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Land Rover Discovery "Dry Cleaning"

March 30, 2012

RKCR/Y&R has created a new Land Rover campaign for its Discovery 4 model. The work will run in the UK from 1 April.
The ad aims to demonstrate the attitude of Discovery 4 drivers showing that they have a passion for experiencing life - that they like going places, seeing things and are not afraid of finding adventure and getting themselves dirty.
The execution carries the line ‘Been anywhere interesting lately?’ which was created to encapsulate the idea that Discovery 4 drivers simply live more interesting lives than other drivers.
Directed by Vince Squibb the ad is set in a dry cleaner’s in a typical city setting.  We open on a healthy, active, fun couple continuously dropping off their latest adventure clothes - which are always covered in dirt, sand and leaves - to be dry cleaned, much to the bemusement of the owner.
The couple have a thirst for life and the Discovery 4 gets them where they want to go in their leisure time.  After several visits from the couple, the owner looks out of the window and the reveal of the Discovery 4 suddenly makes sense.  
The TVC is supported by print and digital display advertising.  
Brian Fraser, International Creative Director for Land Rover, RKCR/Y&R says: “A clever story that demonstrates the Discovery is a vehicle you can truly take anywhere!”