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  • 2003 D&AD Awards Silver Award (4)

Simon Hall

Founding Partner, Direct Planning at CHI&Partners
United Kingdom


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Founding Partner, Direct Planning

London, United Kingdom

Every agency has its sound bite. A set of ever-so-carefully-crafted words to try and explain why they’re truly different and incredibly brilliant and totally unique and why you absolutely really must come in and meet them as soon as you possibly can or you’ll miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

And yes, we’ve got one too: Game Changing Creativity.

Creativity that can supercharge a business and transform it into an iconic brand that truly stands for something.

We believe that Game Changing Creativity can capture the imagination of the nation – from cabbies down the pub to mums picking up the kids from school. Optimistic, celebratory work that is loved by real people from all walks of life.

Our game changing creativity is delivered by a partnership of senior practitioners from different disciplines - Advertising, Digital, Social, Content, Direct and Media - sharing the same goals and the same mission as our clients. It’s why we are consistently one of the most creatively awarded independent agencies in the world. 

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