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Best Ads of the Week : Jan 28, 2013

EE - Film Club

Multiple personality disorder...Kevin Bacon deliberates with himself on the best movie choices for the week.

2 - Focus Group

Wrong place, wrong time...Unsuspecting focus-groupers find them selves caught in the middle of a love triangle blow-up.

Valley Spring Lamb - Boxing Day Test

Puppy problems...To pounce or not to pounce, that is the question tormenting this carnivorous canine.

Headlines Today - Right to Be Heard
Black Pencil

Hearing voices...If every politician were eternally haunted by the cries of their constituents, maybe they wouldn't be so apathetic.

Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels My Ride

Packaging makes a difference...Lemons and clunkers turn into your favorite childhood racers in the flash of a bulb.


The 2013 International ANDY Awards - Bribe Andy

Everyone has their price...All you have to do is find it and you could have a good chance of winning an Andy this year.

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