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Skandia - "Transaction Declined"

  • Transaction Declined
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Product CategoryBanking & Financial Services, Investments, Stock Brokers
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationApril 1, 2014
Media TypeTelevision
Length60 Seconds
Production Company Acne
Creative / Art Direction Tommy Carlsson
Copywriter Christian Karlsson
Director Tomas Skoging
Director of Photography Christian Haag
Producer Morgan Röhl
Account Executive Mia Kleist
Account Executive Jesper Ander
Strategic Planner Robert Dysell
Account Manager Sofia Orrheim
Think Further


In this story we travel over time and space, encountering different people who all have one thing in common-they're not in complete control of their private economy. There's the pre-historic couple throwing envious looks at the neighbors. We have a young Tokyan executive, a Caribbean lawyer and a college professor from somewhere in Scandinavia, all facing the consequences of a busy life combined with a meager interest in money matters. Just like so many of us. Most of us recognize the unsettling feeling after a shopping bonanza too well. And we too ask: "where does it go?" when we look at the account balance. Just like the two young men in the film, casually feeding their hard earned money into a black hole. We'd like to show that we're not unique in this matter. It's human nature and the basis for Skandia's Smartbank Services and Mobile Banking-easy ways to see exactly how you spend and to stay on top of your economy.