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  • We Will Rock You
Product CategoryMineral, Sparkling & Bottled Waters
MarketBelgium, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJune 30, 2003
Media TypeTelevision
Length160 Seconds
Awards The Mobius Advertising Awards, 2004 (Mobius award) for Beverages Non-Alcoholic
The Mobius Advertising Awards, 2004 (Grand Prix) for Television
Eurobest, 2004 (Grand Prix) for Corporate Image
Epica Awards, 2004 () for Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival, 2004 (Gold) for Non Alcoholic Drinks
EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies, 2004 (Silver) for Brand Integration
EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies, 2004 (Silver) for FMCG Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages
EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies, 2004 (Finalist) for FMCG Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages: Brand Integration
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2004 (Gold Lion) for Corporate Image
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2004 (Shortlist Media) for Best use of Mixed Media
Grand Prix Stratégies de la Publicité, 2004 (Winner) for Non-Alcoholic Beverages
CLIO Awards, 2004 (Silver) for Beverages/Non-Alcoholic
CLIO Awards, 2004 (Silver) for Technique: Animation
Art Directors Annual Awards, 2004 (Gold) for TV & Cinema Crafts - Single
Cristal Festival, 2003 (Sound Cristal) for Soundtrack
Cristal Festival, 2003 (Festival Grand Cristal) for
Production Company Wizz Productions
Production Company Capitaine Plouf
Production Company Quad Productions
Production Company Universal Music
Animation Invisible
Music Queen
Music Publisher EMI Records
Creative Director Rémi Babinet
Creative Director Fabrice Brovelli
Art Director Sophie Deiss
Art Director Jean-Christophe Saurel
Art Supervisor Fabrice Brovelli
Art Supervisor Christophe Caurret
Copywriter Sophie Deiss
Copywriter Jean-Christophe Saurel
Director Soandsau
Director Sophie Deiss
Director Jean-Christophe Saurel
Agency Producer Fabrice Brovelli
Account Supervisor Mercedes Erra
Account Supervisor Marielle Durandet
Account Supervisor Corinne Pérez
Advertising Manager Patrick Buffard
Advertising Manager Natacha Le Bescond
live young.


Waterboy, a little character made of water, goes through various situations symbolising the element of water. On his adventures, he meets a gorgeous girlfriend who is also made of water. Together, they start a family.

We Will Rock You (B May), Copyright 1977 Queen Music Ltd, courtesy of EMI Music Publishing, KCPK remix 2003

In order to sustain Evian’s premium price in a commoditized market, Evian’s “We will rock you” campaign adopted a whole new advertising approach: no longer consider Evian to be just a water brand, following the rules of the category, but change the brand’s status and transform it into a badge of youthfulness. To achieve this goal, the campaign went beyond advertising, conceiving a global “advertainment” in which adults singing a mythical song with children’s voices were the basis for a global entertainment program. Despite a modest advertising budget the campaign succeeded in reaching all of the goals set and achieving considerable market share gain.


The strategy was to transform Evian into a "Badge of Youthfulness". Youth is one of the strongest consumer aspirations, an aspiration that drives added value in most markets. An international TV commercial was launched, “Voices” : the revival of “We will rock you” by Queen, sung by adults with children’s voices expressing the inner youth inside us all and connecting Evian with a young spirit and powerful energy. This served to show that drinking Evian every day helps people feel young in body and mind.

- Broadcast
- Cinema

Under € 5 million.

The media strategy that had proved successful in France was implemented on an international scale. The method aimed to maximize the effects of an average media investment using a creative strategy conceived to maximize impact.

In France, Belgium and the UK several media formats were deployed intensively for maximum impact and emotion, concentrating the larger share of media investments on powerful first bursts. Cinema broadcast immediately following the period of TV broadcasting was designed to generate immediate personal involvement.

In order to prolong the impact of the campaign launch, an international release of the ad soundtrack on CD and as a video clip was staged, thus obtaining the equivalent of free additional media coverage on TV and radio.


Add value to the brand by claiming a specific and motivating benefit which justifies Evian’s premium price and thus helps stabilise Evian’s market share.

- In France, Belgium and Luxembourg where Evian is consumed by families on a daily basis the broad population was targeted.
- In the UK, where Evian is positioned more Premium, the target was the urban population belonging to the “A +” socio-economic class and ranging from 16 to 44 years old.

January 2003 to September 2003.


- The campaign successfully changed the brand perception and increased the brand value. In France, Belgium and the UK substantial progress was achieved on all youthfulness indicators, as well as on price perception.
(Source: Milward Brown)
- Beyond the objective of stabilising market share, significant market share was gained in all markets, the UK for instance seeing a 3.5% volume share increase over the year.
(Source: Marketing scan/Nielsen MRCI – DEF)
- The ad itself was welcomed positively by the audience, achieving likeability scores 11% above the norm.
(Source: IPSOS France Post test March 2003)
- Substantial free media coverage was gnerated with the launch of the “We will rock you” single and through radio broadcasting of the song.
- The campaign became a “social phenomenon”, especially in France.