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Fortune Oil - "Fortune Oil - Grandmother" - Ogilvy & Mather India

  • Fortune Oil - Grandmother
  • Fortune Oil
  • Adani Wilmar
  • Ogilvy & Mather India
  • India
  • Ghar ka khana
Product CategoryEdible Oils
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJune 27, 2014
Media TypeTelevision
Length282 Seconds
Production Company LowBudgetFilmShooting.com
Line Producer Csanad Darvas


The entire film is set in a hospital. An old lady with a tiffin box climbs up the stairs with the help of a walking stick. Shereaches the ward just as a nurse gets the patient ready for a feed. The nurse tries to feed a table spoon of daal (lentils)that a patient typically gets in a hospital. Having taken a seat next to the bed, the old lady sees that the man on the bed turning his head away, refusing to consume the daal. She asks the nurse to let her feed him just two spoonfuls of home cooked daal. She reiterates that that this is the fourth day that she's requesting the nurse's permission to do so. The nurse, addressing the old lady as 'dadi' (grandmother), curtly replies that she's been rejecting the lady's pleas gone three days since 'bahar ka khana' (outside food) is not allowed. The man's grandmother counters this saying that 'ye ghar ka hai' (it is home cooked). Dejected, the grandmother leaves only to return the next day with another tiffin containing daal. She tells the nurse how in his childhood, her grandson used to return home famished after playing cricket and would consume six bowls of daal. The story doesn't sway the nurse Priya's decision and dadi still doesn't get to feed him 'do chammach' daal. She returns the next day with the same plea but is turned down again. The next day the tiffin slips out of Dadi's grasp spilling daal all over the floor. The day after that, the old lady tries flattery by complimenting Priya about how beautiful she is looking and even playfully says 'I love you' to her before repeating her 'bas do chammach' plea. Dadi's plan backfires as an angered Priya scolds her on being unable to understand that she isn't allowed to feed him food other than that from the hospital.

A dispirited dadi leaves only to return the next day looking happy and carrying two tiffins. The nurse is surprised, given the events of the previous day. Dadi hands her the bigger tiffin saying it's her grandson's birthday and that the food is for her. Priya accepts but questions her on the second tiffin. The rejection follows. But this time, as dadi is leaving, Priya can be seen eating the food. The next day Priya pro-actively greets the old lady, which leaves the older woman pleasantly surprised. Just as the nurse is about to feed her grandson the hospital daal, the old lady repeats her 'do chammach' request, her voiced almost sounding choked. Priya hesitates for a moment but closes the door and asks dadi to go ahead. The overjoyed grandmother quickly feeds her grandson the home cooked daal. The grandson reaches out for the tiffin with shaking hands drinking straight from it. Priya gives up and walks away, allowing them their moment of privacy. The film ends with Fortune Edible Oils & Foods' new positioning statement: 'Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai'.