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The Guardian - "Paella" - Bartle Bogle Hegarty

  • Paella
  • The Guardian
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  • Own the Week-End 2
Product CategoryNewspapers, Magazines, Books
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationSeptember 12, 2013
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length30 Seconds
The Mill
Biscuit Filmworks UK
Final Cut
David Kolbusz
Gary McCreadie
Wesley Hawes
Matt Fitch
Mark Lewis
Jeff Low
Ed Wild
Kwok Yau
Orlando Wood
Jon Barnes
Chris Watling
Fiona Buddery
Jonny Price
Ed Cheesman
Sam Robson
Richard Furness
Toby Hollis
Charlotte Emmerson
Strategic Business Lead Ngaio Pardon
Strategy Director Agathe Guerrier
Strategist Alana King


Building on the success of January’s campaign, the new work retains the overarching satirical premise that the Saturday Guardian and The Observer produce such exciting, varied and rich editorial content that the newspapers effectively ‘own the weekend’.

The two humorous 30-second films, ‘MegaGlove’ and ‘Paella’, will promote separate weekend supplements - the Guardian’s existing ‘Cook’ supplement and the brand new ‘Observer Tech Monthly’, which launches on Sunday 15 September and brings together news and developments from the world of science and technology.

David Kolbusz, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH London, commented: “If our initial campaign was designed to inform the public that the Guardian and the Observer own their weekend, this follow up dramatises the repercussions of resistance. When you try to own your own weekend, things can turn out very badly. Frankly, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't buy their papers." 


In January the Guardian launched a new, tongue-in-cheek campaign to champion its weekend newspapers. It marked a bold new direction for the Guardian's January marketing approach which had, in previous years, focused primarily on promotional giveaways