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Best Production Director and Editors : Jul 22, 2014

Nathan Price - Goode Times and Bad (60 sec)

Ye olde bank...Through the slings and arrows of life (all too literally, in this case), Royal London will be there.

Dean Blumberg - Grandpa

A rude awakening...Not quite the old man's idea of a dream vacation.

Tomas Skoging - Transaction Declined

Don't feel rejected...I think we all know that the money suck of life can often feel like a gaping black hole.

Jeff Low - We Hired the World's Best Lawyer

Stop the madness...Where is the disclaimer for all of these ridiculously outlandish claims?

Julien Faure - Don't Blame My Mom

Mamma's boy...A french fry's final plea to be saved from the doldrums of an unwanted existence.


Edward Line - For the Future You

Spoiler alert...This new phone fanatic takes a ride in a DeLorean and gets a peek at her glamorous future.

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