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Product CategoryDrugstores, Specialty Stores
Media TypePackaging, Branding & Design
Awards The Cresta Awards, 2011 (Grand Prix) for Graphic Design
CLIO Awards, 2011 (Gold) for Direct Marketing
CLIO Awards, 2011 (Gold) for Interactive Campaign
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Gold Lion) for Design Photography
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Gold Lion) for Books
Art Director Staffan Lamm
Art Director Christoffer Persson
Copywriter Fredrik Jansson
Copywriter Anders Hegerfors
Account Manager Susanna Fagring
Account Supervisor Tobias Nordström


To start off the baking campaign we made a baking book (with kitchen appliances in it). Along with the baking book we made an iPhone app (with kitchen appliances in it) that took care of the side effects of baking – i.e. putting on weight. The iPhone app kept track of your exercising and told you when you had burnt enough calories to enjoy yet another delicious cookie. Along with the iPhone app we made a campaign web site (with kitchen appliances in it) where people could share their training routes and compete for kitchen appliances. The person who burnt the most calories won the most kitchen appliances (and could bake even more great cookies). 


It’s really hard to get people excited about kitchen appliances. But if you talk about all the tasty things you can make with them, you suddenly have people’s attention. Things like cakes and cookies. That’s why we decided to do a campaign about baking (with kitchen appliances).


Our baking book has probably been the most talked about baking book in the history of baking books. The Guardian wrote about it. New York Magazine too. To name but a few. The iPhone app was, and still is, one of the most downloaded apps in the Swedish App Store (the app was only available in Sweden). All and all the campaign reached a bit over 40 million people, without IKEA spending one dollar on media.