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Travel & Tourism
A specialized selection highlighting the latest and greatest travel and tourism ads

Best travel and tourism ads of the week : Aug 21, 2014
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South Africa - Reconsider South Africa

In the eye of the beholder...You don't need the gift of sight to appreciate the beauty of South Africa.

Gol Airlines - Flight

TMI...Some people like to chat to their neighbors on the plane. Others, not so much.

Lufthansa - More Indian Than You Think

Breaking the mold...Or maybe Lufthansa is just molding itself to all of its different types of clientele.

Expedia - Vacationizer

Innovative interrogation...One less thing to worry about when planning that trip to...wherever.

Marriot - #LoveTravels with Tim Howard

Secretary of Defense...After his stellar performance in the 2014 World Cup, Tim Howard goes on to tackle other challenges.


Virgin Holidays - A Taste of Cuba

Cuban mixology...Some insight into the who, what, where and whens of Cuba, all while learning how to make a native drink.

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