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Best travel and tourism ads of the month : Apr 30, 2015
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Tourism Authority of Thailand - Muay Thai Hotel

Fight your way to vacation...Muay Thai Hotel is going where no hotel has gone before.

Airbnb - Never A Stranger

Feels like home to me...Airbnb shows us how to vacation without being labeled a "tourist".

Mexico Tourism Board - Snow Graffiti

Clever and creative...While Chicago was covered in snow, LAPIZ Hispanic Marketing decided to make snow graffiti to encourage people to visit Mexico.

4 - #SnackHolidays

Buy a snack, receive a plane ticket...This is bloody brilliant.

5 - For the Fans

There's nothing worse than your team losing...But a baller hotel room and some champagne doesn't hurt.


Silja Line - Silja Seal

Harry the seal got his smile back...Hasan & Partners make a splash with an interactive billboard in downtown Helsinki.

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