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Best Technology and Digital Ads of the Month : March 2014 Edition

KUKA - The Duel

The long arm...The on-going debate about man vs. machine is on full display as KUKA touts its heavy-hitter.

Duracell - Moments of Warmth

Feel the heat...Frozen commuters give bus stop heaters a human touch.

LG - The Most Human Phone Ever

A phone that comes in handy...The birthday boy gets up close and personal with his new, hi-tech smart phone.

Sony PlayStation 4 - Enjoy Your Power

Most wanted...Security forces scour the city for a super-powered fugitive, but who is hunting whom?

Konica Minolta - Story1 The Shape of Motivation

Ultimate origami...A team of paper furniture makers really fold under pressure.


Nokia - Anna, I'm Coming Home

All your cards on the table...There's no worse feeling than being away from the people you love, so Nokia tries to remedy that.

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