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Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on  9 February 2016
As a Brit living in France, one of the things I miss is the constant sending and receiving of cards. The Brits send cards for everything: births and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, Christmas an... read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on 25 January 2016
At the start of a new year, a few predictable things happen: gym memberships go up, sales of alcohol and unhealthy foods go down – and various experts start making predictions. Forecasting has b... read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on 11 December 2015
I’m not a mind reader, but I know what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about shopping. It’s probably something to do with the time of the year: in theory, Christmas is a period of good cheer and peace on earth – but in practice, it’s all about the gifts.In our time-pressed, crowd-averse world, we tend to do a lot of our shopping online. So digital retailers are naturally keen to get our attention at this time of year. For example, take a look at this spot for a German online gift shop, Geschenkidee. Created by the Berlin agency Dojo, it won an Epica Award in November.  read more

Mark Tungate
by Mark Tungate on 23 November 2015
Once upon a time, the only way to find out what the weather was doing was to check the forecast – or step outside. In both cases, apart from deciding what to wear, there were very few ways of taking advantage of the situation.  read more

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