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Beer, Wine & Liquor
A specialized selection highlighting the latest and greatest alcohol ads

Best alcohol ads of the week : Jan 8, 2015
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Newcastle Brown Ale - Newcastle presents "Chores" -- (UN)OFFICIAL SNACK CHIP CONTEST SUBMISSION

Crashing the crash...The wife's got hubby searching high and low for a phantom bag of...

Three Olives Vodka - Werewolves of London

A howling good ad...If not for the chilling rendition of this 70s classic, then enjoy the stunning visuals.

Gordon's - Gordon The Boar

Excitement is his middle name...Unfortunately, his last name contradicts his middle name.

Freixenet - Freixenet 2014

Party like it's 2015...A champagne for the ages takes us on a wild ride while celebrating the closing of another year.

Andes - Message in a Bottle

The writing's on the bottle, sort of...Wash the pain down with an ice cold brew.


Heineken - Dropped

The race for the taste...Reality TV meets a tour de Europe.

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