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Food & Snacks
A specialized selection highlighting the latest and greatest food ads

Best food ads of the week : Nov 6, 2014

Snickers - Mr. Bean Kung Fu (60 sec)

The return of Mr. Bean...Unfortunately, a magic candy bar makes his return short lived.

Denny's - Time to Grind

Coffee just got bolder...The Grand Slams introduce the crime-fighting element of their crew.

Cadbury - Diwali

A family affair...No one likes to be alone during the holidays, so a nice surprise is always nice to brighten up this Diwali.

Carl's Jr/Hardee's - Aqua Teen Hunger Force And Fresh Baked Buns

The sexiest fast food ad ever...The Aqua Teen Hunger Force makes an appearance with some questionable content.

JUMPS - Bikers

From scary to hairy...I guess you could say that he got the JUMPS on him.


Wellington's Sweet Chilli Sauce - Party

We have a word for people like this...Great attributes for a chili sauce, but not so much for human beings.

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