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Best Technology and Digital Ads of the Month : June 2014 Edition

EA Sports - Landon Donovan

Lazy days...Probably the most notable exclusion from a World Cup national team, it is great to see Donovan take it all in stride.

OPPO - The Loop of Life

Into the looking glass...It just goes to show that the person you learn the most from in life is yourself.

LG Home Appliances - Too Fast

A need for speed...Some things are great at high velocities and others, not so much.

MTS - MTS Internet Baby

Coming out clicking...They just get started on the tech younger and younger these days.

Panasonic - Neymar Jr. Chant

World Cup fever...An ode to one of the breakout stars of Brazil 2014.


Miele - Miele W1 & T1 Product Launch Event

A whole new world...Miele catches the eye of their target audience with a fantastic showcase.

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