Ross Neil

Ross Neil

Creative Director at WRCS

London, United Kingdom

My Latest Work


What does Creating Work People Care about mean to you?
I really believe that people in the UK don't like being sold to. But they do like being entertained. I think we need to apply the filter to all our work “would I stop to engage in that?” and ultimately would that be a rewarding experience? People now have the luxury to skip advertising so making things ever more meaningful to consumers is paramount. So whether it’s making people look at a brand in a different light or reminding them they used to love a brand, we’ve just got to make people stop outside our shop window and press their faces against the glass (and then press like, then tweet, then post, then retweet etc.)

People I worked with

Billy Faithful
Art Director
United London
Ben Long
Creative Director
Jason Keet
Creative Team
James Hodson
Creative Team
Alex Honnor
Partizan London

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