Editor: Stewart Reeves

Edit Producer: Marguerite Olivelle

Music Edit – Parallax Post

Music editors – Luke Lynch & Paul Rogers

Post Production: Time Based Arts

Tom Johnson – Executive Producer

Sheldon Gardner – VFX Supervisor

Simone Grattarola – Colourist

Ben Stonehouse – Flame

Bernardo Varela – Nuke Lead

Ralph Brisco – Nuke

Lisa Ayla – Matte Painting

Mike Battcock – CG

Ben Cantor – CG

Federico Guzzardo – CG

Sound mix – Factory Studios

Sound Design & mix – Jon Clarke

Audio Producer – Lou Allen

Commissioner – Andrew Law

Label: Infectious Music UK

Manager: Stephen Tavener

Manager: Chelsea London

Marketing Manager: Jo Power

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks UK

Birth imagery excerpted from Stan Brakhage, Window Water Baby Moving (1959, 16 mm, colour, silent, 12:11)

Volcano stock footage by James Reynolds – Earth Uncut TV

Special thank you: Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, Thom Green, Shawn Lacy, Noam Murro.

Thank you: Chloe Page, Bradford Young, Isabelle & Jon Albuquerque, Jessica Seret, James Allen, Mike Skrgatic, Lisette Nice, Hanna Bayatti, Samantha Chitty, Jeff & Deane @ Brownian Motion Pinewood, Craig & Hildegarde @ Prolight, Get Set Hire, Blaenavon Ironworks Staff, Sylvia & Team @ St Fagans Museum, South Wales Caving Club

2017-11-15 09:35:48
alt-J “Pleader” Behind-The-Scenes Check out these behind-the-scenes shots from Isaiah’s new film for alt-J.

Photo credit: Jake Dypka

2017-11-14 11:25:56
Jeff Low – Vodafone “Love On The Platform” Vodafone helps Martin Freeman find love in this heartwarming holiday campaign, directed by Jeff Low via Ogilvy & Mather London. Watch as his new romance unfolds, helped along by Vodafone’s Pass and Pay As You Go features.

2017-11-03 08:22:12
A Day In The Life Of Andreas Nilsson

Andreas takes time out for Shots to run through a typical location-scouting tour:

Download the pdf here


2017-10-30 07:17:53
Big Red Button – Whiskas “Kat Institute Of Technology” Whiskas’ new campaign, directed Big Red Button via AMV BBDO, takes viewers inside a magical cat utopia: the Kat Institute of Technology. Here, cats try out futuristic health fads and play with next-gen cardboard boxes – but the best self-care is definitely their Whiskas-based diet.

2017-10-27 11:07:50
Baz Luhrmann – ERDEMxHM “The Secret Life Of Flowers” ERDEMxHM directed by Baz Luhrmann, co-produced by Biscuit Filmworks.
The visionary film maker Baz Luhrmann has created a unique and spectacular cinematic short film exclusively for ERDEM x H&M. “The Secret Life of Flowers” is set in a grand country mansion with a full cast of actors and models. The film will also debut an exclusive new track by Years & Years, “Hypnotised”. Treating the short film like a full movie in itself, it has all of the passion, drama and vivacity that has made Baz one of the world’s greatest living film makers.
“I wanted the film to be like a whole movie. It’s a very modern love story, set in a country house that is full of its own secrets and it’s like a metaphor for our times – it’s harsh out there in the world, but in here, the things that really matter keep growing in an eternal spring,” says Baz Luhrmann.
Baz Luhrmann’s film for ERDEM x H&M is set in a mysterious country mansion where it is “always spring”. The house is like its own private world that is always filled with flowers, influenced by ERDEM’s celebrated floral prints. When young friends come to stay, a magnetic love triangle begins, in the film starring upcoming actors Tom Rhys Harries, Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Ruby Dagnall.
They are joined by acclaimed actress Harriet Walter, as well as super models Saskia de Brauw, Imaan Hammam, Grace Hartzel, Fernando Cabral, Neels Visser and Tony Ward. Throughout, Baz used pieces from the ERDEM x H&M collection to define the characters and propel the narrative, while the new track by Years & Years captures the mood of positivity, friendship and love.
Baz Luhrmann has created some of the best-loved films of our times. He has directed Moulin Rouge!, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsby and Strictly Ballroom, and most recently created the TV show The Get Down.
The ERDEM x H&M collection will be available in selected H&M stores, as well as on, from November 2.

Creative Agency/Production Company Bazmark Inq LLC

Director/Key Creative Baz Luhrmann

Producers Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Catherine Knapman

Designer Catherine Martin

VFX Art Director Chris Tangney

Editor Jonathan Redmond

Assistant Editor Eliot Knapman

Executive Assistant to Leigh Burroughs Baz Luhrmann & Catherine Martin

Director’s Assistant Ian Wallace

UK Co-production Company Biscuit Filmworks UK Limited

Managing Director (UK) Rupert Reynolds-MacLean

UK Key Crew:

Director of Photography Peter Suschitzky

Producer Kwok Yau

Line Producer Davina Abrahams

1st Assistant Director Sascha Marden

Location Manager Kim Fenton

Art Director David Lee

Stylist Mattias Karlsson

Hair Designer Lyndell Mansfield

Make-up Designer Petros Petrohilos

Steadicam Operator Matt Poynter

Camera Operator Pete Batten

Gaffer Reuben Garrett

Key Grip Peter Olney

Sound Recordist Quillon Larrett

Post Production & VFX Absolute Post

Managing Director Dan Bennett

Executive Producer Kirsty Murray

VFX Supervisor Ben Robards

Colourist/Grade Matt Turner

CG/3D Lead Huggy Stephens

2D Lead Ben Robards

Sound Editing & Mix Postworks New York

Supervising Sound Designer Ruy Garcia

Re-recording Mixer Martin Czembor


Music Arranger Elliott Wheeler (Turning Studios)

