Havas Worldwide New York Clients

WeightWatchers WeightWatchers Health & Pharmaceutical Products 2015
The TJX Companies, Inc. The TJX Companies, Inc. Department Stores, Supermarkets Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Social Media, Magazine, Other Collateral, POP Display, Outdoor/Out of Home, Radio 2015
The Hershey Company Hershey's Food 2011
Teva Teva Health & Pharmaceutical Products Packaging, Branding & Design 2015
TD Ameritrade TD Ameritrade Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance
ServiceMaster ServiceMaster Household Products & Maintenance Packaging, Branding & Design 2015
Sanofi Apidra, Lantus 2003
Reckitt & Benckiser Multiple, Consumer Products Household Products & Maintenance 2001
Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. Benefiber, Nicotinell, Gas-X, Keri, Pantoloc, Prevacid Health & Pharmaceutical Products 2004
Netjets Netjets Airlines, Airports, Railways, Bus Lines, Ferries & Cruises Digital 2013
Merck Claritin, Afrin, Coppertone, Coricidin, Follistim, Dr Scholls, Lotrimin, Miralax, Tinactin, Zegerid Health & Pharmaceutical Products 2004
Lole Lole Clothing 2015
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Liberty Mutual Insurance Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Mobile Advertising, Social Media, Magazine, Direct Response, Events 2013
IBM IBM Others 2009
Heineken Dos Equis Beers, Ciders, Lagers 2004