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Best travel and tourism ads of the month : Jun 4, 2015
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Thalys - Sounds of the City

Cities speak for themselves and take pedestrians on a musical ride in Thalys latest interactive billboard campaign.

Hostelworld - Meet The World

Embracing spontaneity in travel is the only way to truly experience the world.

3 - Interpreter knows that the only way to get your audience's attention on Facebook is with subtitles and quite possibly, an interpreter.

TAM Airlines - The Ownboard Magazine

TAM Airlines created personalized magazines based on social preferences for each one of their passengers and the result was extraordinary.

Airbnb - Airbnb Floating House

You can actually rent this boathouse...Not kidding.


Club Med - Desert Island

The scariest feeling in the world must be waking up on a deserted island, but once you figure out you're actually at a resort, it can't be that bad.

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