Music Editor Jamieson Shaw (Turning Studios)

Music Supervision Earworm Music (Simon Astall & Ben Turner)

Music Soundtrack YEARS & YEARS

Composers Michael Thomas Goldsworthy, Oliver Alexander Thornton, Resul Emre Turkmen, Mark Stuart Ralph

Producer Mark Ralph

Title of music HYPNOTISED

Music Published by: Universal Music Publishing AB

Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia KB

Music Master recording Universal Music Operations Limited

Actors: Ruby Dagnall

Dame Harriet Walter Hero Fiennes Tiffin Tom Rhys Harris Peter Burrows

Models: Saskia de Brauw

Imaan Hammam Grace Hartzel Fernando Cabral Luca Lemaire Neels Visser Tony Ward

Shooting location The Grange, Grange Park, Northington, Hampshire SO24 9TG, UK

Year of production 2017

2017-10-25 08:03:40
Jeff Low’s Kwiff wins 4 gold sharks at Kinsale

Big congratulations to Jeff Low for winning 4 gold shark awards for Kwiff, at this year’s Kinsale. Find out what getting “Kwiffed” feels like in the quirky spot, via Droga5.

2017-09-26 06:11:15
Jeff Low’s “Caught Glass” is VOTD’s Video of the Day! Jeff Low’s “Caught Glass” for Kwiff has been featured as VOTD’s Video of the Day! Find out what getting “Kwiffed” feels like in the quirky spot, via Droga5.

2017-09-23 07:25:25
Big Red Button win double gold at Kinsale Big Red Button’s comedy short; ‘Get Staffed’ won gold for both International Film under 5 mins and Concept and Writing at Kinsale last night.

2017-09-22 06:44:25
2017 Clio Award Winners Congrats to our directors Jeff Low, Clay Weiner, and Noam Murro, whose work earned several Clios!

2017-09-14 17:25:07
Big Red Button’s “Get Staffed” at Kinsale

Big Red Button’s “Get Staffed” is on the short list for Best International Short Film Under 5 Minutes, and Best Concept & Writing at the Kinsale Shark Awards! The amusing film follows one man as he outsources his daily tasks – from the mundane to the bizarre.

2017-09-14 05:17:10
Andreas Nilsson – Squarespace

You may have the same job, hobby, or name as someone else – but Squarespace is here to help you stand out. In this fun new campaign directed by Andreas Nilsson, Squarespace shows how a good website can help elevate you from the rest of the pack.

2017-09-13 13:10:15
Andreas Nilsson – Amazon NFL Thursday Night Football “Bears vs Packers” We go into the wild in this tongue-in-cheek new spot for Amazon, directed by Andreas Nilsson via CP+B LA. We’re excited about Amazon’s live stream of the Thursday Night Football Bears vs. Packers matchup – but we might have gotten some bad intel.

2017-09-12 19:01:12
Maltesers wins at the APA show 2017 We’re excited to announce that Clay Weiner’s Maltesers spot was a winner at the APA show 2017. “New Boyfriend” was part of the “Look On The Lighter Side” campaign and aired during the Paralympics opening ceremony. Via AMV BBDO.

2017-09-12 13:23:53
Andreas Nilsson – Squarespace “Atlas” You may have the same job, hobby, or name as someone else – but Squarespace is here to help you stand out. In this fun new campaign directed by Andreas Nilsson, Squarespace shows how a good website can help elevate you from the rest of the pack.

2017-09-12 13:13:09
Andreas Nilsson – Old Spice “Cinema” Von Miller creates epic Old Spice concept art in this quirky new spot from Andreas Nilsson via W+K Portland. Follow his journey across the desert and into the locker room.

2017-09-11 15:44:51
Tena “Fudo” Beloved Tena spokesman Stirling Gravitas introduces his friend Fudo – and Tena’s new Active Fit pants – in this new spot, directed by Jeff Low via AMV BBDO.

2017-09-08 11:31:52
Spark “Father’s Day” In this heartwarming spot for Spark New Zealand, a child takes the initiative to celebrate an unexpected hero on Father’s Day. Directed by Christopher Riggert via Finch and Colenso BBDO.

2017-09-06 06:22:46
Isaiah Seret – Shots Q&A

Check out Isaiah’s recent interview with Shots about his new commercial for German supermarket brand Edeka.

View the article here.




2017-08-16 09:37:52
Isaiah Seret – Edeka “Herren des Feuers” Man, sustenance, and fire – a tale as old as time. In this epic spot for Edeka, directed by Isaiah Seret via TPF Berlin, Christopher Fairbank narrates human history and our connection to cooking meat on an open flame.

2017-08-15 05:41:19
Jeff Low – Kwiff “Caught Glass” What does getting Kwiffed feel like? You might just find out in this new spot for Kwiff, directed by Jeff Low via Droga5.

2017-08-14 11:01:42
Big Red Button – Hornbach “Sorry”

Hornbach apologises to neighbours everywhere in this funny new campaign from Big Red Button via agency Heimat Berlin and TPF Berlin. As shoppers load up on home improvement supplies, their neighbours may experience traffic delays, parking mishaps, and unfortunate noises.

2017-08-03 09:47:46