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  • 2012 EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies Grand Prix (2)
  • 2012 EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies Gold (2)

Harmony Korine



Harmony Korine was born in Bolinas, California on January 4, 1973. His family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he spent much of his childhood. He attended Hillsboro High School and went to New York at the age of 18, where he studied English at New York University for one semester before dropping out. During this time he met photographer Larry Clark, who would soon ask him to write the screenplay for what would become the film Kids, released in 1995.

In 1997 Gummo, written and directed by Korine, was released. Julien Donkey-Boy, his second film, followed in 1999. His third film, Mister Lonely (2007), would not be for another eight years.
Well known for his disturbing films, Korine has recently received many nominations for Spring Breakers (2012).

He signed with Iconoclast and worked for trailers of his famous films. He also shared his talent to create a music video for the band The Black Keys . 



Paris, France
- July 2014
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