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Intel - "Visual Life Campaign" - Amsterdam Worldwide

  • Visual Life Campaign
  • Intel
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  • Visual Life
Product Name2nd Gen Core Processor
Product CategoryConsumer Electronics & Audio-Visual
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationFebruary 5, 2011
Media TypeSocial Media
Awards Most Contagious, 2011 (Nomination) for


To successfully launch Intel's 2nd Generation processors, we had to make their groundbreaking, largely unseen work, relevant to everyday consumers.

So we shifted focus away from what Intel makes, to what they make possible – strategically, showing how Intel enriches visual lives globally and how we are all, in fact, living a Visual Life.

We engaged 37 million consumers in 198 countries, generated over 150% of earned media value for every dollar spend in paid media and inspired the equivalent of 150 years worth of user engagement with Intel online.