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A specialized selection highlighting the latest and greatest alcohol ads

Best alcohol ads of the week : Oct 23, 2014
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Budweiser - Friends Are Waiting

A friend in need...Your actions affect not just you, but the people around you who love you the most.

Bundaberg Rum - Men Like Us Like Bundaberg Rum

Men at work...And at the end of a long day, here is there preferred beverage of choice to wind down.

Ballantine's - Black Coffee's Human Orchestra
M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment

African a capella...Ballantine's leaves an impression by using a human touch to recreate Black Coffee's "Rock My World."

Smirnoff Ice Double Black - The Double Side

The flip side of life...Visionary party promoters see ordinary, everyday places of business as outlandish opportunities.

Strongbow Cider - Slow Motion Horse

Hot to trot...Unfortunately, the lovers didn't quite intend on trotting at this pace.


Tyskie Beer - Beer Republic

I pledge allegiance...Beer me.

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