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Desperados - "The Desperados Experience" - Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett

  • The Desperados Experience
  • Desperados
  • Brasseries Fischer
  • Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett
  • France
  • The Desperados Experience
Product CategoryBeers, Ciders, Lagers
Media TypeInteractive
Awards Cristal Festival, 2011 (Cristal) for Viral Mechanism (device and creation, including social)
Epica Awards, 2011 (Gold) for Online Ads
Production Company MediaMonks
Creative Director Jouke Vuurmans
Creative Director Jeroen van der Meer
Creative Director Hervé Poupon
Creative Director Guillaume Gamain
Art Director François Le Saint
Art Director Jean-Eudes Lefebure
Copywriter Gregory Tortes
Copywriter Nicolas Dubois
Director Thierry Poiraud
Director Rogier Schalken
Director Alban Pénicaut
Photographer Romain Laurent


With a video that redefined the interactive experience, beer brand Desperados scored one the biggest viral hits of 2011.
One reason the YouTube video quickly amassed over two million views was its smart incorporation of the player's functionalities. The volume slider, video scrubber and expand button all play an active part in the progression of this online party with the user as a very special guest. Another feature that proved to be very popular was the inclusion of Facebook connect to personalize the experience. The highlight of this integration was a tattoo based on your avatar picture, mapped to perfection on the body of a sexy member of the opposite sex.